Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Best False Swipe Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Best False Swipe Pokemon
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What are the Best False Swipe Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? This move is the go-to one if you want to knock a Pokémon’s HP to one so you can catch it. With strong accuracy, False Swipe is a move that hits a lot and is strong against many Pokémon.

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False Swipe is a move that you will want to have the next time you are trying to catch an important Pokémon so you can complete your Pokedex. With that in mind, this guide introduces you to some of the best Pokemon for the False Swipe move.

Best Pokémon For False Swipe In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

False Swipe goes perfectly with the Pokemon who have some sort of status effect-inflicting moves to disable the opponent Pokemon for a while. This significantly boosts the chances of a successful capture. Here is our list of the six best Pokemon for False Swipe:

  • Garchomp
  • Ceruledge
  • Persian
  • Scizor
  • Breloom
  • Gallade


We start this list with an incredible Dragon / Ground-type Pokemon who acts as one of your best companions in late-game fights. Learning a decisive move like False Swipe on Garchomp can significantly enhance its kit, especially when combined with other abilities like Earthquake and Dragon Claw.


Ceruledge is one of the strongest Fire-type Pokemon in the game. While it may not be the best choice for catching other Pokemon, it’s undoubtedly a viable user of False Swipe purely based on its strength. Hence, having False Swipe in your back pocket when using Ceruledge can be a reasonable tactical move.


Persian flase swipe

Next up on our list is Persian, who can learn False Swipe with the help of TM. Its high base stats serve to strengthen False Swipe, which can then be paired with Thunder Wave to leave the enemy Pokemon vulnerable when attempting to catch them in the wild. 


Another solid Pokemon for False Swipe is Scyther’s evolutionary descendant, Scizor. It can wield the Technician ability, which makes False Swip even more potent and increases its Base Power by 50%.


What makes Breloom a strong contender for False Swipe is its natural Spore ability that puts the opponent to Sleep or Paralysis. Once a Pokemon is inflicted with Spore, you can quickly get the False Swipe off to eliminate it from the battle.


Gallade false swipe

Arguably, the best Pokemon for False Swipe is Gallade or its paradox variant Iron Valiant. When this move is paired with Thunder Wave and Hypnosis, two more moves that Gallade can master, you become deadly in every fight. Such an incredible kit, combined with Gallade’s natural strength, puts this Pokemon at the top of our list.

Other Pokémon that can wield this move are Kingambit, Zangoose, Kirlia, Meowth, and Jolteon.

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Can I make False Swipe TM using the TM Machine?

Yes, you can. To make a False Swipe TM you need 3 Chewtle Claws, 3 Kricketot Shells, and 400 LP.

Why is False Swipe a good move?

False Swipe is a good move for catching Pokemon, as it will also leave the Pokemon with 1HP remaining.