More bosses confirmed to be coming to Palworld

More bosses confirmed to be coming to Palworld
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Palworld continues to smash records as 2024’s first gaming hit. 

While developer Pocketpair has been quick to dish out fixes for common problems, there’s quite a bit on their Palworld roadmap in terms of new content. The base building and monster-collecting mashup promises even more surprises for players as they arrive in the Early Access title. And in a new post on X (formerly Twitter), they’ve confirmed that more bosses will be joining the fray. Players can currently battle five bosses in the game. 

A bizarre exploit even let players catch bosses in Pal Spheres. Here are some more Palworld cheats if that sounds appealing.

An image of a post on X from Palworld indicating new bosses.
Image via X (formerly Twitter).

What could more bosses mean for Palworld players

More bosses would give Palworld gamers more opportunities to test their skills. The developers have confirmed it officially on X (formerly Twitter). Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, bringing something fresh to each boss battle. Considering that each successive boss has higher health, expect newer bosses to have even larger health bars. 

While the tutorial nudges you towards Grizzbolt and Zoe, the first boss, the other four bosses require players to stake out their locations before hunting them down. For instance, the second boss Lyleen and Lily were in the Free Pal Alliance Tower. With timers in some boss battles, things can really get heated.

And while these bosses have stuck to towers so far, expansions could provide new locations for you to test your might. It could also be an opportunity to introduce more crafting materials in the game and expand on the massive Palworld technology list. If you still haven’t faced the Palworld tower bosses, here’s the order in which you should face them. 

While their Pals have beefy health bars and massive damage, beating them lets you get heaps of experience to level up fast in Palworld. You also get Ancient Technology Points for beating them. And if you want to fill out your Paldeck, consider rerolling dungeon bosses in Palworld.

With more bosses on the way, it’s time to speed up your progress with Palworld’s Ancient Civilization Parts. While you cannot currently capture these Pals by traditional means, there are other ways of obtaining the fastest mounts in Palworld