Enshrouded Seed of Suspicion – quest start and chest location

Enshrouded Seed of Suspicion – quest start and chest location
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Struggling to find or complete the Enshrouded Seed of Suspicion quest? Like many quests in Enshrouded, Seed of Suspicion isn’t assigned to you by default. Instead, it’s one that’s found when you’re out exploring the world. Once you’ve started it, though, it’s fairly straightforward other than tracking down the location of the hidden chest.

We’ll walk you through how to start and complete the Enshrouded Seed of Suspicion quest. For more help in Enshrouded, check out the best armor sets, how to get Lapislazuli, the Bridge Construction Report chest location, the Fell Monstrosity location, how to get Metal Scraps, and how to get Linen.

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How to start the Seed of Suspicion quest in Enshrouded

To start the Seed of Suspicion quest in Enshrouded, you’ll need to read a lore document called I Buried It Deep located in Harvest Homestead just northeast of Woodgard in the Springlands. Head to the Springlands fast travel Ancient Spire, and glide west. Fly over the Shroud below and land near the first village you come across. Check the image above for the exact spot (player icon).

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Enter the farmhouse on the right. Take the first right into a room with a large fireplace and table at its centre. The lore document is on a desk facing south. Reading the document triggers the Seed of Suspicion quest.

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Enshrouded Seed of Suspicion chest location

The Seed of Suspicion treasure chest is outside a barn located west of the house where you found the lore document. The spot is marked on your map if you set the quest as active in the journal menu. Head round the left-side of the building and you’ll find the farmer’s treasure half-buried in a pile of rubble under a poorly-made wood awning in a deep mud patch. Use your pickaxe to break up the rubble and free the buried chest. Loot the chest to get a weapon (we received a level 3 Forest Longbow, for example) and wrap up the Seed of Suspicion quest.

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