XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass price and rewards

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  • Players can earn 16 Battle Pass rewards for free while the rest of the 90-tier Battle Pass will cost you 1000 XCoins. Purchasing 1000 XCoins will cost you $9.99 or £7.99.
  • Rewards include character outfits, gun skins, animations, and XP boosters.

Like most free-to-play titles, Ubisoft’s arena shooter features a battle pass that grants rewards based on your performance in-game. Playing more matches will let you unlock all sorts of cool cosmetics and gear. Here’s what you need to know about the Battle Pass and its rewards.

Image of the purchase options screen for Premium Battle Pass in XDefiant.
You’ll need XCoins to purchase the Premium or Bundled Premium Battle Pass. Image captured by VideoGamer

How much does the Battle Pass cost?

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1000 XCoins, an in-game currency that needs to be purchased with real money inside the game. You can also purchase it with 12-tier skips for 2500 XCoins. The cheapest XCoin pack costs $4.99 but you’ll only get 500 XCoins that way. Here are all the XCoin packs in the game:

  • 500 XCoins: $4.99/£3.99
  • 1,000 XCoins: $9.99/£7.99
  • 2,100 XCoins: $19.99/£15.99
  • 5,750 XCoins: $49.99/£39.99
  • 12,000 XCoins: $99.99/£79.99

When will the Season 1 Battle Pass end?

XDefiant Season 1 launched on July 2, 2024, and is planned to last for three months. This means that the current Battle Pass will end around early October 2024. This means that you should use your XP boosters generously if you want to get all rewards and unique skins before the deadline.

Image of the reward skin for Spectra in XDefiant.
Completing the Battle Pass will get you a free skin for Spectra. Image captured by Videogamer

Is the Premium Battle Pass worth it?

If you’re big on customization and want the best-looking characters and weapons in the lobby, the Premium Battle Pass is worth the price. The bonus 700 Xcoins will let you purchase other non-battle pass items too. You can add them for the purchase of the next season’s Battle Pass, for example. If you want unique gear without spending money, consider watching streams for Twitch drops. But if you’re going to sink hours and hours into XDefiant’s game modes, the Premium Battle Pass will reward your efforts with neat cosmetics and XP boosts.

Image of the start of the Season 1 Battle pass track in XDefiant.
Start your Battle Pass journey by playing matches. Image captured by VideoGamer

All Battle Pass rewards

XDefiant’s Season 1 Battle Pass consists of free and paid tiers, letting you earn in-game rewards regardless of whether you purchase the Premium Battle Pass. There are 90 tiers of rewards but only 16 of them can be accessed for free. These contain the three new weapons added in Season 1, a few weapon cosmetics, XP boosters, animations, and even some XCoins. If you aren’t facing stuttering issues, dive right into the game and complete matches to progress in the Battle Pass. Here are all the rewards you can earn in-game:

0PremiumWild Card Rare Rafa Skin, Rare 686 Magnum Skin, Common Player Card, 1h Battle Pass XP Booster, Gambit Common Emoji Pack
1PremiumCobalt Common M4A1 Skin
2Premium1h Weapon XP Booster
3PremiumBrite Side Rare Kersey Skin
4Premium100 XCoins
5FreeConfidence Game Rare Player Animation
6PremiumMorganite Common MK 20 SSR Skin
7Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
8PremiumAmber Common MP5A2 Skin
9PremiumArt Deco Epic P90 Skin
10FreeEchelon Common Emoji Pack
11Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
12PremiumDungaree Common Seleste Skin
13PremiumSticker Shock Rare Player Card
14PremiumViolet Common M44 Skin
15Free100 XCoins
16PremiumAvalanche Common M870 Skin
17Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
18PremiumCarbon Fiber Common Rhino Skin
19PremiumThunderbolt Legendary Stark Skin
20FreeLVOA-C Assault Rifle
21Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
22PremiumBig Flex Epic Player Animation
23PremiumBurnt Umber Common Rafa Skin
24Premium100 XCoins
25PremiumDisruption Common AK-47 Skin
26PremiumPunch Common MDR Skin
27Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
28PremiumRavenskeep Common Player Card
29PremiumEruption – Common P90 Skin
30FreeGood Catch Rare Player Animation
31Premium100 XCoins
32PremiumEmber Common AA-12 Skin
33Premium100 XCoins
34PremiumSkeletonized Dragon Epic SVD Skin
35Free20 min Weapon XP Booster
36PremiumCombat Casual Common Kaptan Skin
37Premium40 min Battle Pass XP Booster
38PremiumMorganite Common M60 Skin
39PremiumSpectra Epic Iselda Skin
40FreeX-ray Common Player Card
41Premium40 min Weapon XP Booster
42PremiumShamrock Common RPK-74 Skin
43PremiumHi-Velocity Rare Stark Skin
44PremiumPhantoms Common Emoji Pack
45Free100 XCoins
46PremiumEmber Common SVD Skin
47Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
48PremiumCarbon Fiber Common Gorgon Skin
49PremiumPower Nap Rare Player Animation
50PremiumL115 Sniper Rifle
51Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
52PremiumI.S.A.C Common Emoji Pack
53PremiumMidnight Velocity Rare M16A4 Skin
54Premium100 XCoins
55FreeShamrock Common M9 Skin
56PremiumCombat Casual Common Iselda Skin
57Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
58PremiumEruption Common LVOA-C Skin
59PremiumPower Washer Epic ACR 6.8 Skin
60FreeBlowin’ Up Rare Player Animation
61Premium100 XCoins
62PremiumMorganite Common TAC-50 Skin
63PremiumTacticool Rare Krieger Skin
64Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
65FreeSketchy Common Emoji Pack
66PremiumTNT Rare Player Card
67Premium20 min Battle Pass XP Booster
68PremiumSpectra Epic Kaptan Skin
69PremiumBonehead Common Emoji Pack
70FreeBrite Side Common Player Card
71Premium100 XCoins
72PremiumBrite Side Rare Gia Skin
73Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
74PremiumViolet Common M16A4 Skin
75Free100 XCoins
76PremiumQuick Draw Legendary Player Animation
77Premium40 min Battle Pass XP Booster
78PremiumCombat Casual Common Stark Skin
79Premium100 XCoins
80FreeSawed-Off Shotgun
81Premium40 min Weapon XP Booster
82PremiumDisruption Common L115 Skin
83PremiumWild Card Rare Kaptan Skin
84Premium100 XCoins
85FreeWild Card Rare M4A1 Skin
86Premium20 min Weapon XP Booster
87PremiumPelagic Common Sawed-Off Shotgun Skin
88Premium100 XCoins
89PremiumSpectra Legendary TAC-50 Skin
90FreeSpectra Epic Green Skin

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