Rise of the Ronin – how to respec skill points

Rise of the Ronin – how to respec skill points
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As with any RPG, learning how to respec skill points in Rise of the Ronin is crucial in case you make any mistakes. Skill points are given out fairly liberally in this game, but it’s always good to know you can refund them.

There are four skill trees and each tree has a different flavour of ability to unlock. Regardless of whether you spend your skill points or rare skill points, you can always respec and reallocate them eventually.

If you’re starting out your journey in Rise of the Ronin, look over our tips and tricks to help out and our guide covering how to get the Glider. Now, let’s look at how to respec in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin how to respec - image of the Brush kit item
How to respec in Rise of the Ronin – Image by VideoGamer

How to respec and reallocate skill points in Rise of the Ronin

To respec in Rise of the Ronin, all you need to do is have and use the Brush Kit item. This can only be used while at your Longhouse, using the ‘Blade Repair’ option in the ‘Relax’ tab.

You will need a Brush Kit every time you want to respec. The Brush Kit item is fairly hard to come by and is only rewarded from specific missions. During our playthrough, we found only three and haven’t used them until now.

It should be noted that skill points aren’t an especially hot commodity in Rise of the Ronin. You shouldn’t ever be in a place where you have screwed yourself over by spending your skills in the ‘wrong place’.

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What about rare skill points?

Using the Brush Kit also refunds rare skill points as well, so don’t worry about that. There is no way to damage your playthrough by using this item.

With that said, if you want to just use one for the sake of science and experimenting, go ahead and try it. Not only can you back out at any time, but you can also make a separate save file in case you don’t like the changes you make and reload afterwards. Once you use a Brush Kit at your Longhouse, you will be taken to the ‘Select Blade Sharpening Origin’ menu.

Rise of the Ronin how to respec - changing your skill points
Rise of the Ronin how to respec your skill points – Image by VideoGamer

You will recognise this menu from the start of the game when you pick your origin. Realistically, any origin you pick at the start doesn’t have a huge impact. Once you pick one, your stats will be reverted to the Origin you choose, and you will have all your previously spent skill points available again.

That’s it for how to respec in Rise of the Ronin. For more, read our guides covering what to do with Gonzo and the best companions in the game.

Rise of the Ronin respec skill points FAQs

How many Brush Kits are there?

There are plenty in the game. While we only found three, we’ve never felt the need to use one.

How do you get to the Longhouse?

The Longhouse is unlocked as part of the main story Ronin Missions. You cannot miss it, you simply need to get further in the quest.