Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leaders Levels, Order, Type (2023)

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leaders Levels, Order, Type (2023)
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How do you beat the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders in order based on level, order, and type? There are eight gym leaders to challenge in Paldea. Thanks to the open-world aspect of the game, you can explore however you want but there is still a recommended order you beat the gym leaders in.

If you want to complete the Victory Road storyline, you must take down all of the gym leaders in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Unforunately, you might want to choose your starter carefully as you can’t get them all under normal circumstances.

Break out your Nintendo Switch, you have gym leaders to defeat. Here are all the gym leaders in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Scarlet and Violet Gym Leader Order

There are eight Gym Leaders in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to defeat and here is the order, based on the levels of their Pokémon, from weakest to strongest gym leader.

Gym LeaderLevel
1. Katy14-15
2. Brassius16-17
3. Iono 23-24
4. Kofu29-30
5. Larry35-36
6. Ryme41-42
7. Tulip44-45
8. Grusha47-48
Scarlet and Violet Gym Leader Order

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Levels

Before you start tackling Gym Leaders to complete your Victory Road path, you must be aware of the Gym Leaders’ levels. When we talk about Gym Leader’s level, what we really mean is the Level of the Pokemon they use for combat. As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet don’t offer Level-scaling, it means your opponents’ levels remain the same throughout your adventure. 

Therefore, Gym Leaders’ Level awareness would ensure you conquer all the Gyms in a proper order without feeling too overpowered or under-leveled in certain situations. Let’s look at the level of all 8 Gym Leaders in the game and the Pokemon in their possession. We have arranged the Gym Leaders list from the lowest to the highest levels.

Gym Leader Katy – Cortondo Gym (Level 14 – 15)

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-Gym Leader Katy

The Gym Leader you encounter in Cortondo, Katy, is hardly a challenge for players. She uses Bug-type Pokemon with levels 14 and 15 and, thus, should be the first opponent on your list. The best types of Pokemon to counter Katy are Fire-, Flying-, and Rock.

How To Beat Gym Leader Katy and Her Pokémon Levels

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-how to beat Katy's Pokemons and Levels

Her Pokemon kit, their types, and respective levels are given below.

Katy’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
NymphBug14Fuecoco (Lvl 15)
TarountulaBug14Fletchinder (Lvl 15)
TeddiursaBug (Tera type)15Nacli (Lvl 15)

Gym Leader Brassius – Artazon Gym (Level 16 – 17)

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-Gym Leader Brassius

The 2nd Gym Leader you should take on is Brassius, residing in Artazon. He makes use of Grass-type Pokémon lying between 16 and 17 levels. Brassius is also a pretty breezy challenge to take on early game, and you will easily find victory in the battle against him. You can use a variety of Pokemon to fight him, including Fire-, Bug-, Flying-, and Ice-type.

How To Beat Gym Leader Brassius and His Pokémon Levels

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-How To Beat Gym Leader Brassius and His Pokemons Levels

Take a look at his Pokemon, their details, and the recommended kit you need to beat them:  

Brassius’ PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
PetililGrass16Fuecoco (Lvl 17)
SmolivGrass / Normal16Nymble (Lvl 17)
SudowoodoGrass (Tera type)17Vivillon (Lvl 17)

Gym Leader Iono – Levincia Gym (Level 23 – 24)


Iono is where the challenge in the games really starts to pick up, but this is exactly the right time to take her on if you want a decent challenge (and don’t want to fail miserably in battle). She lives in Levincia and uses Electric-type Pokemon with Level ranges of 23 – 24. You should use Ground-type Pokemon to counter her Electric-types. Rock- and Ice-types can also work here.

How To Beat Iono and Her Pokémon Levels

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-how to beat Iono Pokemons and Levels

You can check the 4 Pokemon she mains in the battle, their types, and levels below. We’ve also listed a couple of recommended Pokemon to counter Iono easily:

Iono’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
WattrelElectric / Flying23Clodsire (Lvl 24)
LuxioElectric23Nacli (Lvl 24)
BelliboltElectric23Klawff (Lvl 24)
MismagiusElectric (Tera type)24Oinkolonge (Lvl 24)

Gym Leader Kofu – Cascarrafa Gym (Level 29 – 30)

If you’re following our guide, your next stop should be Cascarrafa to fight the Gym Leader there, named Kofu. With the Water-type Pokemon having 29 to 30 levels, Kofu puts up a massive challenge for unprepared Trainers. However, you can exploit his weakness to Grass- and Electric-type Pokemon to make your life easy.

How to beat Kofu and Kofu’s Pokémon Levels

pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Gym-Leaders-How To Beat Kofu and Kofu Pokemons Levels

We recommend doing your homework by learning about his Pokemon types and levels beforehand:

Kofu’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
VeluzaWater / Psychic29Sprigatito (Lvl 30)
WugtrioWater29Dolliv (Lvl 30)
CrabominableWater (Tera type)30Tadbulb (Lvl 30)

Gym Leader Larry – Medali Gym (Level 35 – 36)


Up next on our list is the Gym Leader Larry, a Normal-type Pokemon aficionado from Medali. If you have been leveling up properly by this point and know how to counter Normal-type Pokemon, Larry will be a piece of cake for you, despite his 35 – 36 leveled Pokemon. Normal Type Pokemon are usually weaker to Fighting Type moves, so that’s your best bet against him.

In order to reach Larry, you must first learn how to order the Treasury Eatery secret dish in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Beat Larry and Larry’s Pokémon Levels


Check out the list of Pokemon he uses and their traits below. Make sure to bring in certain Pokemon to counter Larry’s kit:

Larry’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
KomalaNormal35Quaquaval (Lvl 36)
DudunsparceNormal35Pawmo (Lvl 36)
StaraptorNormal (Tera type)36Primeape (Lvl 36)

Gym Leader Ryme – Montenevera Gym (Level 41 – 42)

Now, we are heading to the end-game contents as our next Gym Leader has Pokemon of 41 to 42 levels. Residing in the town of Montenevera, the Gym Leader Ryme uses Ghost-type Pokemon in his main kit. The best types that work against Ryme are Dark, Steel, and Ground. 

How To Beat Ryme and Ryme Pokémon and Levels

Look at the list of Pokemon she uses in battle, their types, levels, and respect counters below:

Ryme’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
MimikyuGhost / Fairy41Orthworm (Lvl 42)
BanetteGhost41Lokix (Lvl 42)
HoundstoneGhost41Bisharp (Lvl 42)
Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Ghost (Tera type)42Clodsire (Lvl 42)

Gym Leader Tulip – Alfornada Gym (Level 44 – 45)

The second-last Gym Leader you should consider encountering is a charming resident of the town of Alfornada, Tulip. She uses solid Psychic-type Pokemon, which are leveled up to 44 and 45. However, you can eventually come victorious by using Bug-, Dark-, and Ghost-type Pokemon, which serve as her weakness.

Tulip Pokemons and Levels

Take a look at her Pokemons, their levels, and respective counters below for a better understanding:

Tulip’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
FarigiragNormal / Psychic44Lokix (Lvl 45)
GardevoirPsychic / Fairy44Skeledirge (Lvl 45)
EspathraPsychic44Houndstone (Lvl 45)
FlorgesPsychic (Tera type)45Armarouge (Lvl 45)

Gym Leader Grusha – Glaseado Gym (Level 47 – 48)


The last and the strongest Gym Leader, Grusha, resides on the top of Glaseado Mountain. Reaching the top of the mountain is one thing, but overcoming Grusha is an entirely different challenge. He makes use of Ice-type Pokemon with Levels 47 and 48, which will be a fair challenge to beat but not as difficult as it would’ve been if you took him on early-game. 

How To Beat Grusha and Grusha Pokémon and Levels

Make sure you’re accustomed to his Pokémon kit and prepared to tackle any smart moves he’s going to throw your way. Your best options in this last Gym battle would be to take Fire-, Fighting-, and Steel-type Pokémon in your kit. 

Grush’s PokemonTypeLevelRecommended Pokemon
FrosmothIce / Bug47Skeledirge (Lvl 48)
BearticIce47Medicham (Lvl 48)
CetitanIce47Glimmora (Lvl 48)
AltariaIce (Tera type)48Armarouge (Lvl 48)

These are all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. You should also know how to beat Team Star in order as well. There are also the Titans in the Path of Legends that you need to defeat.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Gym Leaders FAQ

How Many Gyms Will Be In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

There are 8 gyms each in Scarlet and Violet

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have An Elite Four?

Yes, the Elite Four will be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What Pokemon type does Larry use?

Larry uses Normal Type Pokemons

Who is the strongest Gym Leader in Scarlet and Violet?

Grusha is the strongest Gym Leader, and she uses Ice Type Pokémon. Her strongest Pokémon is at level 48.