World Of Warcraft – How To Summon Ancient Protector In Dragonflight

World Of Warcraft – How To Summon Ancient Protector In Dragonflight
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The aging MMO, World of Warcraft, has brought in new content for players to tackle. From brand new zones to explore to eight exciting dungeons to loot, and a slew of fresh quests to complete, Dragonflight’s content is sure to keep players on their toes. One of its quests, however, involves summoning the Ancient Protector in Thaldraszus.

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The Ancient Protector is part of two intertwined quests: the repeatable quest “Ancient Protector” and the World Quest “Reclaiming the Hold”. However, Summoning the Ancient Protector and finding her spawn location has left players thinking hard, given that she’s a Mob and needs several materials to be summoned.

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Thus, if you’re having a hard time summoning her, this article will guide you through the process of getting Ancient Protector for either quest in Dragonflight. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Preparations For The Ancient Protector Quest

Though it is not quite necessary, you can activate both the Ancient Protector quest and the Reclaiming the Hold quest for your convenience and to speed up the process. As you progress in one quest, you’ll also make progress in the other, making your life way easier in the Dragon Isles.

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Furthermore, as both quests are located in Thaldraszus, the final zone that you’ll clear, it’s recommended that you be at least level 66 before taking on the Ancient Protector quest. She’s massive, and her hits aren’t to be taken lightly. If you go under-leveled, you’ll be in for a lot of pain as your stats will be weaker. Going in with a group is also recommended since you’ll need all the reinforcements you can get. 

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How To Summon The Ancient Protector

Summoning the Ancient Protector will take several steps that need to be completed, or else you’ll wander aimlessly in Thyrhold. Given below are the steps that need to be fulfilled in 

order to summon her:

1. Collect The Titan Defense Matrix

Luckily, summoning the Ancient Protector won’t take much grinding on your part, as the summoning materials have a 100% drop rate. The main material you need is the Unstable Matrix Cores that can only be obtained by slaying a Titan Defense Matrix in the Tyrhold area, and you’ll need a total of five of them.

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However, there’s a catch to it, as the Titan Defense Matrix has a duration of 15 minutes, after which it will disappear from your inventory. Therefore, make sure to collect all 5 within that period, or else you’ll have to grind for them from scratch.

2. Obtain The Unsustainable Containment Core

When all five Titan Defense Matrix are present, they will combine to form the Unsustainable Containment Core, which has a five-minute duration. Once you have this upgraded item, four Titanium Reactors will appear in Tyrhold, the locations of which are listed below:

  • 61, 55.1 Northern Pillar
  • 59. 4, 56.8 Northeastern Pillar
  • 59.5, 60.7 Southeastern Pillar
  • 60.9, 62.4 Southern Pillar

Note: The numbers before the Pillar’s name are the coordinates, which are displayed on top of your minimap. Follow them, and you’ll reach the relevant Pillar.

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3. Activate A Pillar

Navigate to any of these Pillars to find a Titanium Reactor, then click on the vortex inside to activate the Pillar. Prior to Patch 10.0.2, you had to activate all four pillars, but now you only need to activate one. Regardless of which Pillar you’ve activated now though, the Ancient Protector will spawn in the middle of the four Pillars at 59.1, 58.7 ready to take on you and your group in a fierce battle.

Note: While farming for the Titan Defense Matrix and the Unsustainable Containment Core, make sure to never leave Thyrhold, as aside from the duration lapse, these will also vanish if you leave the region.

How To Beat The Ancient Protector

Since the Ancient Protector is a rare Elite Mob, she also happens to be a formidable foe. Plus, she’s not by herself, as she’s surrounded by her minions, which can easily overwhelm unprepared players. To tackle this, AOE damage is your best bet, since this is the worst nightmare for enemies that are closely packed together.

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However, If you think that you’re lacking in terms of AOE damage, then, as mentioned, you can always have your group of friends cover you. In this way, this battle can be easily cakewalked!

Ancient Protector Loot

However, once slain, the Ancient Protector has 12 drops that are known to us at the moment. From dragon mount modifications to rare weapon drops, here’s what the Ancient Protector offers:

NameItem levelTypeDrop Rate (%)
Damaged Core70Junk14
Highland Drake: Striped Pattern60Dragon Modification12
Otherworldly Essence70Junk7
Ancient Dancer’s Longspear350Polearm7
Strange Clockwork Gladius350One-handed Sword7
Highland Drake: Crested Brow60Dragon Modification5
Windborne Velocidrake: Spiked Back60Dragon Modification5
Glowing Titan Orb60Trade Goods4
Breastplate Of Storied Antiquity350Plate Armor4
Primal Chaos60Trade Goods32
Seal Of Order1Miscellaneous1.8
Motionless Stone70Junk75

Final Thoughts

All in all, you can take on the Ancient Protector any number of times you need, especially if you need that loot, and if you’re aiming to complete the World Quest. However, it was summoning her and pinpointing her spawn location for the first time that players felt stuck on, and we hope that after reading this guide, things will be easier.