How to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth – EXP farming

How to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth – EXP farming
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Wondering how to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth? Constantly levelling up is key to unlocking better skills and improving the gang’s fighting abilities to take on tougher enemies. EXP is earned in a number of ways in FF7 Rebirth, but the general gist is the same as most games: play the game. Now, not all activities offer up the same XP gains so if you’re set on level grinding quickly there are several you should prioritise.

We’ll walk you through how to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth. For more FF7 Rebirth, check out the complete trophies and achievements list, everything you need to know about the max level capFinal Card Carnival puzzle solutions, and who is telling the truth in the Swindling Seminar.

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Here are the best ways to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth:

  • Complete side quests
  • Complete Fiend Intel Combat Assignments
  • Defeat Classified Intel bosses
  • Complete Chadley Intel tasks
  • Complete Battle Simulator Summon Entity challenges

Complete side quests

FF7 Rebirth boasts nearly 40 side quests and Odd Jobs for players to take on, each one granting a sizable chunk of experience to push your level up. It’s not just classic XP either, side quests also boost Cloud’s relationship with Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII, and also increase your Party Level. To boot, FF7 Rebirth side quests offer some of the game’s more interesting and quirky narrative tangents, so are well worth doing anyway. Note that certain main story chapters lock you out of side quests, but this is temporary. Push on and before long you’ll be able to fast travel and take on quests freely as before.

Take on Fiend Intel Combat Assignments

Of all the activities on offer from Chadley, Fiend Intel Combat Assignments are by the far the best XP earners. After unlocking Activation Intel Towers, you’ll get the location of these Fiend Sighting spots. Each one has a set of objectives, such as pressure or stagger an enemy, along with the general aim of defeating the enemies within the set time limit. Better yet, you can repeat these challenges for a steady source of experience to level up fast in FF7 Rebirth.

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Classified Intel bosses

Once you’ve found all the lifesprings in a region, you unlock Classified Intel, which leads you to a mini-boss. For example, in the Grasslands, you can take on the Quetzalcoatl (also useful for getting the resources needed to fix up the windmill in the Where the Wind Blows side quest), which grants a huge EXP boost when defeated. Like Fiend Intel, you can repeat these as often as you like. A solid tactic here is to push on with the story a bit, then return when you’re overleveled to farm them.

Complete other Chadley Intel tasks

Aside from Combat Assignments, Chadley’s Intel tasks offer up decent XP gains when completed. The real draw here is that many of the tasks (which you can view under the Intel tab by tapping the touchpad on your controller) are dead easy to complete, only taking a few minutes to wrap up in most cases. Look out for Remnaware Towers, Mako Lifesprings Expedition Intel, Phenomenon Intel, Divine Intel, and creature specific Intel like Moogle Intel and Chocobo Intel for quick and easy XP boosts.

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Battle Simulator

Lastly, completing challenges in Chadley’s Battle Simulator earns you a solid XP return for your efforts. Though all the challenges in the Combat Simulator are worth doing to unlock better Materia and skills, the best EXP lies in Summon Entity challenges, such as the Titan and Phoenix in the early game. These are tough but repeatable fights, excellent for EXP farming. You can also weaken the Summons by hoovering up Divine Intel in each region, which involves completing a simple memory mini-game.

That’s all there is to levelling up fast in FF7 Rebirth. If you’re still struggling for XP, don’t hesitate to bump the difficulty down to easy – enemies are weaker so you’ll hoover up experience quicker. For more FF7 Rebirth guides, check out whether a PC port is on the cards, whether it’s considered a sequel, and our FF7 Rebirth tips and tricks beginner’s guide.