XDefiant best factions ranked

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✓ At a glance
  • Our top picks are the Libertad, the Phantoms, and the Cleaners.
  • They have the best healing, defensive, and offensive abilities respectively.

XDefiant puts you in the shoes of some of Ubisoft’s most celebrated heroes. The choices on offer can be paralyzing so we’ve ranked the best factions for you. They will prove effective across all the various maps and modes the game has to offer. This will let you dive in and quickly get started with protecting objectives and outgunning opponents.

Our list of best factions to play

Just like Overwatch and Valorant, Ubisoft’s arena shooter distinguishes its characters with special abilities and perks. These make them suited for special roles and can be swapped during matches. While all the factions have their strengths, some of them are simply better at helping your team secure kills and objectives. This might change with time as balance patches arrive so keep an eye out for the latest information. Here are our top picks for the best faction in the game.

1LibertadHealing (health regen passive)
2PhantomsDefense (bonus health)
3CleanersOffense (fire damage bullets)
The best factions in the game.
A player checks out the Cleaners faction in the faction menu.
Cleaners clear out areas with flaming attacks. Image captured by VideoGamer.

3. Cleaners

The Cleaners from The Division 2 are offense-focused fire specialists in the game. With a passive that grants bonus burn damage over time, you can potentially take out retreating foes. I’ve been knocked out by a body shot from a sniper rifle thanks to their Incendiary Rounds passive trait. The Incinerator Drone is great for zoning as its line of fire can keep enemies out. The Firebomb fulfills a similar role in gunfights. The only real drawback they have is their high cooldown timers. The Purifier flamethrower is pretty lethal, especially in modes like Escort, but it’ll take a while to unlock. You might also find it harder to occupy a stealth role with this faction so rely on chaos instead.

✓ Pro tip

Watch out for the sneaky Echelon

By using the Digital Ghillie Suit to go invisible, staying out of an enemy’s minimap, and using Sonar Goggles for greater awareness, the Echelon faction from Splinter Cell can catch you by surprise and knock you out.

A player checks out the Phantoms faction in the faction menu.
Phantoms rely on protective abilities to defend positions. Image captured by VideoGamer.

2. Phantoms

Primed for defensive tactics, the Phantoms from Ghost Recon Phantoms excel in protecting themselves and their teammates. The Blitz Shield lets you rush enemies while the Mag Barrier grants temporary cover that your allies can fire through. They’re especially potent while securing or protecting objectives as a team. And with the Hardened passive that grants bonus health, you’re more sturdy in combat too. The Aegis plasma shield ultimate is a great way to ensure an objective stays in your hands. They’re an easy pick if you prefer to survive long enough to deal with surprise attacks across all game modes.

A player checks the Libertad faction in the faction menu.
Pick the Libertad to survive gunfights and heal allies. Image captured by VideoGamer.

1. Libertad

While faster health regeneration alone is enough for the Libertad to rise up the ranks, their healing-focused kit makes them an outstanding choice. You can temporarily boost your max health with the BioVida Boost which has a short cooldown. The El Remédio ability is also great for sustaining your friends’ health while defending zones. And with the Espíritu de Libertad passive, you raise the health regeneration rates of nearby allies. I’d even go as far as saying that every team should have at least one Libertad member. Their Medico Supremo backpack ultra ability is great for sustaining heavy injuries due to enemy fire. While they might not have DedSec’s hacking skills, Far Cry 6’s Libertad makes up for it with durability.

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