Rise of the Ronin – how to get the Glider and upgrade it

Rise of the Ronin – how to get the Glider and upgrade it
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Want to know how to get the Glider in Rise of the Ronin? We’ve got the answer. The Glider is a brilliant tool for exploring in Rise of the Ronin, and thankfully you cannot miss it.

Unlocking the Glider in Yokohama should be done as soon as possible. We will explain the fastest way to get it and the steps you need to take to start using it.

For more Rise of the Ronin, read our expert guides covering the best skills and our pro tips and tricks. Now, this is how to unlock the Glider in Rise of the Ronin.

rise of the ronin unlock the glider - image shows the glider tutorial
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How to get the Glider in Rise of the Ronin

To get the Glider in Rise of the Ronin, all you need to do is progress through the story until you meet Ryoma Sakamoto. Make sure you beeline through the Ronin quest until you get to Ryoma and then follow his to reach the next mission. Meeting Ryoma will initiate a main Ronin Mission that takes you to a base you need to clear out.

During this mission, you will come up against an enemy called Gonzo. Once you defeat Gonzo, you will obtain a special key that can be used to open the door to get the Glider. Take the key from Gonzo, go down from the boss arena and head to the left. Open the locked door and you will find the Glider in the big chest near the other side of the room.

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Get the Glider ASAP

You should focus on getting the Glider as soon as you get to explore Yokohama. We know you’re itching to explore, but getting the Glider fast will make exploration much easier.

Congratulations, now you’ve got the Glider in Rise of the Ronin and you can start cruising around the map. There is a brief tutorial explaining how it works, but it is self-explanatory.

How to upgrade the Glider

Once you’ve unlocked the Technology Department, you can purchase a few upgrades for the Glider that will help improve its use. You will need Foreign Books to get these upgrades, but you can get skills such as reducing Ki usage while gliding and the aerial assassination skill. These are all unlocked through Technology Development and can be done in any city where there is one.

How to change the Glider appearance

As you play through the game, you will eventually unlock more options to visually change your Glider. This can be done as soon as you get a cosmetic for the Glider, also called the Avicula. When you have unlocked a cosmetic, you can go to any Longhouse and choose the ‘Change Contraption’ option. This can be found under the Relax tab.

That’s it for how to get the Glider in Rise of the Ronin. For more, read our full spoiler-free review of the game and our guide covering how to get Skill Points.

Rise of the Ronin – how to unlock the Glider FAQs

When you can get the Glider?

As soon as you get into the open world, follow the main Ronin mission to the point you meet Ryoma Sakamoto.

Is the Glider missable?

No. The Glider is obtained as part of the main story mission, which means it is impossible to miss.