Lies of P how to level up and all stats explained

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Wondering how to level up in Lies of P? Like all good souls-likes, Neowiz’s dark fantasy RPG uses a levelling up system to help players grow in strength and capabilities as the game progresses. But it’s not always clear exactly how the mechanic works.

Here then, we’re going to explain how to level up in Lies of P, as well as going through all the main stats and what each of them does within the game. You’ll need a good understanding of the system if you’re going to beat bosses like the King’s Flame Fuoco or the Scrapped Watchman.

How to increase your level in Lies of P

To level up, you need to collect Ergo and Sophia at Hotel Krat. By speaking to her, you’ll be given an option on the right of the screen called “level up”. Click this, and you can assign levels to whichever stats you like based on how much Ergo you have. This is essentially the game’s main currency.

Note that prior to arriving at the Hotel for the first time, you’ll be able to perform the level up function from a Stargazer in the early game. Afterwards, Sophia is the one to go to.

Levels will start off fairly cheap, costing only a few hundred Ergo each. But this cost will gradually increase the more levels you accrue. Expect to be spending thousands for each level by the time you’re nearing just the end of chapter two.

Lies of P how to level up and all stats explained: Speaking to Sophia at Hotel Krat to level up.

All stats in Lies of P explained

Knowing how to level up is great, but it’s also only half the puzzle. Much like the Dark Souls games of From Software from which it draws inspiration, you’ve got a variety of different stats to pour your levels into in Lies of P. The stats you can alter are:

  • Vitality
  • Vigor
  • Capacity
  • Motivity
  • Technique
  • Advance

These stats all control other smaller stats in the game, and do different things. Though it’s worth noting that all of them grant a small increase to defences against status effects and elemental damage.


This is one of your most crucial stats, as it’s the one that controls your health. Vitality determines your maximum number of hit points, as well as Guard Regain. More HP means you have a larger health bar and can take more attacks before dying. Guard Regain is the stat that determines how much health you can regenerate when you quickly attack an enemy that just attacked you after guarding.

Lies of P how to level up and all stats explained: The level up menu screen.


Vigor represents your SP, or stamina points. This is the green bar under your health, representing how much energy you can expend on movement and attack before needing to replenish. Having more stamina is obviously quite an advantage in sustained combat, so consider putting some points here later into the game.


Capacity is the stat in charge of Pinocchio’s carry weight, but also affects the Legion arm – the metal arm of our titular puppet. A higher carry weight doesn’t just mean you can carry more stuff – it also makes you faster while carrying the same amount of stuff. If you look up to the top right, you’ll see a percentage and weight class based upon how much of your current carry limit is being used up. As this creeps towards 60% or more, Pinocchio will move into heavier weight classes, greatly reducing your dodge and movement speed, as well as stamina recovery speed.

Capacity’s effects on the Legion arm concern the stat called Legion. You can almost think of this as mana. The more Legion you have, the more uses you can get out of your Legion arm’s special abilities before it’s depleted. The arms are pretty useful components, so it’s worth considering some investment into this stat.

Lies of P how to level up and all stats explained: P throws an item at a heavy dual shield puppet.


You can think of Motivity as Lies of P’s strength stat. Putting levels in here will allow you to wield heavier weapon types later in the game, and also boost the damage of your weapon, depending on how or if it scales with this stat.


This stat meanwhile is effectively the stand-in for dexterity. Like motivity, a higher level in Technique will boost your damage for weapons that scale with it, and allow you to utilise weapons that require you to have a certain level in this stat to wield them.


Advance is a slightly more niche stat, but still has some great uses. It increases your Legion like Capacity, and it’s worth mentioning that although rarer, some weapons do require or scale with this too. As well as providing higher defences to status effects and attack types, it boosts resistances to them, too.

Lies of P how to level up and all stats explained: P approaches Sophia in the lobby of Hotel Krat.

What stats should you spend levels on in Lies of P?

The true answer to this question of course is that the final decision lies with you, and depends on how you want to play the game. If you’re looking for advice though, we’d recommend starting with the basics.

Early game, Vitality should be a major focus, as this will simply improve your overall survivability. Following vitality, we’d recommend putting some levels into whatever stat reflects your chosen class. For example if you chose to go with a dexterity build, put some levels into technique.

After this, feel free to be a bit more experimental with your stats, assigning them based on what areas you feel would most benefit from the improvement. Vigor and capacity are both high contenders here, but you can get by without them for a while if you decide more health or better damage to be a bigger priority for you.

That covers everything you should need to know about how to level up in Lies of P, and how the various Lies of P stats work. Make sure you know how to parry and how to use quartz too though – levels alone won’t be enough to carry you through the game.

What’s the best stat in Lies of P?

It’s hard to call any one stat better than the others, but Vitality is probably one of the most important, particularly in the early game.

Can you level up at Stargazers in Lies of P?

You can level up at Stargazers in Lies of P until you reach Hotel Krat after beating the Parade Master.

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