Tekken 8 DLC – All DLC characters, predictions and Season Pass explained

Tekken 8 DLC – All DLC characters, predictions and Season Pass explained
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If you’re looking for news on the Tekken 8 DLC, then you’ve come to the right place. Tekken 7 made heavy use of DLC, bringing old and new characters to the game for years after launch, and Tekken 8 is set to do the same. So if your Tekken 7 main hasn’t been announced yet, don’t worry because they might still come along eventually.

If you’re excited for the next chapter in one of the most iconic fighting games around, check out our Tekken 8 review to see what we made of Bandai Namco’s latest title. And be sure to check out the Tekken 8 tier list for a look at the best and worst fighters to climb the Tekken 8 ranks with. With that, let’s check out what you need to know about the Tekken 8 DLC.

Tekken 8 DLC: A graphic showing everything included in the Tekken 8 Ultimate Edition
Image provided by Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 DLC explained

At the time of writing, there is no way to buy any Tekken 8 DLC separately. The only way to make sure you have any DLC from day one is to buy either the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game, whether that’s on PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X/S.

Both the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions provide you with the Playable Character Year 1 Pass, which will provide you with the first four DLC characters and the Kinjin Avatar Skin. You’ll also get the Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack which includes a gold costume for each of the 32 base characters.

The Ultimate Edition also includes the Avatar Costume: Classic Tekken T-Shirt Set, providing Tekken T-Shirts for each of the base roster, as well as the Avatar Skins: Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama set.

Tekken 8 DLC: Eddy Gordo standing in Times Square in New York
Image provided by Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 DLC characters

As well as being added to the game, it’s been confirmed that each DLC character will receive their own unique take on the story mode. As confirmed by the game’s director Katsuhiro Harada on X (formerly Twitter), each story mode will show how the DLC characters were involved in the events of the main story. You will not need to buy the character to play this story mode, however.

So far, the first DLC character and DLC fighter that has been confirmed is Eddy Gordo, a returning character and master of the capoeira fighting style, first introduced back in Tekken 3. He won’t be the last by any means, as many iconic fighters haven’t made it to Tekken 8 yet but are sure to be in future DLC.

Fun Fact

Tekken 7 featured a whopping 15 DLC characters across its lifetime, with five brand-new characters (Leroy, Lidia, Eliza, Zafina and Fahkumram) and three guest characters (Noctis, Geese, and Negan).

Fan favourites like Armor King, Lucky Chloe, Julia Chang, Craig Marduk, and Lei Wulong have all missed the cut for the launch roster of the game, but we would be shocked if any of them missed out entirely.

Tekken 8 will also likely bring some brand-new characters to the game. Tekken 7 saw the debut of the likes of Eliza, Fahkumram and Lidia Sobieska to the game, while fellow DLC newcomers Leroy Smith and Zafina proved so popular that they are on the base roster for Tekken 8.

Last but not least, we can be sure to see a few wild crossovers bringing guest characters into the game. While Tekken 7’s most prominent guest character, Street Fighter’s Akuma, was in the base game, there were many more where that came from. Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard, Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis, and even Negan from The Walking Dead were Tekken 7 fighters, so we hope to see some equally crazy crossovers in this latest installment.

Tekken 8 DLC: The Season 1 Pass for Tekken 8 showing Eddy Gordo as the only announced character
Image provided by Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 DLC predicted characters

While we already know that Eddy Gordo is set to join the roster, there are still plenty of places left up for grabs. And while we have no confirmation about any future characters joining, there are a few glaring omissions from the current roster that seem like a shoe-in to feature in future DLC.

A few incredibly popular characters that miss out include Armor King, Marduk, and Kunimitsu. Whether or not they fill out the rest of Season 1 or not, we would be incredibly surprised if any of these missed out on a DLC spot.

Some other popular characters that have missed out are Lei Wulong, Julia Chang, and Anna Williams (sister of Nina Williams), all of whom have been series staples for many years, and have plenty of players dedicated to maining them. 

The same could be said for some of the Tekken 7 newcomers. Only Claudio Serafino, Zafina, and Leroy Smith made it in, so choices like Lucky Chloe and Josie Rizal, two popular Tekken 7 debutants that could make a return with the DLC, would be a hit, as well as some of Tekken 7’s own DLC like Lidia or Fahkumram. And if they really wanted to throw a curveball, a return for Heihachi Mishima could happen, but we think it’s unlikely.

Lastly, we’ll almost certainly see some brand-new characters. This will likely be a mix of Tekken original characters and some guest characters from crossovers with other franchises, like we saw with Geese, Noctis, and Negan in Tekken 7.

One popular choice so far has been Tifa from the Final Fantasy franchise. Upon being asked about it on Twitter, series director Katsuhiro Harada said that while ‘We all know she is attractive’, that nothing had been decided on guest characters yet, so it will have to remain a mystery for now.

Tekken 8 DLC rumours

Recent reported leaks seem to suggest that the first DLC will consist of Eddy Gordo, Armor King, a return for the boxing kangaroo Roger, and an apparently new character named Xiao Meng. However, we highly doubt the reliability of these leaks and wouldn’t put much stock into them. Similarly, another reported leak claims that Josie Rizal will be the next fighter added to the DLC, but we found this to be equally untrustworthy.

Tekken 8 DLC: The post-release roadmap for the Spring section of Tekken 8 Season 1.
Image provided by Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 Season Pass explained

The first Tekken 8 Season Pass is called the Playable Character Year 1 Pass. This will include four playable characters that will be added to the roster throughout 2024. As mentioned previously, the first playable character making a return is capoeira master Eddy Gordo, with a first look coming in the Tekken 8 Opening Movie in January.

One playable character will be added to the game during each quarter of the year during the first wave of DLC. Eddy will be the first character, coming during March or April while we’re set to receive three more additional playable characters during Summer, Autumn, and Winter respectively.

Once the four Year 1 characters have been added, it’s likely that we’ll receive a Year 2 Pass, adding further characters throughout 2025. Tekken 7 had four Season Passes in total, with the last one coming out in 2020. As for whether Tekken 8 will have as many Season Passes, we’ll simply have to wait and see.

Additionally, if you own either the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the game, you will be able to play each DLC character 72 hours before they become available for everyone.

Tekken 8 DLC: A showcase of the Tekken Shop in a stream with the developers.
A screen showing a group of people playing *tekken* dlc.

Tekken Shop

A new addition to the series is the Tekken Shop, which is set to release in February or March 2024. This will feature a variety of new and classic costumes for each of the game’s playable fighters, as well as some avatar costumes to use in Arcade Quest and the Fight Lounge.

These will all cost 400 Tekken Coins, which is roughly equivalent to $4. While the majority of these costumes will require you to spend real-life money, there will be some customization options that will be completely free, meaning you can still get some new gear even if you don’t want to spend extra money, starting with a couple of t-shirts courtesy of a collaboration with Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.

That’s it for the Tekken 8 DLC. If you want to know if fan favourite characters like Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury and more made it to the base roster, check out the Tekken 8 characters list. And to make sure your game is looking its best, take a look at the Tekken 8 best graphics settings too. And if you’re after some character guides, check out our Tekken 8 Paul Phoenix, Tekken 8 Marshall Law, Tekken 8 Sergei Dragunov, and Tekken 8 Devil Jin guides are great options.

Tekken 8 DLC FAQs

Does Tekken 8 have DLC?

Yes, Tekken 8 does have DLC, most notably a Season Pass which will include four new characters to be added throughout 2024.

What DLC characters are in Tekken 8?

So far, the only DLC character that has been announced for Tekken 8 is Eddy Gordo.