Palworld reroll dungeon bosses – how to get a new Alpha Pal and leave in 4 steps

Palworld reroll dungeon bosses – how to get a new Alpha Pal and leave in 4 steps
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Need to know how to reroll dungeon bosses in Palworld? Dungeons are one of the most dangerous places in Palpagos, and there’s nothing worse than getting a boss you don’t know how to deal with.

Surviving in Palworld comes down to having the best Pals. Whether you need Ore and decide to get the best Pals for mining, or need crops and go for the best Pals for farming, they are the heart and soul of the game. The dungeon bosses you’ll be facing are some of the toughest, and if you put in the time to catch them, it’s better to get the one you want. We’re here to show you how to reroll dungeon bosses.

How to reroll dungeon bosses in Palworld in 4 steps

If you walk into the boss room and get an Alpha Pal, the powerful dungeon boss, that you don’t want, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Leave the boss room and go into the previous room
  2. Make sure the boss has despawned (The boss’s HP bar should disappear)
  3. Reenter the boss room
  4. Repeat until you get the boss you want

The Alpha Pal that serves as the dungeon boss is a random spawn once you enter the boss room. As long as you can get it to despawn, which you can do by going back to the room you were in before, once you enter again it will spawn another random boss.

Leave the boss room

Once you’ve seen the dungeon boss is not the one you want, run away from the boss and head back into the previous room you were in. Be careful because the boss will chase you. Since you just entered the boss room, though, it shouldn’t be too hard to find your way back.

Make sure the boss has despawned

Once you enter another room, the boss should despawn. To be safe, make sure that the HP bar that popped up when the boss spawned is gone. This will be how you know the previous dungeon boss is gone. Make sure to stay in the previous room for a small amount of time, just to be safe.

A Dumud Alpha Pal as a dungeon boss in Palworld
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Reenter the boss room

Once you step back into the boss room, a new Alpha Pal should spawn. While there is a chance that the same boss will spawn, since it chooses randomly, you’re far more likely to get a new boss in its place.

Repeat until you get the boss you want

Luckily, there is no limit as to how many times you can do this. If on the second try, you still don’t get a good boss, keep leaving and reentering. A new boss will spawn each time you reenter as long as the old one is respawned. You can use this to farm resources for crafting rare items as well.

4 reasons why you should reroll dungeon bosses in Palworld

Here’s why you should reroll dungeon bosses:

  • Rerolling the dungeon boss to get a different one is a great way to fill out your Paldeck. If there is a specific Pal you’ve had trouble getting your hands on, rerolling dungeon bosses can help you out. Remember to pack the right Pal Spheres if you want to rake up some experience.
  • This tactic can be used to find 3+ copies of the same Pal in the Boss Room for the ‘Catch 10 of each Pal’ EXP challenge. Getting the previous boss again is advantageous in this situation. Or you can gather more of the same Pals for the Condenser to level your existing Pals up.
  • The Alpha Pals that spawn as dungeon bosses are also incredibly powerful. These are normally higher level than regular Pals that spawn in the overworld, so if you’re looking for tough Pals to catch, dungeon bosses are where you’ll want to go. You could even get an Alpha Pal this way with enhanced stats.
  • Another reason you may choose to reroll is if you aren’t equipped to deal with the boss that spawned. It could be that the type the boss is, such as Water or Fire, you don’t have the proper Pals with you to counter. Rerolling the boss will put you in a better position to win the fight.

Not quite infinite choices

Each dungeon has a specific set of Pals it can spawn based on what region you’re in and what level the dungeon is. While you won’t be able to spawn any Pal that you want by rerolling, you still get a fair amount of options.

How to leave a dungeon in Palworld

Once you’ve entered a dungeon, it might be difficult to leave without clearing it and its boss. But there is a way out. Here’s how to leave a dungeon in Palworld:

  • Look for a blue circle like the one you used to enter the dungeon in order to leave it in Palworld.
  • It should be somewhere along the wall of the arena that you’re fighting in.
  • If you step into it and press the A button on Xbox, it’ll let you leave the dungeon.
  • Confirm and you should be back in the main world.

That’s everything you need to know about rerolling dungeon bosses in Palworld. Be sure to check out the best tower boss order for Palworld, and our weapons tier list so you can take out bosses with ease. Now scour the Palpagos Islands in your next adventure on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Palworld dungeon boss reroll FAQs

How do you reroll a dungeon boss?

You can spawn a different boss in a Palworld dungeon by leaving the boss room and re-entering it.

Why should you reroll dungeon bosses?

Rerolling the boss can help you catch rare Pals, and help you better counter the boss if you don’t have a counter for the Alpha Pal that spawned.