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Which Path Should I Do First In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Which Path Should I Do First In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet renovate many features from the previous Pokemon generation games. They not only build on the RPG mechanics of their predecessors but also introduce many interesting gameplay hallmarks. However, one of the most exciting features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the ability that allows players to craft their own adventure by choosing from various story paths.

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This guide is designed to help players understand the various story paths in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and which path is the most suitable for them to do first. Without further ado, let’s look at the differences in their storylines!

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Different Story Paths In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Before you decide which story path is best suited for your first time, you should check out the various paths that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have to offer. A good understanding of all three paths would ultimately lead to a better decision regarding your starting path for the games.

Victory Road

The ultimate goal of the player as a Pokemon Trainer is to become the best the region has to offer. The story path of Victory Road is your gateway to exactly that. On this path, you’ll be completing various Gym Quests to fight and eventually defeat various Gym Leaders. Bear in mind that there are a total of 8 Gyms you need to conquer in Paldea, which can be done in any order.


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Path Of Legends

The second story path is a pretty interesting one as it requires players to seek out the mysterious and legendary items, Herba Mystica. You will aid your goofy senior, Arven, in his quest to look for these special items which are guarded by strong Titan Pokemon. Therefore, expect to fight some legendary Pokemon on your way like the Stony Cliff Titan, Klawf.

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Starfall Street

In this final storyline, you face Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s version of the legendary Team Rocket, this time called Team Star. They are a gang of unruly and rebellious students who enjoy spreading chaos in Paldea. You will be tasked to raid Team Star’s bases and take out their squads. Each squad mission ends with defeating the Squad Leader in the form of a boss battle.

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Which Path Should You Do First?

When it comes to completing story paths, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet give players ample room for flexibility. While it is possible to complete one single-story path at a time, we don’t recommend doing that. The best experience of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is enjoyed by doing all three story paths simultaneously.

There are several reasons why doing all the storylines at the same time might be the most beneficial and fun. For starters, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet don’t scale enemies and areas with your level. So, often times you may find yourself either too over-leveled or too under-level for a certain quest or battle. Therefore, a mix and match of different quests is crucial for balancing the game’s difficulty.

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Similarly, completing one story path first diminishes your motivation and excitement to start the subsequent paths. For example, if you complete all 8 Gym challenges for the Victory Path, you will be far too over-leveled for everything else in the game. That means you will breeze through the Path of Legends and Starfall Street storylines without any notion of challenge.

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The Best Route For Scarlet and Violet

Playing all 3 paths available to you in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will ultimately give you the most enjoyable experience with the game, but simply hoping you get lucky with the order in which you challenge each section isn’t ideal. There is, in fact, an order to the paths you should take through these storylines that will ensure you have the optimal experience.

Below is our recommended way to go after The First Day of School to have the most balanced and fun experience playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

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  • Go to Levincia and defeat the Electric-type Gym Leader Iono
  • Defeat your third Titan Pokemon Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan
  • Go to Cascarrafa and defeat the Water Gym Leader Kofu
  • Defeat Atticus, the leader of Team Star’s Poison Crew
  • Go to Medali and defeat the Normal-type Gym Leader Larry
  • Have your second battle against Nemona since The First Day of School
  • Go to Montenevera and defeat the Ghost-type Gym Leader Ryme

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There you have it. With that, you will have conquered the entire region of Paldea and explored all it offers. Though to get past each of these formidable opponents you’ll face, you will want to have every advantage you possibly can. 

6 General Tips Going Through Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The region of Paldea is huge, and you’ll want to know what areas of it to look out for when making your way through. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Keep an eye out for Watchtowers: These new additions to the Pokemon formula are crucial to you having a smooth journey across the enormous region. Not only do they give you a birds-eye view of the area you’re in, but they also allow you to fast travel to them. 
  • Go up to trainers yourself: In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you have to go up to Pokemon trainers to initiate a battle with them. You should do this as often as possible because this is the most convenient way to earn money besides the obvious Exp your Pokemon gain from these battles.
  • Let your Pokemon journey alongside you: Another new addition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought along with them is the Let’s Go feature, which allows your Pokemon to leave their Pokeballs and adventure across regions alongside you. When doing this, they may fight wild Pokemon and gain Exp, making leveling up a lot easier. They may also automatically gather items you can use as crafting materials for powerful TMs.

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  • Save Your Terastallizing for the toughest opponents: Terastallizing is a powerful new mechanic that makes your Pokemon much more powerful in battle, but it is important to use this against your tougher opponents, such as Titan Pokemon or Boss fights. This is because your Tera Orb only allows you to Terastallize a Pokemon once, and it loses its charge after one usage. You don’t always have access to a Pokemon center to recharge this orb, so try to use it sparingly!
  • Always interact with characters with Golden Chat boxes: When making your way across any notable area, you will find certain characters with golden-colored chatboxes hovering above them. Make sure to interact with these characters, as this indicates that you can get something out of them. This could be with them offering to let you check the Friendship levels of your Pokemon or maybe even offering a trade for one of your Pokemon.
  • Try to have a Picnic/Sandwich buff active at all times: The buffs you gain from eating food or enjoying a picnic with your Pokemon buddies are quite significant in Scarlet and Violet. These buffs usually pertain to their battle strength, but they can also have effects such as increased Exp gain and even the possibility of seeing shiny Pokemon.

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This brings an end to this story path guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Each storyline in the game has its own flavor and shapes your adventure differently. However, the most fun and value can be extracted from them by doing them all simultaneously. If you need any more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides to smoothly sail your adventure, check out our Guides tab!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should you do Victory Road path in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Victory Road is your best gateway to becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the game.

Why watch out for Watchtowers in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Watchtowers give you a birds eye view of your area you’re in – so you don’t get lost in the path you want to make!

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