Lies of P best starting class – which path should you choose?

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Wondering about the Lies of P best starting class? At the beginning of Neowiz’s RPG Souls-like, you’ll have the opportunity to pick from one of three paths which will initially shape your path through the game. But which one should you choose?

Here, we’re going to cover the Lies of P best starting class, as well as give an explanation for all three of the classes you can choose from. Keep in mind that, as long as you know how to level up and how to make good use of Ergo, you won’t be locked into any one path. Nevertheless it’s a great way to help guide your playstyle for the early game.

Best starting class in Lies of P

The best starting class in Lies of P is the Path of The Bastard. At least in our opinion. Obviously, the true answer is that it depends on personal preference and playstyle, but there are a few key reasons that we went with Path of The Bastard during our playthrough for our Lies of P review.

First, let’s cover what the three paths are, and what each of them offer. You’ve got the following options available when you go to select your starting class in Lies of P.

  • Path of The Cricket – A balanced class.
  • Path of The Sweeper – A strength-oriented class.
  • Path of The Bastard – A dexterity-oriented class.
Lies of P best starting class: The path choice menu near the beginning of the game.

Path of The Cricket

This class is balanced around versatility, and a good pick for anyone who isn’t too sure of how they want to build their character. While Vitality, Motivity and Technique are the highest stats, they only stand a couple of levels above the rest. As such, this class has no real special advantages.

This might be great for a well-rounded build on the surface, but the lack of specialisation also means it doesn’t have the same potential to take proper advantage of edges in combat. It still serves fine for the early game, but it’s really meant to act as a sturdy foundation which players can then build off of into a certain class, rather than a viable long-term build.

Lies of P best starting class: The path choice menu switched to show stat details.

Path of The Sweeper

This is the class for those who like hard-hitting damage numbers and overwhelming force. It’ll give you the most starting HP with an 11 in Vitality, but also an 11 ino Motivity – the strength stat – and Capacity – which affects carry capacity and legion, among other things. This makes it a workhorse path, and gives you the health, stamina and raw power to smash your way through most threats.

If you’re after great endurance, this class might be the best fit for you. However it’s relatively poor speed, especially in weapon handling, can be pretty problematic. As you come up against stronger enemies, you’ll find your advantages in health and strength quickly mitigated. Worse, many of these enemies are pretty quick for their size, leaving you at a significant disadvantage in the speed category. This class therefore requires unusually high precision and care to make it viable.

Lies of P best starting class: P lands a fast critical blow against an enemy puppet.

Path of The Bastard

This is your go-to dexterity class. It has a heavy focus on Vigor and Technique, your stamina and dexterity stats respectively. This class makes fast, consistent attacks a priority over all else, giving a good degree of mobility to the player. Though it does sacrifice some raw damage and high health, Path of The Bastard has good overall endurance.

What makes this class our top pick for the best is the balance it strikes between endurance and speed. Your go-to weapon with this class, the Wintry Rapier, is a fast, precise tool and fantastic for consistently exploiting openings against foes. Combined, these two features of this class make it easier than ever to stay on an aggressive footing while avoiding or countering incoming attacks. It does take patience and practice to master it, but the effort is well worth the payoff.

That covers everything you should need to know about the Lies of P best starting class, and why we picked as we did. If you’re in need of some more Lies of P tips and tricks, whether that be general advice, or something specific like how to use Quartz, we’ve got you covered.

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