Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four guide

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Are you prepared for the champion assessment and to take on the best of the best? Whether you are from Naranja Academy or Uva Academy, your goal is to become the best trainer.

From the moment you pick your first partner as your starter Pokémon, you are tasked with defeating each gym leader from Artazon to Montenevera and Cortondo.

In this guide, we will discuss the Elite Four Trainers and the levels of their Pokemon so you’re well-equipped to face them in battle. Before we do, make sure you know how to get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and learn how to get Egg Moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, to make sure your team building is as good as it can be.

How to defeat the Elite Four and their levels

At the end of the Victory Road storyline, once you have conquered all eight gyms, you will have to fight The Elite Four. Defeating the Elite 4 is essential before you can fight the ultimate Paldean Champion, the chairwoman of Pokemon League, Geeta. However, besting them is easier said than done, as they are some of the most masterful Trainers in Paldea. 

Before heading into battle with the Elite Four, it’s recommended that you do your homework and come prepared. Let us take a look at the Pokemon that each member of the Elite Four uses, along with their respective levels and types.

What levels are each of Elite Four?

It’s important to know what levels each of the Elite Four are, at so you can make sure your Pokemon are at similar levels. Not only do the Elite Four have relatively high-level Pokemon, but their Pokemon are all powerful, boasting high stats, so making sure your own Pokemon are highly leveled enough is a must. Below are each of the Elite Four and The Champion Geeta’s level.

  • Rika is at level 57 – 58
  • Poppy is at level 58 – 59
  • Larry is at level 59 – 60
  • Hassel is at level 60 – 61
  • Top Champion Geeta is at level 61 – 62

How To Beat Rika of the Elite Four (Level 57 – 58)

The first member of the Elite Four that you face is the smart and cunning Rika, even before battling Rika you will need to pass a test and answer 10 questions first.

Rika Interview Questions and Answers

1. How did you get here today?

A. Choose any of the options

2. Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in

A. Uva Academy for Violet players or Narnja Academy for Scarlet players

3. So what brings you to the Pokemon League today?

A. To become the champion

4. Now, what do you intend to do if and when you do become a Champion. Make sure to remember what you chose for an answer.

A. Choose any of the options

5. Which of the 8 gyms gave you the most difficulty?

A. Choose any of the gyms, but make sure to remember which the gym leader and which Pokemon you used during the battle

6. What was the name of the gym leader you faced there?

A. Choose the gym leader that you faced.

7. Do you remember which type of Pokemon the gym leader used?

A. Choose the type of Pokemon the gym leader used

8. What type was the first Pokemon you chose to be your partner?

A. Answer with your start Pokemon, Quaxley, Sprigatito or Fuecoco

9. What do you intend to do if and when you do become a champion?

A. Select the same answer you did for question 4

She mainly uses Ground-type Pokemon mixed in with some Water-, Fire-, and Poison-types. Her Pokemon ranges from levels 57 to 58. If you want to beat her, then make sure to bring along some strong Water-type Pokemon in your party to counter her Ground-type abilities. Her Pokémon’s biggest weakness is water-type moves.

Rika’s Pokemon Team and Levels

You can find the list of Rika’s Pokemon, their Types, and Levels below. We’ve also listed some recommended Pokemon that you can take along to counter her Pokemon’s abilities: 

Rika’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
WhiscashWater / Ground57Quaquavel (Lvl 58)
CameruptFire / Ground57Tatsugiri (Lvl 58)
DugtrioGround57Palafin (Lvl 58)
DonphanGround57Dondozo (Lvl 58)
ClodsirePoison / Ground(Tera Type Ground)58Arboliva (Lvl 58)

How To Beat Poppy of the Elite Four (Level 58 – 59)

The second member of the Elite Four you’re going to fight is Poppy. However, don’t be deceived by her appearance, as her Steel-type Pokemon are leveled up to 58 and 59. She also utilizes Flying-, Psychic-, and Electric-type forms, but to counter her main Steel abilities, Fire-type Pokemon would be your best bet.

Take a look at the various Pokemon that Poppy utilizes in battle, including their respective types, levels, and counters:

Poppy’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
CopperajahSteel58Skeledirge (Lvl 59)
CorviknightFlying / Steel58Armarouge (Lvl 59)
BronzongSteel / Psychic58Lokix (Lvl 59)
MagnezoneElectric / Steel58Volcarona (Lvl 59)
TinkatonSteel / Fairy type (Tera Type Steel)59Arcanine (Lvl 59)

How To Beat Larry of the Elite Four (Level 59 – 60)

Up next, we have the return of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leader, Larry, as the 3rd member of the Elite Four. This time around, Larry brings his strongest Flying-type Pokemon to the battle with levels ranging from 59 to 60. You can use a variety of Pokemon to counter Larry’s Flying abilities, but the Electric, Ice, and Rock types would work perfectly here.

Read about the Pokemon in Larry’s possession, their types, levels, and counters below:

Larry’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
TropiusGrass / Flying59Glimmora (Lvl 60)
StaraptorNormal / Flying59Baxcalibur (Lvl 60)
AltariaDragon / Flying59Garganacl (Lvl 60)
Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)Electric / Flying59Froslass (Lvl 60)
FlamigoFlying / Fighting(Tera Type Flying)60Bellibolt (Lvl 60)

How To Beat Hassel of the Elite Four (Level 60 – 61)

Last, the final hurdle between your fight with the Paldean Champion, is the 4th and the strongest member of the Elite Four, Hassel. He is a Dragon-type Pokemon wielder with levels ranging between 61 and 62. His ace Pokemon Baxcalibur uses Dragon Tera-type but can be bested with equally strong Dragon-type Pokemon.

Here are the details of the Pokemon that Hassel uses, including their types and levels. We’ve also pitched in some recommended Pokemon to counter Hassel’s kit:

Hassel’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
NoivernFlying / Dragon60Tinkaton (Lvl 61)
DragalgePoison / Dragon60Abomasnow (Lvl 61)
HaxorusDragon60Baxcalibur (Lvl 61)
FlappleGrass / Dragon60Dachsubn (Lvl 61)
BaxcaliburDragon / Ice(Tera Type Dragon)61Cetitan (Lvl 61)

Now that you have defeated the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will still need to face Champion Greeta. She has a team of six Pokémon that includes:

  • Espathra – psychic type
  • Gogoat – grass type
  • Veluza – water/psychic type
  • Avalugg – ice type
  • Kingambit – dark/steel type
  • Glimmora – rock/poison type

Make sure you check out how to beat the top champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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