How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P
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Trying to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P? Neowiz Studios’ Souls-like is no stranger to challenging bosses, and this four-on-one fight is a perfect example. You’ll need to be at the top of your game to overcome this true test of skill.

Here, we’re going to cover how to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood when you encounter them in the Malum District in Lies of P. If you’ve still not yet reached them, and need a helping hand with earlier bosses like the Scrapped Watchman, King’s Flame Fuoco, or Fallen Archbishop Andreus, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to defeat the Eldest Brother of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

This is a truly tough fight, but these tips should make it a little easier. Here are our top strategies for beating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District.

  • Break the Eldest Brother’s weapon
  • Perfect parry
  • Separate the siblings
  • Backstab the other siblings
  • Use status buildups
  • Learn the counters to the worst attacks

Let’s go over each of these in some more detail.

Break the Eldest Brother’s weapon

This is by far the best strategy we can give, as it lowers the difficulty of the fight significantly – an apt payoff for the effort required. If you know how to parry in this game, you’ll be aware that perfect parries are an ideal defence if you can execute them consistently. They protect from damage, keep you close enough to counter the enemy, and build up progress to a stagger quickly.

What you might not know though is that landing enough successful perfect parries can actually destroy an enemy’s weapon. This is due to the parries putting enemy armaments under constant durability strain, wearing down that durability metre until it reaches zero.

This works for the Eldest Brother, too. Keep perfect parrying for long enough, and his weapon will snap. This drastically reduces its damage, impact and reach, making it far easier to deal with him, and less punishing to make mistakes.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: Eldest Brother's weapon is broken.

Perfect parry

In general, in fact, perfect parries are your best friend in this fight. The main claim to challenge comes from the Eldest’s reach and tracking, and the versatility of the other siblings. These factors make dodging extremely difficult, as in most cases you’ll be entirely reliant on the dodge’s iframes, with the repositioning it offers doing little to help.

Because of this, parrying, and particularly landing consistent perfect guards will help you to moderate the tempo of the fight, as well as keep yourself closely positioned to exploit openings to their fullest.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: P lands a perfect parry against the Eldest Brother.

Separate the siblings

While technically a gank fight, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood confrontation does decently well to balance the use of multiple opponents. The key to your success here lies in separating the siblings.

When one of them drops into the arena, the Eldest’s aggression will drop substantially, with him only making occasional charges at you. For this lower aggression to kick in though, you need to maintain a healthy distance from him. Be sure to lure siblings away once they come in one-by-one to confront you. This way, you’re effectively dealing with several back-to-back 1v1s, with only occasional interruption from the Eldest.

Separating them also allows you to focus on dispatching them one at a time. If you continue to attack the Eldest, you run the risk of hitting the next damage gate, which will bring more siblings into the fight without the previous ones departing.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: The Eccentric Brother jumps away from P.

Backstab the siblings

Though it only becomes available on the Eldest when you manage to stagger him, his siblings are much more vulnerable to backstabs. If you want to dispatch them quickly, take advantage of the rests in between their major combos. They’ll pause just long enough for you to get behind them and execute a fatal attack. While their health is much higher than your average enemies, fatal attacks can still do around a quarter of their total HP in damage.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: P backstabs the spear-wielding brother.

Use status buildups

By this point in the game, you’ll have come across a number of different status buildups, and this is a fight where you can put them to good use. With different grindstones you can fit to the grinder you use to repair weapons, lots of throwables, and a few blades that come with status effects built in if you know where to get weapons from, you’re not short on options for inflicting it.

Fire and acid damage both work well, though for our playthrough for our Lies of P review, we found Electric Shock to still be fairly viable, and a bit easier to inflict. If you choose to bring a Specter in with you using some Star Fragments, the openings created are a perfect opportunity to inflict these effects through a mix of Legion Arm mechanics, light and heavy attacks, and Fable Arts.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: P uses the flamberge Legion Arm to inflict fire damage.

Learn the counters to the worst attacks

Some attacks are significantly deadlier than others, and it’s worth knowing exactly how to counter them.

Overhead strikes

A frighteningly common move, the Eldest will raise up his sword and then bring it down for enormous damage with this attack. Worse, it has ridiculous reach and overzealous tracking, making it almost impossible to dodge.

Your best bet here is to perfect parry each overhead smash, as the moves one saving grace is its consistency. If you have the space, you can also position yourself outside of the move altogether, though be aware that its range is deceptive – make sure to put yourself a bit further away than you might first think necessary.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: The Eldest Brother winds up for an overhead strike.

Swinging swipe fury attack

Fury attacks are always difficult to combat, but this one more so than most others. In this attack, the Eldest will perform a wide, sweeping horizontal slash that’ll cut through anything in its path. The problem is how absurdly fast the actual strike is.

You can perfect parry this, but the timing is insanely tight. Your best bet – if possible – is to watch for the tells of this move and position yourself far away from the Eldest as he winds it up.

Spear sibling’s jump attack

The spear-wielding sibling of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a pretty tough fight, possessing superior range to his comrades. Of particular note is his jump attack, which can catch you on the way up, and smash you prone on the way down.

Luckily, this one isn’t too hard to counter. Parrying here is actually a lot more difficult. If possible, aim to simply dodge once he’s up in the air. A couple of quick moves and you can relatively easily position yourself outside the hitbox of his spear slam, while keeping close enough to close in for a well-earned backstab.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District in Lies of P: The Eldest Brother lies in the mud, defeated.

Eldest of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight rewards

Once you’ve survived every taunt, new attack, swing and smash and overcome the odds, you’ll be able to pick up a number of rewards from the fight. Here’s a full list of what your victory earns you.

  • A new Stargazer. You’ll gain a new Stargazer in the arena, marking this the end of Malum District, and opening the path forward towards Rosa Isobel Street and the King of Puppets.
  • Quartz. A necessity for making use of the P-organs system, Quartz is a valuable but rare material.
  • 10,180 Ergo. Valuable currency as always, you can use this to level up a bit.
  • Resplendent Ergo Chunk. This consumable chunk will grand you a stack of Ergo on command.
  • The Taunt emote. One of the few boss fights to offer an emote, this is great if you want some more ways to express yourself, and will serve players on Xbox and PC alike well if the game ever adds PvP.

Who are the Black Rabbit Brotherhood?

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood are a group of independent Stalkers, possibly related by blood. They’re a small, close-knit group of four skilled fighters. When the puppet frenzy broke out in Krat, the group moved to and took control of the Malum District, a lower district in the city where the frenzy was less severe. They converted the district into their stronghold, and used it as a base of operations to carry out contracts collecting Ergo and Gold Coin Fruit for various clients.

That’s everything for our Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss guide, covering all the tips you should need to help you beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood when you first encounter them in Malum. If you’re still struggling, why not check out our guides on how to upgrade weapons, or just some general tips and tricks to help you progress?

Are the Black Rabbit Brotherhood a mandatory boss fight?

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood are a mandatory fight in Lies of P, and you must beat them to progress the game.

Are the Black Rabbit Brotherhood a difficult boss fight?

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood are a very difficult boss fight, and require near total mastery of their fight to beat.