Lies of P how to repair weapons

Lies of P how to repair weapons
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Need to repair weapons in Lies of P? Weapon repair is a small but vital feature in Neowiz Games’ dark fantasy RPG. So it’s important to understand how it works.

Here, we’re going to guide you through how to repair weapons in Lies of P, as well as explain weapon durability and its importance within the game. Make sure you’re also familiar with how to parry and how to level up if you want to stay ahead in the early game.

Lies of P how to use weapon repair

To repair a weapon, you need to use the Grinder, an item assigned to your lower belt. You’ll begin the game with this item, so you don’t need to worry about getting one. The Grinder will be automatically assigned to your lower belt, which you can access and rotate through with the down direction on your D-pad if you’re on controller, or the G key on PC mouse and keyboard.

Once you’ve got the Grinder selected, press and hold square, the X button, or R key depending on your input to use it. This places your weapon onto the Grinder, repairing the weapon durability. You can move while performing this action, but you won’t be able to attack. To stop repairing, simply release the input you’re holding.

You can also reset weapon durability by resting at a Stargazer.

Lies of P how to repair weapons: P applies a flame aspect to his weapon using the grindstone feature.

Special grindstones explained

Once you overcome King’s Flame Fuoco at the end of chapter 3 and save Venigni, you’ll gain access to special elemental grindstones, which you can infuse onto your regular grinder. This will still allow it to repair your weapon, but it’ll also impart a temporary elemental damage buff onto your weapon, depending on which grindstone you fitted. This buff can only be applied once, but the charge will be restored whenever you rest at a Stargazer.

To apply one of these elemental grindstones to your Grinder, speak to Venigni once he’s at Hotel Krat. You’ll find him on the ground floor, to the right of the courtyard with the training puppets.

Lies of P how to repair weapons: P repairs his weapon while in the elevator.

Lies of P weapon durability explained

Weapon durability is a fairly straightforward mechanic. When you have a weapon equipped on Pinocchio, a small grey bar will appear at the bottom right of your screen, representing total durability. As you attack enemies, this bar will gradually reduce. More powerful charge attacks will consume more durability, and different weapons will consume it at different rates, too. Luckily, you only lose durability on successful hits, so there’s no risk of accidentally expending it.

Be mindful of your durability metre however. Once a weapon reaches zero durability, it will break, and can’t be repaired with the Grinder during combat. A broken weapon deals substantially less damage to targets, and will make your life much more difficult.

That covers everything you’ll need to know about hot to repair a weapon in Lies of P, and how weapon durability works. As long as you’re mindful of this mechanic, defeating powerful foes like the King’s Flame Fuoco or the Scrapped Watchman should be easier feats. We’ve got guides on both though if you’d still like some pointers.