How To Make Sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

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The first Pokemon games first came out in 1996 and have since come a long way with regards to graphics and different features. Following in the footsteps of the previous generations, the latest dual entries, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, include exciting new minigames to give players a breather between intense Pokemon battles. This time around, they’ve added a Picnic mode where you and your Pokemon can relax and munch on some mouth-watering Sandwiches.

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In your exhausting journey to become Paldea’s Champion, you can stop for some Picnics along the way. Here, you can give your Pokemon a good scrub, set up decorative picnic tables, and give your Pokemons some well-deserved Sandwiches. These Picnics will not only restore your Pokemon’s HP, but they will also increase your friendship level with your furry companions.

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With that said, this guide specifically explains what Sandwiches are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, how to make them, and what effects they will bring. So let’s dive right in!

What Are Sandwiches?

Similar to Curries in Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers can either make their own Sandwiches through Picnic Mode or buy them premade from stores. When it comes to making your own Sandwiches, you can either be your own chef or follow Recipes, which you can acquire as you progress through the game.

These Sandwiches come with valuable buffs called Meal Powers, which benefit your party. Moreover, every Sandwich has its own Meal Powers and expiry time.

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How To Make Sandwiches?

Now, on to Sandwich making — it’s not that hard, at least for the simpler ones. You have a 10-minute timer to prepare your Sandwich, and your Pokemon will eat almost any Sandwich you make.

Each Sandwich you make comes with a special Meal Power, which has different Power Levels, denoted by stars. The Power Levels depend on how well you stack your ingredients between the bread and influence the effect-intensity of each Meal Power. 

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How To Stack Your Sandwich?

To stack your Sandwich, all you have to do is pick the ingredients, place them on the bread, and stack them up. However, when it comes to complex Recipes, there are chances of ingredients falling, and consequently, your stack collapsing. This rewards you with lower level-buffs.

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Ideally, you’d want to create a solid base by placing your flattest ingredient at the bottom; you can then work your way up from there. And if you have an ingredient that can roll, sandwich it between two food items that can hold it firmly. This ensures your stack remains upright, so higher-level buffs are rewarded.

Finally, you can combine various ingredients and make the most grotesque Sandwiches out there, as it’s not about the taste but the buff that you’re aiming for. However, do note that if you’re not following the exact recipe, you will likely have a lower Power Level in your Meal Power.

Meal Power – Effects

The ingredients in your Sandwiches determine your Meal Power. Overall, there are 10 Meal Powers in the game that the player can obtain, and each Meal Power has its unique effect. Furthermore, there are three levels for Meal Powers, with the effectiveness of the power increasing with each level.

From increasing your encounter probability for a certain type to increasing your catch probability for a certain type, here is a quick table featuring all the Meal Powers and their effects:

Meal PowerEffect
Encounter PowerIncreases your chances of encountering a certain type of Pokemon.
Egg PowerIncreases your chances of finding Pokemon Eggs and increases hatching speed.
Exp. Point PowerIncreases the Exp. gain for a certain type.
Item Drop PowerIncreases the number of items dropped after battling a certain type of wild Pokemon.
Humungo PowerMore likely to find a certain type of large Pokemon.
Teensy PowerMore likely to find a certain type of small Pokemon.
Sparkling PowerMore likely to find a certain type of Shiny Pokemon.
Raid PowerMore rewards from Raid Battles for a certain type of Pokemon.
Title Power Increases your chances of finding a certain type of Pokemon with titles.
Catching PowerIncreases the chances of catching a certain type of Pokemon.

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Except for Egg Power, all other Meal Powers will buff certain types of Pokemon. As a result, it is critical to understand what meal power an ingredient has and what type of Pokemon it will benefit. For instance, an apple will likely grant the Egg Power Effects and the Item Drop Power Effects. At the same time, it will also boost Flying, Steel, and Ice type Pokemon.

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Get Your First Sandwich Recipe

As mentioned, you can also use Recipes to make Sandwiches which can result in a meal with a high Power Level, translating to a more intense meal effect. To acquire your first Recipe:

  1. Visit the store with the sandwich icon in Mesagoza Town.
  2. One of the NPCs over there rewards the player with Recipes.
  3. As you progress through the game and acquire new badges, new free Recipes will be added.

Every Recipe has its own unique ingredients, and you can buy them from various stores throughout the game. Plus, you can also get some ingredients by battling it out through Standard Battles or Tera Raids.

Where To Buy Sandwich Ingredients

Unless you enjoy munching on dry bread, Ingredients constitute an essential part of a Sandwich, as they not only bring flavor to your Sandwich but also serve as the main component that determines your Meal Power. Anyway, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a plethora of Paldean Ingredients that can be bought from various shops all over the map. We’ve listed the relevant shops below:

1. Sure Cans

After entering the gargantuan Mesagoza city, you might start going in circles trying to find what you need. With that said, as you explore every nook and cranny of this city, you’ll come across a variety of shops, one of which is Sure Cans. This shop offers several flavorful ingredients that will definitely come in handy in your sandwich-making endeavors.

Aside from Mesagoza city, Sure Cans can also also be found in other areas; we’ve listed all the locations below: 

Mesagoza – one is above Deli Cioso, and the other one is located in the Eastern wing of the city.

Levincia – located near the town’s northern Pokemon Center.

Porto Marinada – along the town’s entrance.

Cascarrafa – North of the town’s Pokemon Center near the entrance.

If you’re wondering, here are all the ingredients that can be bought from Sure Cans:

Cherry Tomatoes110

2. Deli Cioso

While exploring Mesagoza and Sure Cans, you may also stumble upon the Deli Cioso shop. This shop is where you can stock up on some juicy meat to meet your daily protein goals and also stock up on some fresh veggies for your sandwich. This Ingredient shop is scattered throughout the major cities in Paldea, which we’ve listed below: 

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  • Mesagoza – across the Western Pokemon Center.
  • Cortondo – near the town entrance along the Pokemon Center.
  • Artazon – this is the first town square which is above the southern Pokemon Center. 
  • Levincia – near the entrance of the city. 
  • Cascarrafa – found near the southern side of the town, across the Pokemon Center. 
  • Porto Marinada – inside the market square. 
  • Medali – located right below the Pokemon Center of the town. 
  • Montonevera – inside the main plaza, which is located above the Pokemon Center. 

Here’s what they offer at Deli Cioso:

Potato Salad110
Potato Tortilla250
Red Onion230
Smoked Fillet330
Chilli Sauce320
Green Bell Pepper230
Yellow Bell Pepper240
Red Pepper240
Fried Fillet360
Herbed Sausage400

3. Artisan Bakery

The Artisan Bakery is yet another ingredient store that you’ll stumble upon as you explore Mesagoza for the first time. You can stock up on some dairy ingredients, sauces, spreads, and picks to hold your Sandwich in place. Similar to Deli Cioso, the Artisan Bakery can be found all over Paldea, as we’ve listed below: 

  • Mesagoza – West side of the city near the Pokemon Center.
  • Cortondo – North of the town’s Pokemon Center.
  • Artazon – next to the Pokemon Center in the town entrance.
  • Levincia – near the town’s Southern Pokemon Center.
  • Cascarrafa – near the city’s Gym.
  • Porto Marinda – located in the marketplace square.
  • Medali –  South of the city’s Gym.
  • Alfornada – North of the town’s Pokemon Center

Here’s what you can buy over here:

Cream Cheese280
Olive Oil300
Whipped Cream200
Peanut Butter300
Silver Pick40
Red-Flag Pick120
Pika-pika Pick280
Vee-Vee Pick480
Blue Poke Ball Pick200
Green Poke Ball Pick200
Red Poke Ball Pick200
Gold Pick400
Blue-Flag Pick120
Heroic Sword Pick2000
Magical Star Pick600
Magical Heart Pick600
Parasol Pick800
Winking Pika Pick1200
Smiling Vee Pick1200
Party Sparkler Pick1600
Blue-Sky Flower Pick1000
Sunset Flower Pick1000
Sunrise Flower Pick1000

4. Aquiesta Supermarket

Aquiesta Supermarket is only located in Levincia City. Apart from a few exotic ingredients, you’ll find most of the common ingredients here with a similar price tag as all the other shops. Though, it’s the special ingredients that steal the show for the supermarket. While they cost an extravagant sum of money, these exotic ingredients are equally useful to amp up your Meal Power. Here’s what they offer at Aquiesta Supermarket:

Curry Powder450
Klawf Stick500

Final Thoughts

This explains everything you need to know about Sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although the previous games had Sandwiches, the latest additions to the franchise let you make your own that reward you with valuable buffs. If you’re looking for more helpful guides on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check out our guides tab! 

How To Make Sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet FAQ

How long do sandwiches last in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The sandwich meal power effect lasts for roughly 30 minutes.

How many meal powers are there in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

There are 10 different meal powers, egg, catching, exp.point, item drop, raid, title, sparkling, humungo, teensy and encounter.

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