Enshrouded Fell Monstrosity location – how to get a Fell Monstrosity Head

Enshrouded Fell Monstrosity location – how to get a Fell Monstrosity Head
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Wondering how to get a Fell Monstrosity Head in Enshrouded? The Fell Monstrosity is a mini boss-type enemy that spawns inside specific Shroud areas in the Nomad Highlands. You’ll eventually want to track one down and defeat it to get a Fell Monstrosity Head to upgrade your Flame Altar to Flame level 5.

We’ll explain where to find a Fell Monstrosity location in Enshrouded below. For more help on your Flameborn adventure, check out how to get Flintstone, how to get resin, how to get Linen, the Enshrouded Crucible location, and how to get the Advanced Glider.

Enshrouded Fell Monstrosity location: Cradle of Dusk location on the map.

Where to find a Fell Monstrosity in Enshrouded

To find a Fell Monstrosity location in Enshrouded, travel to the Nomad Highlands fast travel Ancient Spire and head northwest to the Cradle of Dusk. There, you’ll find a Shroud zone shaped like a large crater inhabited by a single enemy – the Fell Monstrosity. Check the image above for the exact location. Defeating the Fell Monstrosity and looting its body gives you a Fell Monstrosity Head.

Before you visit the Cradle of Dusk, you’ll need to have your Flame Altar upgraded to Flame level 4, otherwise you’ll be venturing into deadly Shroud and die within seconds. Getting to Flame level 4 can be tricky as it requires getting Fell a Wispwyvern Head, only available after defeating the boss of the same name guarding access to The Pike in Pikemead’s Reach in the Revelwood region.

Enshrouded Fell Monstrosity location: Elixir Well location on the map.

There’s another Fell Monstrosity in the Elixir Well in the Umber Hollow Shroud area in the east of the Nomad Highlands. It’s harder to get to so we recommend the Cradle of Dusk between the two as it’s close to the Ancient Spire. Again, you’ll need a level 4 Flame to venture into the Shroud near the Elixir Well.

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