7 Best Professions In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft

7 Best Professions In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft
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With the newest expansion for World of Warcraft, Dragonflight, out with its very first season, the biggest thought players have is if anything has changed when it comes to what profession is the best one.

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After all, the best way to determine which professions are the best is by comparing how much profit players can make with it, how hard it is to make said profit, and how much gold they need to invest. Additionally, whether or not there are any external perks to that profession that players can benefit from is another factor commonly used to determine how good a profession is.

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To help you in picking out a profession for your character, we’ll be going through the seven best professions in Dragonflight in order, along with why they’re the cream of the crop.

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#7: Engineering

Although the engineer profession had not been getting much love in previous expansions, Dragonflight season 1 is here to change that with all the new craftable items it has introduced to the game.

The reason it isn’t higher on the list is that engineering is a rather complex profession that requires a lot of calculating of costs and profits in order to efficiently make use of it. After all, the profession itself relies heavily on crafting a large number of items and then selling them off.

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One very good addition to Dragonflight is the inclusion of portable crafting stations. No longer do engineers have to stand in immovable stations to craft the items they want. Instead, they could simply craft portable crafting stations and then use them to craft anything anywhere.

Because of how complex engineering is, as well as how many different things you can craft, the potential for gold making is really high. Take into consideration the fact that the cost for this profession isn’t too high either, and this becomes one of the more cost effective profit making professions out there.

As for external perks, with the engineering profession, players are able to craft many useful items. Perhaps the most useful ones when it comes to Dragonflight specifically include:

  • The Wyrmhole Generator allows players to teleport across the Dragon Isles with ease instead of having to travel by foot.
  • S.A.V.I.O.R, which allows players to resurrect themselves as well as their entire party if they get wiped out in a raid.

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#6: Alchemy

If this list had been made a couple of months back, then Alchemy would most likely have been higher. However, because Dragonflight introduced the new experimentation system, it has become more difficult to recommend this profession to beginners.

The thing with Alchemy is that it relies HEAVILY on RNG, which means that you could literally check all the boxes required to experiment efficiently, including maxing out your knowledge points, but if you get lucky then that will all be for naught.

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However, once you unlock a recipe once, then recreating it is as easy as can get. Because of this, depending on your luck you could theoretically place this profession higher on the list.

Naturally, in a game like WoW, potions and other healing items are a must, and that’s where Alchemists come in. By crafting potions that restore health, give buffs, or restore mana, players are able to then sell them for a pretty penny. High quality potions pay especially well.

However, the thing with alchemy is that the price of herbs and Awakened elemental reagents is usually extremely high. Therefore, if you don’t have gold initially to invest in this profession, then you probably won’t be able to get the necessary ingredients for the more sought after potions.

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#5: Jewelcrafting 

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind putting in time and effort into something before being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, then jewelcrafting is the profession for you because of how much effort it takes to get the gold rolling in.

Players in this profession make and sell jewelry, gear, and other gems. However, lower level gear and gems yield little to no profit. Because of this, the main goal of a beginner jewelcrafter should be to gain as many knowledge points to increase their skill and inspiration.

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Once they’re able to cut at least quality 3 gems, then they’ll start making the big bucks. Quality 3 and higher gems sell for high prices very quickly, and the elemental lariat neck gear is the most sought after piece of gear in this update.

The biggest downside of this profession is that the cost can get a little high, and at the beginning, you’ll pretty much be going at a loss as you get your skill up. However, as you grow, both in skill and in experience, you’ll eventually be able to make more than twice the gold you put in, granted of course you focus on the right gear.

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#4: Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is the perfect profession to keep at the center of this list. This is because how much the profession benefits you depends entirely on what your intention is. If you only want to craft gear, especially armor, then this is the perfect profession for you.

However, if you instead want to focus on non-armor items, then this isn’t the profession for you, as the potential for those is very low here.

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As a profession, blacksmithing is the literal definition of average. It isn’t too expensive, it doesn’t give you too much profit, and it has little to no additional benefits. Even the difficulty of this profession is as average as it can get.

Ores and alloys are what you could call the life force of blacksmithing. If the prices of those go up, then so will the price of blacksmithing. One very good business idea for high level blacksmiths is crafting high level ores and then in turn selling them to blacksmiths in need.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this profession is the ability to be able to craft repair hammers, with which you can repair your gear and armor anywhere and anytime. Although regular repair hammers aren’t tradable, master hammers, however, can be both traded as well as reused for free.

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#3: Herbalism

Although herbalism is the only non crafting profession on this list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best. This is because, being a gathering profession, herbalists are able to make gold without having to put in too much effort.

You don’t need any initial investment either. All you have to do is fly around the Dragon Isles collecting nodes. Although mining would usually be at the same rank or maybe even higher than herbalism, with the state Dragonflight is in now, there’s no better time to get into herbalism.

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Herbs are always in high demand because of how important they are to alchemists and scribes, with some armor based professions also requiring them for certain gear. This consistent demand allows herbalists to make a decent amount of money.

In a way, you could say this is a passive way of earning money, as you don’t have to specially go out and hunt for herbs. Instead, you could just go along your usual way of completing quests and exploring the world, all the while collecting any nodes you come across in the wild and then selling them off at the auction house later.

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#2: Tailoring

Tailoring is the perfect profession for many different types of players. What justifies putting it so high on this list is the fact that it’s the cheapest armor based profession out there, narrowly beating out leatherworking.

What makes tailoring so great aside from the low cost is how many choices players have. Tailors could either choose to focus on armor to sell to players in your realm for some easy gold, or on more unique items such as cosmetics.

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The main material cloth that tailors need, wildercloth, goes for just a couple of gold a piece across the many WoW server regions. This is the reason for the relatively low cost of this profession when compared to other armor professions.

The difficulty, however, depends on whether you’re looking for passive income or active income. If you want to focus more on higher tier armor and supplying gear to the Mythic raiders of your server, you will be focusing on more skillful crafts, which will be tougher than lower level crafts. 

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Whatever you decide, you should be able to do relatively easily, because of which this is one of the most beginner friendly crafting professions out there.

#1: Enchanting

The reason we called Tailoring ONE of the most beginner friendly crafting professions is that the actual highest is definitely enchanting. The ability to sell items all across the region is an excellent one if you’re looking to make gold quickly, as you don’t have to worry about your realm’s population size at all.

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Because of the region wide auction house, even the cost of materials, such as vibrant shards and chromatic dust is rather cheap, especially when compared to that of other profession related materials.

Although the only thing you’ll be doing with this profession is crafting enchants, there are so many different types of them that you’ll be able to appeal to the demand of various different markets.

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Also, who could pass up the opportunity to be able to enchant your own gear whenever you want, or to disenchant unneeded gear for extra crafting reagents?

Final Thoughts

Although these were indeed the seven best professions in Dragonflight, it can’t be denied that at the end of the day, how you utilize the hand your profession deals you determines how much you’re able to make use of it.

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Therefore, we recommend you put in the required research before hopping on any profession. It’s best to know the ins and outs of every profession you’re even remotely interested in to ensure you go for the one that best suits you.