FF7 Rebirth max level and level cap explained

FF7 Rebirth max level and level cap explained
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Wondering about the FF7 Rebirth max level and level cap? In keeping with the series RPG elements, a big part of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is levelling up your party members to improve their combat abilities as you take on the main story, side quests, and dip in and out of the many mini-games on offer. But, as always, there’s an upper limit, a level cap beyond which hard-earned XP becomes largely redundant.

We’ll walk you through the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth max level and level cap. For more FF7 Rebirth, check the full trophies and achievements list, how to skip Nibelheim in FF7 Rebirth, and the full chapter list to get an idea of how much of the story you have left to go.

What’s the max level in FF7 Rebirth?

In FF7 Rebirth, the max level and level cap is level 70. This represents a 20 level jump on the 50 max level in the first entry in the remake trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and we expect it to go up another 20 levels or so when the final chapter releases in a few years time.

In a curious but understandable twist on levelling conventions, you start at level 15 in FF7 Rebirth, presumably as recognition of the fact that it’s the continuation of Remake but without overpowering you by kicking things off at level 50.

A single playthrough on easy or normal won’t be enough to cap out your characters. Instead, you’ll want to play through FF7 Rebirth in Hard Mode to earn enough XP to hit level 70.

That wraps up the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth max level and level cap. For more FF7 Rebirth guides, find out whether it’s coming to PC and whether it’s a sequel for those unsure of where it stands in the long-line of Final Fantasy games.