Where to get Lies of P weapons and best boss weapons

Where to get Lies of P weapons and best boss weapons
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Looking to get Lies of P weapons? Weapons are of course a crucial part of overcoming obstacles in Neowiz’s Souls-like RPG. But where do you find them, and how can you get more of them?

Here, we’re going to cover where to find Lies of P weapons, including powerful boss weapons, and everything else you’ll need to know about weapon parts. If you want to give yourself the best start from the outset of the game though, make sure you’re clued in on the best starting class, as well as other crucial details like how to level up.

Where to find Lies of P weapons

Here are all the best places to get weapons and weapon parts in Lies of P.

  • Open chests hidden around the levels.
  • Buy new weapons from merchants and vendors.
  • Defeat powerful minibosses and enemies.

These are your three most reliable methods for coming across new weapons and weapon parts during your playthroughs. That’s half the battle, as you’ll also want to know how to assemble weapons and how to upgrade weapons in order to create the most potent combinations.

Where to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons: P tears open a safe to access the unique weapon inside.

Opening chests to find weapons

Throughout every part of Krat, you’ll come across chests, secrets, and hidden loot. These are often your quickest and easiest path to unlocking various new weapons. Chests are large leather trunks, usually emitting a faint but apparent white glow until opened. Inside you’ll find rare items and materials, and this can often include pairs of new blades and handles. As an example, here are some weapons you can get your hands on early in the game, just through exploring.

  • The Scorpion Dagger. From the first Stargazer within Venigni Works, head up the stairs, into the room on the left, and drop down the hole. Aside from the puppets and exit door, you’ll also find a closed safe which you can open to retrieve this weapon.
  • The Fire Axe. Find this one by making it all the way to the end of the tunnel with the rolling balls of flaming discarded puppets. There’s a chest right at the end of the tunnel.
  • The Booster Glaive – You’ll find this one in a chest at the end of the pit containing the Puppet Of The Future. Whether you want to fight him or run past him for it is up to you.
  • The Big Pipe Wrench. After defeating King’s Flame Fucoco, continue into the small mine section. As you’re making your way through the largest chambers, follow the wooden scaffolding at the far end up the ladders, to its topmost section. You’ll find the Pipe Wrench in a chest there.

You’ll find a wide variety of Lies of P weapons this way, and it tends to be one of the most common methods of acquiring new armaments.

Where to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons: P stands at the end of the tunnel containing the large rolling fiery boulders.

Buy new weapons from merchants

You’ll encounter plenty of people willing to sell you stuff in Lies of P. Though most often it’ll be consumables, there are a few times that you can pick up weapons from vendors, too. These cost Ergo, so you’ll need to know how to get Ergo or farm it if you don’t already.

Your easiest stop for weapons sales is probably the Wandering Merchant, an enigmatic figure who’ll pop up now and again as you explore different parts of Krat. The first time you encounter him, you’ll be able to buy the remaining starter weapons you discarded when picking your path earlier in the game. Later on, he’ll sell you other unique bits of kit like the Electric Coil, a good weapon for motivity-based builds.

He’s not an amazing source for powerful weapons, as most of what he sells will usually be scaled to the area he sells it to you in. But if you’re looking to experiment with new weapon builds and want more fresh components, or just fancy a change of pace for where you’re at in the game, it’s a decent choice.

Defeat powerful minibosses or enemies

This is a good way to pick up some slightly more interesting weapons. Minibosses and powerful enemies are rife within the city of Krat, and you’ll encounter them throughout all levels. Some will drop rare and useful materials, like Quartz, which is needed for the P-organ upgrade system. A few, however, will drop weapons upon their defeat.

Another good early game example of this can be found in the large police puppet you can find stalking the grounds of the Petrification Quarantine Zone on Elysion Boulevard. Defeat him, and he’ll drop his weapon, the Police Baton, a pretty good blunt damage weapon with a decent speed relative to its size and power.

This is a good way to come across more unique weapons, though they’re still not the most powerful in the game.

Where to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons: P fights the Police Puppet for it's unique baton weapon.

How to get Lies of P boss weapons

To get boss weapons, you’ll need to find Alidoro at St Frangelico Cathedral and invite him back to Hotel Krat to serve as a vendor for boss Ergo drops. He’s a treasure hunter, and the NPC you can trade the special Ergo’s you’ll have been collecting from defeated bosses throughout the game.

You can trade all of these Ergo in for a unique and powerful piece of gear – either an amulet or a weapon. You can only get one, so you’ll need to complete the boss fight again on New Game Plus if you want to unlock both rewards for a single boss Ergo.

How to find Alidoro in Lies of P

First things first – you need to actually find the treasure hunter. You’ll run into him fairly late into your exploration of St Frangelico Cathedral. Follow our steps below to track him down.

  • Begin from the St Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer.
  • Make your way through the main route of the level, heading left through the trapped tunnel, and over the bridge with the large decayed enemy on it.
  • Continue on through the flooded chambers, taking two lefts to the far end of each room onto a short spiral staircase.
  • You’ll come into a large, ornamental study with a powerful enemy in it. Defeat or run past him to the elevator at the far end of the room.
  • Take the elevator up, and approach Alidoro at the balcony when you reach the top.
Where to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons: P speaks to Alidoro for the first time.

Should you Lie to Alidoro about Hotel Krat?

When you speak to him, Alidoro will ask if you know of anywhere safe he might be able to stay. It’ll be up to you to decide which answer to give him: Hotel Krat, or Venigni Works.

If you send him straight to Hotel Krat, he’ll become a vendor right away. If you send him to Venigni Works, you can find him near the Union Entrance Stargazer after a time. He’ll ask again for a safe place to stay, declaring you were wrong about Veigni Works. You can Lie to him again to send him to Elysion Boulevard, but this is only necessary if you’re going after the “Always Lies” ending. Regardless of whether you try to send him to the Boulevard or to Hotel Krat, he’ll eventually arrive at the Hotel, albeit with a differing attitude towards you depending on your approach.

Where to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons: P stands in the lobby of Hotel Krat.

All Lies of P boss weapons

As we mentioned, boss weapons are the most powerful type of weapon you can come across in the game. They’re unique weapons with powerful attacks and sometimes special Fable Arts. Here’s a list of all the boss weapons you can acquire from bosses throughout the game, as well as their top scaling stat. Minor spoilers ahead for boss and weapon names, of course.

  • Parade Master – Seven-Coiled Spring Sword (motivity scaling B)
  • Scrapped Watchman – Etiquette (technique scaling A)
  • King’s Flame Fuoco – Holy Sword of The Ark (motivity scaling B)
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus – Trident of The Covenant (technique scaling B)
  • King of Puppets – Puppet Ripper (technique scaling B)
  • Champion Victor – Frozen Feast (motivity scaling B)
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster – Two Dragons Sword (technique A)
  • Laxasia The Complete – Uroboro’s Eye (technique B)
  • Simon Manus – Noblesse Oblige (motivity A)
  • Nameless Puppet – Proof of Humanity (technique/motivity B)

These weapons, while very powerful, do require special upgrade materials to improve, making any one of them a pretty significant investment. Be sure to think carefully when choosing to utilise one.

Best Lies of P boss weapons

Even among the boss weapons, there are a few standouts. Here are our top picks for the best boss weapons of the bunch.

  • Two Dragons Sword
  • Proof of Humanity
  • Holy Sword of The Ark

Two Dragons Sword

Starting off with an A scaling score in technique and a base damage of 107, this weapon is already in good standing as far as raw power potential is concerned. What really makes the Two Dragons Sword special is its fantastic Fable Arts. It’s first Art, Emergency Link Dodge, allows Pinocchio to dash forward quickly, unleashing a couple of fast strikes at the same time. The second Art, Wind of Swords, deals slashing blows of winds that cut into enemies.

Proof of Humanity

It probably goes without saying that the final boss weapon in the game is pretty good. While its base stats are nothing to write home about, its Fable Arts are both excellent. Link Slash allows you to perform up to four powerful, fast, very hard to counter slashes that can gouge an enemy’s health bar. Grind meanwhile temporarily increases your critical hit chance.

Holy Sword of The Ark

Fuoco can be a bit of an annoying boss, but the effort to beat him is worth it. With a massive 140 base damage and a B in motivity, it’s an excellent weapon for where you pick it up in the game. Its first Art, Patient Smash, allows you to perform a powerful hit, charged or uncharged, for high damage and strong stagger potential. Alter, it’s second Art, Temporarily reduces stamina consumption and alters the length of the blade, an incredibly useful skill that gives this weapons surprising versatility in combat.

That covers everything you should need to know about how to get Lies of P weapons and boss weapons. You’re not just limited to your standard weapons though. As we touched on in our Lies of P review, mechanics like weapon repair and Legion Arms give you even more options for staying on the attack in your engagements. Or if you’re just after more general Lies of P tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered there too.

Are Lies of P boss weapons better than regular weapons?

Boss weapons are generally stronger than regular weapons, but more expensive to upgrade, and not necessarily a match for well-designed custom weapon builds.

Can you mix and match weapons in Lies of P?

You can mix and match weapon blades and handles as you wish in Lies of P, creating all sorts of unique weapons in the process.