How to get Linen in Enshrouded

How to get Linen in Enshrouded
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Wondering how to get Linen in Enshrouded? Though not as vital as some other resources, Linen is needed to craft advanced pieces of gear, including a couple armour sets and the Advanced Glider. But, before you unlock the recipe, you’ll need to complete a couple of quests and track down some Flax before you can start making it.

We’ll explain how to get Linen in Enshrouded, which takes some leg work but is well worth it. For more help exploring Embervale, check out how to get Resin, how to get twig, how to get Flintstone, and how to get Shroud Cores.

Where to find Linen in Enshrouded

To craft Linen in Enshrouded, you’ll need a spindle and x2 Flax.

Flax is found growing in the wild, mainly in the Revelwood area to the north of the Spinglands starting region. Fast travel to the Revelwood fast travel Ancient Spire and glide down to any none-Shroud area nearby and you’ll come across blue flowers. Harvest the flowers to get Flax. You can also farm Flax at home by creating seedlings in a seedbed once you’ve awakened and summoned the Farmer.

Before you can craft Linen in Enshrouded, you’ll need to complete several tasks to get the spindle.

Enshrouded Linen: Hunter Ancient Vault location on the map.
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First, you’ll need to awaken and summon the Hunter back to your base as part of the Hunter Becomes The Hunted quest. The Ancient Vault where they’re trapped is located northeast of the starting Flame Altar and east of the Springlands Fast Travel Ancient Spire track down the Hunter’s Spindle as part of The Hunter’s Hand Spindle quest. Check the map above for the exact spot.

Enshrouded Linen: Abandoned Hunter Camp location on the map.
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Once you’ve summoned the Hunter back to your base, you’ll unlock a quest line starting called The Hunter’s Hand Spindle. You’ll need to visit several camps as marked on your map, but ultimately end up in a cave leading to the Abandoned Hunter Camp northwest of the Revelwood fast travel Ancient Spire. Here, you’ll find the Hunter’s Spindle sitting on a ledge at the back of the cave. The place is infested with spiders so dash in and out to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Return to your base and place the spindle to unlock the Linen recipe in Enshrouded. Place x2 Flax into the spindle and wait a bit to get Linen.

What crafting recipes require Linen in Enshrouded

Here’s what you can craft using Linen:

  • Advanced Glider
  • Big Fur Rug
  • Medium Backpack
  • Ranger Hood
  • Ranger Vest
  • Ranger Gloves
  • Ranger Trousers
  • Ranger Boots
  • Marksman Hood
  • Marksman Vest
  • Marksman Gloves
  • Marksman Trousers
  • Marksman Boots

That covers how to get Linen in Enshrouded. Check out our other Enshrouded guides, including how to get Amber, how to Clay, how to get Goo, and how to get Metal Scraps. If you’re diving in Palworld, read our Palworld beginner’s guides, the best Pals for Generating Electricity, and the best Pals for Lumbering, both useful if you want a thriving base.