Rise of the Ronin – how to quickly farm Silver Coins

Rise of the Ronin – how to quickly farm Silver Coins
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Learning how to farm Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin will help you plan your spending at special shops with this unique currency. Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin are separate from the money you use in most shops, instead being tied to special shops, such as the Black Market.

There’s so much to do in Rise of the Ronin, so why not give our guides covering tips and tricks and how to romance characters a read? Now, this is how to farm Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin how to get silver coins - image shows our character next to a cat.
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How to quickly farm Silver Coins

Silver Coins are rewarded to you by fulfilling a bunch of objectives in Rise of the Ronin. The best way to get Silver Coins is to collect cats and sneak up on calico cats. You will get more Silver Coins for this to begin with, but as you explore more you have more methods available:

  • Track down and kill Fugitives.
  • Spend money to send out your Pilgrim Dog.
  • Complete photo op spots on the map.
  • Collect lost cats.
  • Play multiplayer missions.

As mentioned, gathering hiding cats is a great way to accrue Silver Coins early on. As you clear objectives in each region, more objective markers are added to the map to help you get 100% collection. Cats you are yet to gather will be marked, so do this to track them all down.

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Sneak up on Calico Cats

Calico Cats are a bit more guarded with being approached. As the game explains, you must sneak up to them from behind and not make any noise. If the cat notices you – indicated by a cat-shaped gauge – it will run away and you will have to pass time before you can try and get it again.

Outside of cat collection, you can clear other world map objectives such as fighting Fugitives. Some Fugitives are hiding out in Public Order areas. Regardless, Fugitives will be marked on your map and you will see a notification pop up when you beat one. Playing missions in multiplayer will reward you with Silver Coins, but this isn’t the best method to do.

Photo ops are also extremely easy to come across and complete. Once you unlock the camera, you will start to see camera icons appear on your maps. You can also talk to the man in the Photography Studio to unlock more photo ops.

Rise of the ronin silver coins - in-game tutorial showing silver coins
How to farm Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin – Image by VideoGamer

All of these methods are the best ways to earn Silver Coins. We also want to make sure you know about petting other Pilgrim Dogs you come across. While you only get one Silver Coin, it’s well worth it to let the dogs know they’re doing well.

Where can you spend Silver Coins?

Now you’ve got Silver Coins, where can you use them? There are a few special shops in Rise of the Ronin that only deal in Silver Coins. The Black Market vendor will sell things that cost Silver Coins, but there are other vendors as well.

You will need Silver Coins to buy items from the Stables, as well as two other special shops that open up as you play more. The first is tied to Fugitives currently at large, while the second is the Cat store. Both of these shops require you to kill a certain number of fugitives and gather cats respectively. The more you do, the more the shops expand their wares.

That’s it for how to farm Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin. For more, read our guides covering how to get more medicinal pills and how to get companion armour sets and weapons.

Rise of the Ronin Silver Coins FAQs

Should I save my Silver Coins?

Yes. We highly recommend you save your Silver Coins until much later in the game.

Should I buy from the Black Marketeer?

No. We think his wares are redundant and you will get most of what he sells naturally from missions, drops, and other rewards.