Tears of the Kingdom new enemies list

Tears of the Kingdom new enemies list
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With TotK now release, we’re slowly getting introduced to all the Tears of the Kingdom enemies. While we have so returning foes from BotW, there are plenty of new enemies to discover throughout Hyrule.

We finally have eyes on the first of what we imagine is a whole roster of new creatures. Here’s the lowdown on all the new enemies we know about to complement all the fresh details about Tears of the Kingdom vehicles and the new Tears of the Kingdom abilities.

New enemies in Tears of the Kingdom


Robot-like in appearance, these pint-sized enemies are made of Zonai technology. They come in different variations, depending on how far you are through the game, such as Soldier Constructs and Captain Constructs. You can even find some friendly versions around known as Steward Constructs.

Constructs in Tears of the Kingdom can wield weapons, including fused weapons (those made using the new Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability). Constructs wield all kinds of weapons, ranging from sticks to powerful swords and bows in the endgame.


Aerocudas are fairly large flying enemies that can be seen flying around the skies of Hyrule. If you’re unfortunate enough to catch one’s attention, it will dive towards you in an attempt to hit you out of the air. Luckily enough, these monsters are fairly easy to kill, and one hit of an arrow will do the trick. Try fusing a Keese or Aerocuda Eyeballs to one of your arrows for a simply homing shot.


Gleeoks are huge, three-headed dragons that can be found in various parts of Hyrule. They are elemental monsters, and depending on which one you face can deal lightning, fire, or ice damage. There are even a few King Gleeoks, which incorporate all three elemental attacks at once, creating a very imposing miniboss fight.

Boss Bokoblin

New Bokoblins variants Bokoblins were always guaranteed in the follow-up to BotW, but Tears of the Kingdom is set to weave in new variants. One of the most striking came in one of the earliest TotK trailers, where we caught a glimpse of a heftier Bokoblin, a chief of sorts, shepherding standard Bokoblins into combat by wheezing into a large horn.

Flux Constructs

How to beat Flux Construct I in Tears of the Kingdom: Link fighting Flux Construct I.

This is a brand new type of boss design for the Zelda series. While we’ve seen future technology-inspired designs before, this boss is able to completely defy the laws of physics by splitting up and rearranging its body to attack Link with a variety of different unpredictable moves. They range from Flux Construct I to Flux Construct III, with the latter being far stronger than the former. 

Like Like

These worm-like creatures can be found along the walls and ceilings of some caves. If you get too close to one, they swallow you up, stealing one of your equipped items, but once defeated will return them along with a shiny chest. They also come in some elemental forms like the Ice Like and Fire Like. Their weak spot is in their mouth, so using bombs or a flower bomb found in a cave can be a great way to stun them and open up this spot to attacks.


True to their name, Horriblins are fairly horrible creatures that can be found in caves across Hyrule. They cling to ceilings and will attack you with long-range weapons. While they can deal fairly good damage and have a large HP pool, they can be beaten quite easily if you’re careful, and reward you with some powerful fusion materials.


A creature from previous Zelda titles that didn’t feature in BotW, the Gibdo is a skeletal monster found in the Gerudo region. Sometimes, they even appear with wings as Moth Gibdos, flying above you and spitting poison. They seem unbeatable at first, but there’s a simple trick to taking them down which we go into in our Tears of the Kingdom Gibdo guide.

Evermean Tree

Evermeans are living trees which will occasionally pop up out of the ground to attack Link if you get too close. They’re easy to take down, especially if you wield a weapon capable of chopping wood like an axe.

Frox and Little Frox

The Frox is a giant cyclops monster found in the Depths. Reminiscent of a cross between a Hinox and a frog, they can be stunned by hitting their giant eye and taken down relatively easily. A Little Frox is a tiny version of this, which will jump at the player to attack, but can be beaten in only one or two hits. Taking these down can be a very good source of Zonaite.

Gloom Hands

Gloom Hands are a terrifying new monster found in certain parts of the Depths. They come in groups of five and rise out of pools of gloom to attack you. If you get too close, they grab you, inflicting gloom damage while you’re trapped. They also have a huge amount of health, so check out Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Hands guide for tips on how to beat them.

Phantom Ganon

When you manage to beat a group of Gloom Hands, you’re rewarded with another difficult fight. Phantom Ganon is a manifestation of Ganondorf’s malice which will spawn after defeating Gloom Hands. If you can beat it, you can get some powerful gear, so weigh up your options carefully.

Enemies returning in Tears of the Kingdom


One of the staple monsters of the Zelda franchise, Bokoblins were always going to make a return. Found across Hyrule, these are the most common enemy you’ll find in your playthrough, and you’ll quickly get the hang of dealing with them.


A step up from the Bokoblins, the Moblins are slight easy to defeat than Bokoblins although they are stronger and taller you will have tread carefully.


In Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be faced with formidable Hinox foe. Hinox is a monstrous creature, reminiscent of a cyclops, and its tendency to slumber. This present a prime opportunity for a stealthy ambush before it awakens and gives chase.


Lizalfos, the chameleon-like enemy, has the ability to blend into their surroundings, naturally, lying in wait to surprise Link. The details regarding their role in Tears of the Kingdom remain scarce, it is highly likely that various iterations, such as Electric Lizalfos and Fire Lizalfos, will make a comeback.


Chuchus are jelly-like slime monsters. Found at various sizes, most can be defeated in one hit so are of little threat to you. When killed, they drop the useful Chuchu Jelly, which can be used for a variety of things, especially if you kill an elemental Chuchu.


These fearsome beasts make a return from Breath of the Wild. Remaining one of the most powerful enemies in the game, they’re a challenge to take down, but reward you with some of the most powerful gear you can find. Well worth fighting if you’re confident in your combat abilities.


The Octorok will be making its return in Tears of the Kingdom with its various range of forms. It will be enjoyable to discover how many variations of this enemy will appear in the game. In the third gameplay trailer, we saw an Octorok launching a fireball towards Link, naturally Link skillfully deflect it back using his new Recall ability. No need for the shield this time!

Stone Talus

The Stone Talus will once again challenge players as a formidable mini-boss. Its stony exterior will proves impervious to conventional attacks; however, there is a vulnerable spot on its shoulder that is a must exploit to quickly dispatched this tough boss. They also now sometimes appear as a Battle Talus, with scaffolding built around it manned by Bokoblins. They drop ore when killed, so can be a great way to farm some rupees.


Tears of the Kingdom how to shield surf: Link shield surfing while being pulled by a sand seal.

A miniboss in BotW, the Molduga is a large creature found underneath the sands of the Gerudo Desert. Attracted to movement on the sands above, it will try and attack you if you move around too much, so be careful where you walk when you explore this area.

Yiga Clan

The fan favourite Yiga Clan make a return in TotK, trying to take down Link wherever they can. Previous enemy types such as Yiga Footsoldiers and Yiga Blademasters come back, and you’ll be able to kill them to get your hands on some unique Yiga weapons as before.


Nintendo has recently confirmed what many expected: the Demon King Ganondorf will once again take the role of the main antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How many new enemies are there in Tears of the Kingdom?

So far we are expecting 6 new enemies in the Tears of the Kingdom. This isn’t confirmed and is just a prediction from gathering intel from various gameplay trailers and our current play through.

That covers all the new enemies in Tears of the Kingdom we know about so far. We’ll keep this list updated as we discover more. In the mean time, brush up on the Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands, the Tears of the Kingdom timeline, and check our Tears of the Kingdom Recall explainer guide.