Tears of the Kingdom bosses list

Tears of the Kingdom bosses list
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There are a lot of Tears of the Kingdom bosses to find across Hyrule, the Sky Islands, and the Depths in this Breath of the Wild sequel. From foes to defeat in the mission to save Zelda, or optional bosses you’ll encounter when exploring off the beaten path, there are a lot of tough beasts for Link to take down.

To do so, you’ll need to utilise all of Link’s new Tears of the Kingdom abilities, because he is armed with plenty of new powers including Ultrahand and Fuse. You’d also be strongly encouraged to know as many Tears of the Kingdom recipes as possible, so you know exactly what to cook to heal in these tough fights.

All Tears of the Kingdom bosses

Here are all of the Tears of the Kingdom bosses you’ll fight during the main story:


 Tears of the Kingdom bosses: A close-up of Colgera

Colgera is the main boss of the Wind Temple. A large, flying serpent, you’ll have to defeat it by hitting the weak spots its body’s circular sections. Our Tears of the Kingdom Colgera guide will help you defeat it if you’re struggling.


Moragia is a giant beast that will attack you during the main storyline as you reach the summit of Death Mountain. You’ll need to fly around on a Zonai Wing, firing Yunobo at it to damage it. It’s more a spectacle than a true boss fight, so you hopefully should have too much trouble with it.

Marbled Gohma

Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Link fighting Marbled Gohma

Marbled Gohma is the main boss of the Fire Temple. A large, spider-like boss with rocky armour across its whole body, you’ll need to destroy its armour before dealing damage to its singular beady eye. Our Tears of the Kingdom Marbled Gohma guide goes into detail on just how to take this boss down.

Sludge Like

The Sludge Like is a variant of the standard Like Like enemy found in caves across Hyrule. Fought during the Zora storyline alongside Sidon, you’ll need to clear sludge from around the battlefield, and take it down as you would a normal Like Like.


The Mucktorok is the final boss of the Water Temple. High above Hyrule, this variant of an Octorok will spit sludge across the arena, and swim through it attempting to attack you. Hitting it with a blast of water will clear some of the sludge and leave the Mucktorok open for attacks.

Queen Gibdo

Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Queen Gibdo from the Lightning Temple

Queen Gibdo is the final boss of the Lightning Temple. A huge, winged gibdo, she will fire beams of sand at you, as well as summon other gibdos to attack you during the first. This is one of the harder boss fights in the game, so check out our Tears of the Kingdom Queen Gibdo guide for some help.

Seized Construct

The Seized Construct is a boss you will come up against in the Spirit Temple. A large construct that has been corrupted by evil energy, you’ll need to defeat it by knocking it against electrified wires that skirt the edges of the arena. Not the easiest of fights, but a fun one nonetheless.

Master Kogha

While investigating the Depths, you’ll come across the leader of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga at various points. Chasing him between different mines, you’ll fight him multiple times, culminating in one final fight against him using a similar Construct to the one fought in the Spirit Temple.

Phantom Ganons

At a certain point in the story, you investigate Hyrule Castle and come up against a series of Phantom Ganons. These are manifestations of the Demon King’s evil energy. You’ll take on multiple at once, but with the powers you gain from progressing the story, this fight should become much easier.

The Demon King’s Army

At the heart of the Depths below Hyrule Castle, you’ll have to take on the Demon King’s Army. This is a huge collection of monsters which you’ll take on alongside any of the Sages that you’ve helped during your playthrough.

Demon King Ganondorf

Tears of the Kingdom bosses: A close-up of Ganondorf.

Once you’ve got through the aforementioned Demon King’s Army, you’ll have to come up against the Demon King himself. This is one of the hardest boss fights in the game, and you’ll have to deal with his attacks, waves of gloom, and even summoning minions to attack you. If that wasn’t enough, he also sports two health bars, so once you’ve depleted one it still isn’t over.

Demon Dragon

Even after beating Ganondorf, it’s still not over. He will transform into a dragon and fly into Hyrule’s skies, with you chasing after on your own dragon. Take down the eyes of malice attached to his body and chip away at his health bar over time to take him down and finish the game’s main story.

Some of these bosses can even be encountered after being beaten the first time. Once you’ve beaten each of the four main dungeon bosses, you can find them in certain arenas in the Depths, where you can beat them once again to receive Crystallized Charges as a reward.

Tears of the Kingdom mini bosses list

Along with the bosses during the main story, there are also plenty of Tears of the Kingdom enemies to be found in the open world which also pose a significant challenge to the player.

Here are all of the different types of mini boss you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Flux Construct

Flux Constructs are huge mechanical golems you can find on various Sky Islands. They come in different forms with different strength levels, ranging from Flux Construct I up to Flux Construct III. They’re relatively easy to take down, and drop some very useful fusion materials too.


Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Link fighting a Frost Gleeok

Gleeoks are giant hydra-like dragons found across Hyrule. They appear in elemental forms, capable of using fire, lightning, and ice attacks respectively. Furthermore, the King Gleeoks are even more powerful iterations which use all three elements simultaneously for a very challenging miniboss fight.


The Molduga is a giant monster that lives underneath the sands of the Gerudo Desert. Sensitive to movement, they will dive up through the sand if they sense you moving around, and you’ll need to try and bait them up if you want to damage them. Use a Sand Seal to quickly move around and avoid their attacks while peppering them with arrow shots.


Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Link fighting a Hinox

Hinoxes are giant cyclops monsters which you can find across Hyrule. While they are capable of dealing a decent amount of damage, they are relatively easy to take down, requiring you to stun them with an arrow to the eye. Our Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations guide will tell you where and how to find every one.


Taluses are giant monsters made of stones. Appearing as just a collection of rocks, they come to life if you get too close, and must be defeated by climbing onto them or using Ascend to reach their weak spot on their backs with a melee weapon. They come in various forms like Stone, Igneo, Luminous, Frost, and even Battle Taluses, where Bokoblins ride scaffolding around them.


Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Link fighting a Lynel

Lynels are one of the most formidable enemies in the game. A large, centaur-like creature, they wield swords, clubs, and bows, and are easily capable of killing you in one hit if you’re not careful. They’re worth taking down, though, as they drop some incredibly powerful weapons and fusion materials, so check out our Tears of the Kingdom Lynels guide to find out more.

That’s all you need to know about the different types of bosses in Tears of the Kingdom, though we’ll be sure to update this if we find any more. Make sure you’re caught up on all of the Tears of the Kingdom shrines and where to find them, as these optional puzzles will net you rewards to increase your health and stamina. We also have a guide to all the Skyview Tower locations, so you can reveal more of the map.

How many bosses are in Tears of the Kingdom?

There are 11 different bosses you must fight to complete the story, but since you fight Phantom Ganon multiple times, there are more encounters than individual bosses. There are also six different mini bosses, each with different variants.

Who is the final boss of Tears of the Kingdom?

The Demon Dragon is the final boss fight you’ll need to defeat before beating the game, coming shortly after you defeat the Demon King Ganondorf.