Best XDefiant TAC-50 sniper build and loadout

Best XDefiant TAC-50 sniper build and loadout
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✓ At a glance
  • TAC-50 is a sniper rifle that can be used effectively across all ranges, provided you have the accuracy.
  • We suggest using these attachments: Barrel Extender, Lightweight Barrel, Variable Zoom, Fabric Grip, and Reinforced Stock.
  • Consider playing as Echelon with Digital Ghillie Suit, or alternatively as Cleaners or Phantoms.

Of the two snipers currently available in XDefiant, TAC-50 is the stronger option. But there’s a catch – you’ll have to unlock it first. It is a great weapon if you’re confident in your aim, outclassing the M44 in almost every way. While it can feel cumbersome at the beginning, its strength lies in efficiency across all ranges, and not just at the extreme long range. 

Our best TAC-50 build

Your loadout is comprised of the main weapon and its attachments, as well as your sidearm and device. Our attachment choices for this build focus on improving ADS stability and speed, so that we can land shots quicker. At a glance, our favourite TAC-50 build would look like this:

  • Faction: Echelon (with Digital Ghillie Suit)
  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Lightweight Barrel
  • Optics: Variable Zoom Scope
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
  • Stock: Reinforced Stock
  • Secondary Weapon: 93R
  • Device: Proximity Mine

The combo of Barrel Extender and Lightweight Barrel keeps our Short and Medium Ranges in check while increasing ADS and Movement Speed. Quick Mag compensates for the weapon’s slow reload time without any drawbacks, however, we keep this spot at default due to equipment constraints. Variable Zoom makes it easier to fight in close and mid-range while reducing some of the drawbacks from other scopes. Fabric Grip further increases our ADS speed and stability, with the Reinforced Stock further enhancing that. The drawbacks of Recoil Recovery and ADS Walking Speed should be negated by well-placed shots. In other words, if you don’t miss, they won’t be a factor.

Attachment typeChosen attachmentEffectWeapon level to unlock
MuzzleBarrel Extender+10% Short Range
+10% Medium Range
-10% Recoil Recovery
-10% Sprint-Shoot Time
Level 13
BarrelLightweight Barrel+15% ADS Speed
+5% Movement Speed
-10% Short Range
-10% Medium Range
Level 27
OpticsVariable Zoom Scope (x4-x8)+4 Magnification
+8 Magnification
-10% ADS Flinch Control
-15% ADS Speed
Level 16
MagazineQuick Mag (it’s an option, but keep at default for loadout constraints)+15% Reload SpeedLevel 7
Rear GripFabric Grip+10% ADS Speed
+5% ADS Stability
-10% Recoil Recovery
Level 8
StockReinforced Stock+25% ADS Flinch Control
+10% ADS Stability
-15% ADS Walking Speed
Level 23
✓ Pro tip

Alternatively, you can go for Quick Draw Grip and Padded Stock if you prefer a run-and-gun style of sniper play.

With fast-paced gameplay in XDefiant, always look for opportunities to escape and reposition. Quick-scoping is a good technique to practice and master when sniping. When enemies get too near and you miss a shot, pull out your secondary weapon to fend them off.

Best secondary weapon

For your secondary weapon, we suggest using 93R. Its three-shot burst is the perfect antidote if you get ambushed at close quarters by someone with an SMG, shoring up one of the sniper’s weaknesses. Alternatively, you can opt for the D50 if you’re more confident in your one-shot potential. 

Best device choice

You have many good choices for your device and each one can be argued for. We often opt to use the Proximity Mine when the map’s objective allows us to set up a good sniping position. Otherwise, the EMP Grenade can get rid of pesky shields blocking your shots. Lastly, the Sticky Grenade has the highest damage potential, so is also worth considering.

Best faction for TAC-50

You have several choices when it comes to your chosen XDefiant Faction for using TAC-50. Our favourite is the Echelon with their Digital Ghillie Suit ability. You can use the temporary invisibility for ambushes or to quickly reposition. Meanwhile, their passive will keep you off the enemy’s minimap.

A video game character selection screen shows the "Faction" menu. Character "Malee" is highlighted, with various options and abilities like "Digital Ghillie Suit" and "Intel Suit." Perfect for crafting the best sniper loadout in XDefiant, featuring the deadly TAC-50.
Echelon with Digital Ghillie Suit is a strong contender for the best choice for sniping. Captured by VideoGamer

Some alternative picks we’d suggest are Phantoms and Cleaners. With Phantoms, you can set up their Mag Barrier to shoot behind, giving you temporary cover from enemy returning fire. If you pick Cleaners, you can use their Firebomb ability as a safety measure if your enemies come too close, while their passive’s range reduction won’t have much impact on your sniper.

How to unlock TAC-50

To unlock TAC-50, you have to score 10 one-shot kills with a sniper rifle. This can be easily done by using the default starter sniper, the M44. This rifle has great long-range damage, so aiming at the head or torso areas of your opponents will easily net you the kills you need. Score 10 of them, and the your will unlock the new sniper for your loadouts.