Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel?
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Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel? With so much of the story of Final Fantasy 7 left to explore in the remake, this is what we can expect from the next game in the FF7 Remake.

You might want to know about this, considering how Square Enix released some standalone DLC for the first FF7 Remake game called Intergrade. Rebirth is more than that, and it is the next in a trilogy planned for the remake project.

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Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel?

Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a sequel to the first game. This has been the plan from Square Enix all along, stating before starting the Final Fantasy remake project that it would be a trilogy. Combat looks the same, but it has been expanded thanks to new Materia and more synergy between party members.

Unlike Intergrade, Rebirth is a direct sequel to the events of the first game, picking up where it left off. We’ve seen in trailers and on the PlayStation Blog just how much we’ll get to explore, and any fan will be excited to see more of the world of Final Fantasy VII.

After spending the entire first game in Midgar, Cloud, Aerith, Barret, Tifa, and Red XIII are finally allowed to explore the lands outside the steel city of Mako. In the original game, this was all part of the first disc, but due to how Remake has been made it has been split up and strenuously stretched out.

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What part of FF7 can we see in Rebirth?

It seems that many original elements are there, such as visiting Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, going to Wutai and meeting Yuffie, finding Cid and getting the Tiny Bronco, and visiting the Gold Saucer. Naturally, Sephiroth is still the main big bad guy everyone is after. Square is seemingly changing many aspects, and this game is more of a retelling than a 1:1 remake.

This part of the FF7 remake will cover most of the original game’s disc one content, starting from the party leaving Midgar and seemingly concluding at the Temple of the Ancients. If you’ve played the original, we won’t spoil what happens there, but it remains to be seen if FF7 Rebirth will change the classic main story further.

As a sequel, there is room to change a lot of the story here. Rebirth will include more mini-games at the Gold Saucer, such as Chocobo racing and heaps of content. We also see glimpses of Vincent Valentine, who was a secret character in the original Final Fantasy VII.

The flow of the story has been heavily interrupted and changed from the source material, due to events from the first FF7 Remake game. It could be that Rebirth is going to take elements from later in the game and incorporate them into this section, or vice versa.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rebirth sequel FAQs

What is Final Fantasy 7 remake part 2?

The second part of the remake is called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. 

What platform is Rebirth on?

As shown in the gameplay and State of Play trailer, FF7 Rebirth will be on PS5 in February as an exclusive. Perhaps it will come to PC later, along with an Xbox Series X port.