Rise of the Ronin – how to get Skill Points and Rare Skill Points fast

Rise of the Ronin – how to get Skill Points and Rare Skill Points fast
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Wondering about how to get skill points in Rise of the Ronin? There are four key skill trees in Rise of the Ronin and you will also need to know how to get rare skill points to unlock nodes.

Generic Skill Points and Rare skill points will let you unlock different nodes on each skill tree. You can invest in any of the four skill trees whenever you like, and they govern Strength, Dex, Intellect, and Charm. We will explain each tree further down.

If you’re just getting into Rise of the Ronin, read our guides covering what to do with Gonzo and the best skill to unlock early. Now, this is how to get Skill Points and Rare Skill points in Rise of the Ronin.

rise of the ronin how to get skill points - image shows karma being converted into rare skill points.
Rise of the Ronin how to get skill points – Image by VideoGamer

How to get Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin

You can earn skill points in Rise of the Ronin by levelling up and gaining Karma. Levels will happen naturally and they are independent from Karma. Karma functions as a sort of currency that you can lose if you die, making them akin to souls in Dark Souls. Karma is obtained by killing enemies, fulfilling objectives in the open world and as mission rewards.

In the top right of the screen, you will see your current Karma bar. Gathering Karma will increase your bad and once it fills up there will be an icon next to it showing a flag and an up icon. This means you can rest at any Banner and cash in your Karma. Doing this will convert your Karma into standard skill points as well as Rare skill points.

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Skill points come from many sources

Outside of levelling up, there are books you can collect that will grant skill points upon use. You will need a mix of skill points and Rare skill points to max out your skill trees.

Skill points are used to unlock most skills in Rise of the Ronin. When you go into the skill tree in the menu, you will see you have a certain number of points as well as Rare skill points. A swirling icon indicates normal skill points, while different icons represent Rare skill points.

How to get Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin

The second set of points you can earn in Rise of the Ronin are Rare skill points. These special skill points are harder to come by and they are specific to each tree. Rare skill points let you unlock and enhance powerful abilities that otherwise can’t be obtained without them.

The main ways to get Rare skill points are to obtain Karma, complete Bond Missions, deepen your bond in various areas, and use the Treatise of Strength, Dexterity, Crham, and Intellect items. These special books can be found as rewards from chests, and missions, and bought with Silver Coins. Using one will grant you one Rare skill point depending on which one you use. Due to the limited nature of Rare skill points, you should invest them wisely.

Rise of the Ronin - skill trees and how to get rare skill points
The Dexterity skill tree in Rise of the Ronin – Image by VideoGamer

All Skill Trees in Rise of the Ronin

As mentioned, there are four main skill trees in Rise of the Ronin. These are Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Charm. Each tree has tons of abilities and passive bonuses for you to unlock. Due to this, it is advised that you equally try and spread out your skill point investment. Each tree has something valuable in it, so you are mostly harming your progress if you only stick to one tree.

The more points you spend on each tree will increase your overall stats. This is another reason why it is a good idea to spread out your skill tree investment.

Strength Skill Tree

The Strength skill tree in Rise of the Ronin enhances the power of your primary weapons, regardless of the weapon you use. Generally, the strength tree focuses on increasing your damage and your HP. The more points you put into this tree, the higher your attack and defence stat will raise. You can earn Strength rare skill points by clearing Fugitive missions.

Dexterity Skill Tree

Dexterity governs the effectiveness of Ninja Arts and ranged weapons. Dexterity has some great abilities, such as chain assassinations, that help you deal with enemies with ease. Spending points in Dexterity will increase your overall Dex stat and improve the damage you deal with guns and bows. Dexterity rare skill points can be obtained from clearing Training missions at Dojos.

Charm Skill Tree

Charm governs your Poise stat, Ki recovery, Luck, and your Blade Flash ability. Charm has some decent abilities that help you maintain your Ki better, but this is mostly done through Blade Flash. The Blade Flash is a little manoeuvre you can do in combat to wipe the blood off your weapon to restore some Ki. To get more Charm rare skill points, you should collect as many cats as you can.

Intellect Skill Tree

Finally, the Intellect skill tree governs inflicting and resisting status ailments. Most of the skills here have to do with HP recovery and being able to inflict and resist most status ailments through items. The more points you invest in Intellect, the more your resistance (also known as Adaptability) increases alongside Infliction. you can get more Intellect rare skill points by completing Photograph side missions.

That’s it for how to get skills points and rare skill points in Rise of the Ronin and all the skill trees. For more, read our guides covering how to get the Glider and our pro tips and tricks to help you get ahead.

Rise of the Ronin skill points FAQs

How many skill trees are in Rise of the Ronin?

There are four. Once you complete the game, you get access to a fifth special one.

Can you respec in Rise of the Ronin?

Yes! No need to worry about wasting your points. You can respec your point investment using an item later in the game.