World Of Warcraft – How To Unlock World Quests In Dragonflight

World Of Warcraft – How To Unlock World Quests In Dragonflight
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The newest expansion of World Of Warcraft is out, and with it comes a bucket load of content for us to play. The expansion also features World Quests, just as all expansions of World of Warcraft do, but getting access to those quests is not an easy fate.

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Completing the quests grants players with newer gear, items, and other resources that can help their character progress through the game. It’s best to get access to these Quests early and start working on them, and we’re here to explain just how!

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How To Access World Quests In Dragonflight

The game consists of 4 central regions, and to get access to the World Quests, it is required to complete 3 main storylines in these regions; Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, and the Azure Span. After completing all of these main storylines, you will be granted access to the next main storyline, Thaldraszus. 

Once you’ve got access to the Thaldraszus storyline, there are a couple more story chapters required to be completed within that, which include:

  • Valdrakken
  • City of Dragons
  • Time Management
  • Big Time Adventure

Make sure to take your time to complete all quests associated with all storylines mentioned above, we don’t want to miss any! Once you’ve made your way to the final chapter in Thaldraszus, Nozdormu will give you the Moving On quest.

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Upon completion of the Moving On quest, you’ll get the achievement, “Just Don’t Aske me to Spell It” by way of a pop-up on your screen. Finally, all World Quests should now be available for you to play through!

How To Play World Quests

Unfortunately, World Quests are only available for a limited time, after which they won’t be playable. Hovering over a World Quest will show the rewards associated with that specific quest, making it easier to decide if it’s worth the effort at that moment in time.

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These quests are usually quite short and simple, appearing all over the Dragon Isles, just like in previous versions. World Quests can be used as a way to get gear as soon as you hit the Level cap since they provide a number of useful rewards for your character. 

Final Thoughts

Accessing the Quests is not that long a process, and it gives out a huge reward. The Quests have a shocking similarity to the World Quests of WoW: Legion; short and fun, so you won’t be spending too much time on a single quest. If you’re looking for more Dragonflight tips and content, check out our guide tab for more information!