World of Warcraft Dragonflight Where To Customize Your Dragon

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Where To Customize Your Dragon
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With the release of the new expansion we will be receiving 2 new dragons to customize! We have the Dracthyr race and we have our dragon riding mounts!

The Dracthyr are available right now as they were added in the pre patch and our very own dragon riding mounts will be available once the expansion officially launches in December.

So, how do we customize our new dragons? Let’s have a look…

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Where To Customize Dragon Riding

Dragon riding customization is done entirely on the dragon isles after a few unlocks. This will occur part way through the first zone of the expansion where the natural progression will reward you with your first dragon riding mount and give you a step by step quest chain on exactly how to control your dragon as well as the talents and customization options that come along with it.

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The customization itself is done via a Rostrum of Transformation, these are one of these in each of the 4 zones with the one in Thaldraszus being in the main city of Valdrakken itself and are a pedestal type structure on the ground that can be interacted with and then used to customize your dragon with all the options you currently have unlocked!

Here are the waypoints for the 4 Rostrums of Transformation:

  • The Waking Shores 74.03, 58.13
  • Ohn’ahran Plains 84.64, 35.55
  • The Azure Span 63.61, 13.21
  • Thaldraszus, Valdrakken 25.24 50.33

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Dragon Riding Mounts

As of now there are 4 different types of dragon riding mounts. You’ll get these as you quest and there is a separate mount associated with each zone so you’ll find them as you go.

First we have the Renewed Proto-Drake which we find in The Waking Shore. Next, in the Ohn’ahran Plains we find the Windborne Velocidrake. In the Azure Span we find the Highland Drake. And finally we find the Cliffside Wylderdrake in Thaldraszus!

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There are an absolute ton of customization options to go along with all these dragons and you’ll find them all over the place, from questing to raid bosses. There are dozens of options for each dragon so go nuts and make the most unique dragon you can!

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Where To Customize Dracthyr

For the Dracthyr you’ll be customizing them on your character creation screen where there are literally millions of combinations, you could honestly get lost on that creator screen for hours checking every possible horn, snout, color, spike combo imaginable!

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Once you’ve created your Dracthyr there is still a way to change your customization however, if you happen to like a new transmog and the colors just aren’t matching then heading over to a barber shop in any of the major cities in the game will reproduce all those customization options you saw  from the creator screen!

Good luck and have fun with your new dragons! We can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with.

Dragonflight Where To Customize Your Dragon

Where is Dragonflight based?

Dragonflight is located on Dragon Isles

Does Dragonflight come with a boost?

The Dragonflight base edition does not come with a character boost