FF7 Rebirth voice actors and full cast list

FF7 Rebirth voice actors and full cast list
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After the FF7 Rebirth voice actors and full cast list? Square Enix has drafted in a veritable army to voice all the characters you’ll bump into across FF7 Rebirth’s 14 chapters, 36 side quests, and 150 hour play time, that is if you’re scratching that completionist itch. Like most FF games, the voicing work is top tier in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and the game would be a less rich experience without all the actors that lent their sighs, grunts, and words to bring it to life.

We’ll walk you through all the FF7 Rebirth voice actors. For more FF7 Rebirth help, check out the full chapter list, a primer on the max level cap, how to level up fast, and our FF7 Rebirth beginner’s guide packed full of helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

FF7 Rebirth voice actors list

Here’s the full FF7 Rebirth voice actors and cast list:

  • Cloud Strife – Cody Christian 
  • Tifa Lockhart – Britt Baron 
  • Aerith Gainsborough – Briana White 
  • Barret Wallace – John Eric Bentley 
  • Red XIII – Max Mittelman 
  • Zack Fair – Caleb Pierce 
  • Sephiroth – Tyler Hoechlin
  • Yuffie Kisaragi – Suzie Yeung 
  • Cait Sith – Paul Tinto 
  • Vincent Valentine – Matthew Mercer 
  • Cid Highwind – J Michael Tatum 
  • Dyne – Dave B Mitchell Dio – Ian James Corlett 
  • Doctor Sheiran – Lloyd Sherr 
  • Biggs – Gideon Emery 
  • Chadley – Sean Ryan Petersen 
  • Broden – Mick Lauer 
  • Rhonda – GK Bowes 
  • Priscilla – Reese Warren 
  • Billy – Paul Castro Jr 
  • Chloe – Trinity Jo-Li Bliss 
  • Solemn Gus – Jonah Scott 
  • Captain Titov – Jonathan Lipow 
  • Cissnei – Kayli Mills 
  • Bugenhagen – Frank Todaro 
  • Zangan – Jamieson Price 
  • Johnny – Yuri Lowenthal 
  • Roche – Austin Lee Matthews 
  • Reno – Arnie Pantoja 
  • Rude – William C Stephens 
  • Tseng – Vic Chao 
  • Elena – Piper Reese 
  • Professor Hojo – James Sie 
  • Rufus Shinra – Josh Bowman 
  • Gilgamesh – Keith Szarabajka 

That’s it for the FF7 Rebirth voice actors and cast list. For more FF7 Rebirth guides, check out whether we can expect the game on PC anytime soon, whether it’s a sequel, the Card Carnival puzzle solutions, and our guide to the Swindling Seminar and who is telling the truth.