How to beat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

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Want to beat Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco? Fuoco is the third main boss you’ll encounter in the game. Much like those before him, however, he represents a pretty sharp step up in difficulty.

In this Fuoco boss guide, we’re going to cover our top advice for how to beat Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco. You’ll need to ensure you’re familiar with the basics before you attempt this fight though. So if you’re wondering what exactly Ergo is, how to best use it to level up, or how to use quartz for powerful permanent upgrades to Pinnochio, we’ve got you covered on all those and more in some separate guides.

How to beat Fuoco in Lies of P

Here are our top tips for beating Fuoco in Lies of P.

  • Be careful with your positioning
  • Learn the counters to his worst attacks
  • Be flexible with your counter strategies
  • Bring a friend

Let’s go through each of them in a little more detail.

Be careful with your positioning

A large part of Fuoco’s difficulty comes from his unpredictability. He’s quite overzealous when it comes to dealing out damage or using hard-to-counter moves. The best thing you can do to combat this is keep your positioning in mind.

From behind him, only his spin attacks and AOE moves can really hit you. Keeping close to his left (your right) leg is also a good blind spot, but again, not total. Be sure to move away and rush back in as much as you feel necessary, exploiting his latent sluggishness to the best of your ability.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: Player positions themselves behind Fuoco.

Learn the counters to Fuoco’s worst attacks

Some of the King’s Flame’s attacks are much more deadly than others, so here’s some advice on how to counter a few of his strongest abilities.

Furnace AOE

Starting at the beginning of his second phase, and continuing throughout, Fuoco will open his furnace hatch and dump its fiery contents onto the floor, setting a massive area of the arena ablaze. This attack guarantees a proc of the ‘overheat’ status, inflicting debilitating damage over time.

Your best counter is to run as far away as you can when this happens. The area of effect is enormous, and will easily cover around 75% of the arena, but if you run to the far corner, you can usually escape it in time. If you can’t make sure you’ve got some status removal Attribute Purification Ampoules and healing items available on you, which will usually help you power through the assault with less issue.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: Fuoco uses his furnace AOE spam in the arena.

Fireball spam

In the second phase, Fuoco will also begin shooting fireballs. Each shot itself does fairly modest damage, but the rate of fire can lead to a temporary stun-lock if you’re not careful. Worse yet, he can fire these shots at point-blank range, leaving you with no opportunity to dodge.

A great counter for this comes back to our advice on positioning. Putting one of the floor-to-ceiling pipes between you and Fuoco when he starts shooting fireballs in his second phase is a great counter to him spamming the move. The flames can’t penetrate the pipe, and this will eventually force him to close the distance and return to melee attacks.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: Fuoco uses a fireball spam move.

Triple Spin

One of Fuoco’s most mobile attacks in his first phase is the triple spin. In this move, he’ll swing his hammer fist down and then around himself, and follow through to repeat the action twice more. If you’re caught off-guard by the move, it can be pretty deadly.

Our advice for countering this is to learn the tell to his standard hammer spin attack – the tell for his triple spin is almost identical. Move away from his front and prepare to dodge or parry. So long as you can clear the range of the first swing, and aren’t in the path he travels in, you can turn this deadly move from a run-ender into a great opening for some hard hitting damage.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: Fuoco uses a triple spin move.

Be flexible with your counter strategies

Some bosses, like the Scrapped Watchman, encourage different approaches more than others. For Fuoco though, there’s no clear winner between dodging and guarding or parrying. A perfect parries, or perfect guard as it’s also known, can be effective at negating most of Fuoco’s attacks. But so too can a well timed dodge. Therefore we’d recommend to keep yourself open and flexible to altering your strategy of choice on a dime.

Some moves, like his overhead swings, are great opportunities for a perfect parry. Others, like his hammer spins, are more easily dodged. As you fight him and learn his attacks, try to utilise both of these counters for his moveset, rather than relying heavily on one or the other.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: Fuoco charges in a powerful fury attack.

Bring a friend

Fuoco is a truly challenging fight, and for some, the time commitment may not be so worth it. If that’s the case for you, consider bringing a friend. By using star fragments on the small blue altar outside the boss room, you’ll be able to summon some help in the form of a Specter, an NPC combatant who wields the unique boss weapon for the foe you’re fighting. This may not make an enormous difference, but the additional opportunities it affords you may be enough to help you conserve resources for later in the fight, and unleash greater damage earlier on.

Lies of P how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco: A specter ally attacks Fuoco.

King’s Flame, Fuoco boss rewards

As with every boss, there are some good rewards to be had once you finally beat the Fuoco boss fight. Here’s a full list of the loot you can look forward to.

  • King’s Flame Ergo. Like the Parade Master and Scrapped Watchman before, you can use this special Ergo to gain access to unique boss items, with a choice between an amulet and a weapon. We’ve covered how to do this in our guide on where to get weapons in Lies of P.
  • High-Powered Flame Amplifier. This special item can be used to craft the Flamberge Legion arm, a type of flamethrower attatchment that’ll prove useful in fights to come.
  • Ergo. Of course, you’ll get some Ergo from this fight that you can use to level up. Depending on how much you had before stepping through the boss door and into the arena, you could be looking at 3-4 levels on average.
  • Venigni. Once you finish this fight, Venigni will relocate to Hotel Krat, just across the hall from Euginie. You’ll be able to equip the new Flame Grindstone that you get from this boss by speaking to Venigni himself. You’ll also gain access to his repaired puppet butler, Pulcinella, who acts as another store vendor, selling rare and valuable items.
  • A new Stargazer. Lastly, you’ll unlock a new Stargazer to rest at within the boss arena itself. This is the last one within the Venigni Works factory.

Who is King’s Flame Fuoco?

Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco is the final boss of the Vengini Works, the primary factory supplying new puppets to the city of Krat. Fuoco served as the puppet in charge of the furnaces, used to recycle old puppets and craft new components from raw materials. He apparently took pride in this job, and was well regarded by the other workers in the factory. But at the time of the puppet uprising, Fuoco learnt of a King of Puppets, and began worshipping this powerful puppet as a god. Under the orders of this god, he continued to build new frenzied puppets, growing the armies of mad automatons as they rampaged across the cities.

That covers everything you should need to know about Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco and how to beat him. If you’re still looking for some Lies of P tips and tricks to help out with the game in general, want to know something more specific like how to repair weapons, or need some more boss guides for foes like Archbishop Andreus or the Black Rabbit Brotherhood don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Is King’s Flame Fuoco a mandatory boss?

King’s Flame Fuoco is a mandatory boss, and you’ll need to beat him to progress in the game.

How do you craft the Flamberge Legion Arm in Lies of P?

To build the Flamberge arm, you need to pick up a component you’ll earn from defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco.

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