How many chapters are in FF7 Rebirth – chapter list

How many chapters are in FF7 Rebirth – chapter list
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Want to know how many chapters are in FF7 Rebirth? In keeping with Final Fantasy tradition of lengthy storylines, FF7 Rebirth is a narrative behemoth, especially if you’re keen on experiencing everything it has to offer, including a plentiful stock of side quests. Like other FF games, Rebirth is broken down into main story chapters, which can help you get a sense of where you are and how much there is to go.

We’ll walk you through the full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth chapter list below. As always with mission and chapter lists, tread carefully if you don’t want the story spoiled. For more help in FF7 Rebirth, check the full trophies and achievements list, whether the game is coming to PC, and whether Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a sequel.

FF7 Rebirth chapters list

Here’s a list of all 14 chapters in FF7 Rebirth. Each one represents a sizable narrative chunk of the story and guides Cloud and company’s journey through the second part of the full FF7 ground-up remake trilogy.

  • Chapter 1 – Fall of a Hero
  • Chapter 2 – A New Journey Begins
  • Chapter 3 – Deeper into Darkness
  • Chapter 4 – Dawn of a New Era
  • Chapter 5 – Blood in the Water
  • Chapter 6 – Fool’s Paradise
  • Chapter 7 – Those Left Behind
  • Chapter 8 – All That Glitters
  • Chapter 9 – The Planet Sins
  • Chapter 10 – Watcher of the Vale
  • Chapter 11 – The Long Shadow of Shinra
  • Chapter 12 – A Golden Key
  • Chapter 13 – Where Angels Fear to Tread
  • Chapter 14 – End of the World

That’s all there is to how many chapters are in FF7 Rebirth. You’ve got your work cut out given how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. If you’re just starting out and have played the demo, learn how to skip chapter 1 Nibelheim and jump ahead in the main story.