How to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom

How to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom
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Want to know how to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom? Then you have come to the right place. Being that this is another expansive open-world The Legend of Zelda adventure, you’ll want to know if you can quickly return to areas you’ve already visited in Hyrule when playing TotK. 

With the Tears of the Kingdom map now spread across the land and Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands, TotK you can expect it to feel a lot more expansive than the Nintendo Switch’s previous Zelda masterpiece, Breath of the Wild.

While flying in Tears of the Kingdom is a great way to get around the map, luckily there are also fast travel mechanics available, if you’re looking to get around Hyrule quickly. Here’s everything you need to know about the fast travel system and how to use it.

Can you fast travel in Tears of the Kindom: Link riding horse.
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How to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom

Yes, you can fast travel between Shrines in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There are a number of ways to fast travel, but the first one you’ll unlock will be via your Purah Pad, which replaces Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Slate.

The downside is you won’t be able to do this immediately. You’ll need to have visited the first three shrines (Ukouh Shrine, Gutanbac Shrine, and In-Isa Shrine), then the Temple of Time, and have three Lights of Blessing to use this ability. Once you have visited the three shrines on Great Sky island, you can then use the Purah Pad to navigate between the ones you have visited.

  • Tap the minus (-) button to bring up the map
  • Select the Shrine, Lightroot, or Skyview tower you want to fast travel to .

Later on in the game, you’ll be able to access Travel Medallions via your Purah Pad. You’ll need to complete Robbie’s tasks but you’ll essentially be able to drop a small number of pins around the map and use these to dart from one point to another. Elsewhere, interacting with Lightroots which can be found in the Chasm, can be used to create fast travel points.

Above ground, look out for Skyview Tower terminals. These again can be interacted with and allow you to get launched into the sky, from which you’re able to have plenty of airtime to glide to new locations.

Can you fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom: Link trying to catch Zelda.
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It’s worth noting in Tears of the Kingdom it appears you can use fast travel whenever you want – which could be come in handy if you’re looking to avoid fall damage. Later in the game, once you interact with  Skyview Tower terminals, you can use these to help glide to areas of interest quicker.

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