Rise of the Ronin does not have cheats – use these tips instead

Rise of the Ronin does not have cheats – use these tips instead
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If you’re looking for Rise of the Ronin cheats, you’re sadly out of luck. As the latest PS5 exclusive to hit the shelves, it is extremely rare for there be to cheats available, even if you have a jailbroken PS5.

For what it’s worth, Rise of the Ronin has a toggleable difficulty and most things are extremely easy to come by. With this in mind, we all know cheats can help reduce grinding and investment, but you don’t have many alternatives in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin is now out in the wild, so give our tips and tricks guide a read first. We also have a guide covering combat styles and how to get more of them. Now, does Rise of the Ronin have any cheats?

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Stuck in Rise of the Ronin? Use these tips instead of cheats

As a PS5-exclusive game, Rise of the Ronin currently has no cheats at all. We will caveat this by saying that there might be cheats in the future if you’ve taken steps to jailbreak your PS5 in some way. However, there isn’t, for example, a way to use a simple Cheat Engine table with Rise of the Ronin on the console.

We would expect that if the game ever comes to PC, there will most certainly be mods and a way to manipulate the game files and edit values to create cheats. Until then, if that day ever comes, you will have to play through Rise of the Ronin legit first.

To this end, we’ve compiled this list of some brief tips for you to help out if you’re finding the game too tough. No cheats are needed, just a modicum of skill.

Turn down the difficulty

As mentioned, there are difficulty options in Rise of the Ronin, so if it’s a matter of the game being too tough, you can always tone things down. Within the menu, you can change it to easy mode and increase how much HP Medicinal Pills restore and how much Ki damage you take. If you find the game too hard, this should be your first port of call.

Use verticality to cheese your enemies

When approaching objectives and fights, always keep an eye out for different routes instead of going headfirst into the enemy camp. If you are stuck trying to take out a Fugitive or a Public Order area that requires you to kill a lot of enemies, this will help out. You can cheese a lot of enemies by utilising hit-and-run tactics, and this is especially true if you can reach somewhere enemies can’t.

Large towers with no ladders are good locations since you can only reach them with a grappling rope. The enemy can usually climb onto buildings, but they can’t reach areas you yourself need a rope to get to. When safely out of range and danger, you can pick people off with ranged weapons or keep dropping down for an assassination.

Ranged weapons and headshots are OP

If you’re familiar with Nioh, you’ll immediately recognise the value your ranged weapons have. As with Nioh, Team Ninja made ranged weapons in Rise of the Ronin to be stupidly powerful, with one headshot typically being fatal on weaker foes.

Running away is always an option

Enemies in Rise of the Ronin won’t chase you forever. You can aggro them away from bigger groups and then pick them off as they slowly walk back to their start point. This is especially useful if you get outnumbered and overwhelmed. The best part is that when an enemy loses interest, you can get another assassination on them.

Block everything you can

The game might try and push you to master the Counterspark, but blocking is extremely viable in Rise of the Ronin. If you spend time blocking, you’ll also get to learn your foe’s attack pattern. When you think you’ve got it down, try for a counterspark if you’re feeling fancy. Otherwise, simply block and dodge and then go on the offensive when you see an opening.

That’s all there is to know about Rise of the Ronin cheats. For some, this will surely be upsetting to hear; the only cheaters you’ll find are the ones cheating at Odds and Evens. For more Rise of the Ronin, read our guides covering how to play multiplayer and what to do with Gonzo.

Rise of the Ronin cheats FAQs

Is Cheat Engine available on PS5?

No. Cheat Engine is software for your PC or Mac that lets you load cheats that manipulate the game’s code.

Will Rise of the Ronin ever come to PC?

It’s currently unclear. Previous Team Ninja games have made their way to PC, but years after launching on consoles. We will have to wait and see.