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How To Get Belly Drum In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How To Get Belly Drum In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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If you’re looking to compete in Tera Raids, making your Pokemon learn the Belly Drum move is essential. So what is the Belly Drum, and why is it so powerful? Read our guide as we explain everything about this powerful move and how you can get your hands on it, making fending off deadly threats straightforward in the game. 

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What Is Belly Drum

Belly Drum is one of the mightiest moves in the game and has been around in Pokemon since Generation 2. What this move does is that it will allow your Pokemon to fully boost his Attack to the maximum, at the cost of half his Healthpoints. This can come quite in handy, especially if you’re toe-to-toe with a fearsome and brawny opponent. 

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However, getting the Belly Drum move isn’t as easy as it sounds. Read on more as we tell you what tick boxes you need to check before you get your hands on the Belly Move attack.

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Which Pokemons Can Get Belly Drum

As you progress in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, your opponent’s power level will keep elevating. That is why you want to ensure you’ve collected and nurtured the right Pokemons as you move along the game’s storyline. Similarly, it is crucial you help your Pokemons learn all the right moves as well, so you don’t struggle, especially if you’re up against a very buffed opponent.

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Belly Drum is one of those moves. However, unlike other moves, it can’t be taught to your Pokemons through the Technical Machine (TM). As a matter of fact, there are only a few Pokemon that can learn the Belly Drum move, which are named as follows:

  • Makuhita Fighting-type Pokemon at Level 25
  • Hariyama Fighting-type Pokemon at Level 26
  • Iron Hands Fighting/Electric-type Pokemon at Level 84

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These Pokemons mentioned above will automatically learn the Belly Drum move once they reach the specified level, so you won’t have to get into the hassle of teaching it to them. Other than that, there are only a handful of Pokemon capable of acquiring this move, which include: 

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How To Get Belly Drum

Getting the Belly Drum for the five aforementioned Pokemons can be tricky, but it is very straightforward to do so. These five Pokemons have the capability to get moves transferred to them with the help of Mirror Herb, which is an item that lets another Pokemon learn a move it doesn’t know from a Pokemon that does. 

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A Mirror Herb isn’t cheap and costs a whopping 30000 PokeDollars. If you don’t know where to purchase it, you can do so from Delibird Presents in Cascarrafa. You also need to have one Pokemon out of the three that can learn the Belly Drum move by default at the specified level mentioned. 

After you’re done collecting these, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Attach the Mirror Herb to the Pokemon you want to teach the move to. Also, make sure there’s room for the move to be learned. If all four move slots are occupied, delete one. 
  2. Put the Belly Drum and Mirror Herb Pokémons in the party by themselves.
  3. Then go on a picnic with them. Wait for a few minutes, and then leave the picnic

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We hope with our short guide, you’ll have learned everything you need to do to get your hands on one of the most overpowered moves in the game. Looking to learn about Pokemon similar to Belly Drum? Check out our website for more guides and info about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Get Belly Drum In Scarlet And Violet – FAQ

How do I get Mirror Herb?

You can buy Mirror Herb from the Delibird Presents in Cascarrafa for 30,000 PokeDollars or LP

Can Azumarill learn Belly Drum?

Yes Azumarill can learn Belly Drum, and you can get your Azumarill to remember the move Belly Drum too.

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