How To Beat Stony Cliff Titan (Klawff) in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How To Beat Stony Cliff Titan (Klawff) in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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If you’re aiming to complete the Path to Legends quest, you must defeat the Stony Cliff Titan. Each of these titans is a larger, more robust form of an already existing Pokemon. There are two phases to a fight with every Titan, and that formula also applies to the Stony Cliff Titan.

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In either of the two pokemon games, the Stony Cliff Pokemon is actually Klawff, a Rock-type pokemon that looks similar to a crab. If you go unprepared into this fight, you won’t last very long. 

To that end, we have prepared a strategy guide that will help you end the fight quickly. Make sure you stick to the end of the article to get the most out of this guide.

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What Is The Stony Cliff Titan?

Klawff, the Stony Cliff Titan, is probably the first of the five titan pokemon you face off against. It is mandatory to defeat this pokemon if you want to complete the Path of Legends side quest.

Klawff is a purely Rock-type Pokemon, that resembles a crab. The Stony Cliff Titan takes the form of Klawff visually, but its actual stats as well as physical size are much higher.

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If Klawff is the first Titan Pokemon that you go up against, you should be prepared to fight it again once you defeat it for the first time. Just like other titan Pokemon, after you beat Klawff, it will retreat into a cave. There, it consumes the Mystica herb, which significantly boosts its basic stats, as well as restores its HP to the max.

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Thankfully, for the second phase, Arven joins the battle with you. This is especially helpful, as Klawff’s attack does almost double the damage in this second-phase fight. Make sure to follow the strategy down below to come out victorious from this two-phase fight.

How To Beat The Stony Cliff Titan

Finding the Stony Cliff Titan is a piece of crab cake, mainly because of its very obvious hiding position. 

This titan can be located in the Area Three of the South Provine, in the canyon-like area west of Artazon. You will find Klawff resting vertically on one of the cliffs, randomly shuffling around.

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To engage in battle with it, avoid throwing a Pokeball at it, as the element of surprise is totally lost on the titan Pokemon. Instead, just approach it and the battle starts when you get close enough to it.

Get To Level 15 Or Above

The best and easiest way to defeat the Stony Cliff Titan is to obviously level up so much that the battle becomes super easy.

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For Klawff, make sure that you have a team of pokemon that is at least level 15 or more. The higher their level, the easier will the battle be.

Pick The Right Pokemon Type

For Klawff, a Rock-type pokemon, your best bet is to hit it with any of the Water, Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. It’s highly susceptible to these and will take loads of damage.

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When fighting against Klawff for the second time, don’t be afraid to Terastellize your pokemon, as that will give their attacks an obvious buff.

Final Thoughts

If Klawff is the first titan Pokemon that you’re fighting, then it’s quite normal to be intimidated by their size. However, if your Pokemon are at the right level, and you use the correct Pokemon types to battle Klawff, then the Stony Cliff Titan should pose no threat to you.

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