Where to find the Loom in Enshrouded – Loom for the Hunter quest

Where to find the Loom in Enshrouded – Loom for the Hunter quest
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Want to know where to find the Loom in Enshrouded? The Loom for the Hunter quest is out of the ordinary in the sense that it doesn’t provide the player with a map marker to head towards, leaving you very much to figure things out yourself. The quest details simply mention a settlement called East Lapis.

Well walk you through where to find the Loom in Enshrouded. For more help surviving as a Flameborn, check out how to get Yucca Fruit, how to get Lapislazuli, the Carpenter Vault entrance location, how to get Ammonia Gland, and how to get Fossilized Bones.

Enshrouded Loom location

To get the Loom in Enshrouded, you’ll need to travel to East Lapis in the very far northeast of the Kindlewastes biome. Fast travel to the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire and glide north to the Rise Shell Burrow. Once there, head northeast sticking to the left-hand rock formation to avoid falling into the Shroud on the right. Check the image above for the rough route (ignore my questionable editing skills).

A screenshot of the map showing the location of the Loom in Enshrouded for the Hunter quest.
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Before long, you’ll hit a stone path. Follow it north under a rock formation and up onto the plateau above. Keep following the road as it veers east until you come to a large settlement with imposing rock ramparts all around it. This is East Lapis.

A screenshot displaying the map location of the Loom in Enshrouded, specifically for the Hunter quest.
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The Loom is in a small room in the east of the settlement just off a small patch of Shroud infested by beetles. Check the image above for the exact spot. If you’re having trouble finding the doorway to the room, go to the eastern edge of the Shroud zone and look out for the pink-ish light glowing from the doorway. Once inside, grab the Loom.

A screenshot of a video game showing a man in a cave, searching for the Loom as part of the Hunter quest in Enshrouded.
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Head back to your base and place the Loom to complete the Loom for the Hunter quest. With your Loom set up, you can now craft leather, useful for crafting late game armour sets. We also have guides covering the Bridge Construction Report treasure chest location, how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Wax, how to get Linen, the Crucible location, how to get Flintstone, and more.