How to unlock all Faction characters in XDefiant

How to unlock all Faction characters in XDefiant
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✓ At a glance
  • Each Faction starts with one character unlocked by default. You need to complete in-game challenges to unlock others.
  • You need to complete a Major Challenge to earn 700,000 XP to unlock the DedSec Faction. Alternatively, you can use XCoins to buy them from the store.

XDefiant allows you to unlock additional characters in each Faction, which lets you change your character’s appearance. This doesn’t come with any other benefits besides the cosmetic aspect. While access to new characters lets you change your look, you will first need to complete a faction challenge to unlock them.

How to unlock all Cleaners characters

Players will recognize the Cleaners Faction from The Division. They use fiery abilities which make them a menace in close quarters. Currently, there are three characters in this Faction, De Rosa, Kersey, and Green. Here’s how to get them:

CharacterHow to unlock
De RosaUnlocked by default
KerseyGet 50 Kills with Firebomb
GreenGet 50 kills with Incinerator Drone

How to unlock all Phantoms characters

The Phantoms are a Faction from Ghost Recon games. This Faction uses shields to protect their team, while also having a passive that grants them a higher health pool. There are three current Phantoms characters – Singa, Rhino, and Gorgon. Here’s how to unlock them:

CharacterHow to unlock
SingaUnlocked by default
RhinoGet 25 kills with Blitz Shield
GorgonBlock 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier

How to unlock all Libertad characters

The feisty Libertad Faction hails from Far Cry 6. They are the main healers in XDefiant, where their characters can use their abilities to support and revitalize their team. There are three Libertad characters to unlock, called Iselda, Beto, and Seleste. Here’s how to do it:

CharacterHow to unlock
IseldaUnlocked by default
BetoHeal 5,000 to allies with BioVida Boost
SelesteHeal 5,000 to allies with El Remedio

How to unlock all Echelon characters

The Echelon Faction are sneaky spies from Splinter Cell. Their abilities revolve around stealth and detection, perfectly serving as both scouts and snipers for the team. Currently, there are three Echelon characters in XDefiant, Malee, Samir, and Rafa. This is how you can unlock them:

CharacterHow to unlock
MaleeUnlocked by default
SamirGet 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit
RafaGet 50 Intel Suit spot assists

How to unlock all DedSec characters

DedSec is the last available Faction, coming from Watch Dogs. Unlike the others, DedSec needs to be unlocked first, either by completing a major challenge (earn 700,000 XP) or by buying them for 1,000 XCoins. They excel at disruption tactics, with abilities that sow confusion and chaos in enemy ranks. There are also three characters to unlock, namely Sebastian, Jing, and Gia. Here’s how to get each of them:

CharacterHow to unlock
SebastianUnlocked by default after you unlock DedSec. Alternatively, you can buy the DedSec bundle from the store.
JingGet 100 kills using a DedSec Faction character. Alternatively, you can buy the DedSec bundle from the store.
GiaGet 50 Spiderbot kills or 50 Shock assists. Alternatively, you can buy the DedSec bundle from the store.