How to Beat Nemona in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Beat Nemona in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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What are some of the staples of the Pokemon games? Three starters at the beginning, a professor sending children out in the world to battle Pokemon, and? A rival, of course! Blue, Silver, Barry, and the other rivals in the Pokemon games make up what one might call a tradition. 

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You battle these trainers at the very start of the game for the first time, and then they challenge you again and again… and again throughout the course of the game, each time getting stronger and stronger.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different in this aspect, as the Victory Road storyline has a rival for you with the name Nemona who you’ll face throughout the course of your journey. However, while she might be easy at the start, later on, she continues to get harder and harder, even terastallizing her Pokemon.

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First Nemona Battle (Opening)

The first time you battle Nemona is at the very start of the game, right after you get your starter Pokemon. Just like how it is with the other games, the Pokemon you choose as your starter determines what Pokemon your rival picks.

Although it’s a little bit different in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, as while other game rivals pick the Pokemon that is strong against your starter, Nemona picks the one that’s weak against it, making this battle a cakewalk.


Defeat Nemona to get 500 Poke Dollars as a reward and move on with the opening act.

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Second Nemona Battle (Mesagoza)

The second time you’re challenged by Nemona is as soon as you reach the Mesagoza Gates while playing the opening chapter of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Although she now has two Pokemon on her team instead of one, defeating her shouldn’t be too long, especially if you’ve caught a ground type Pokemon on the way.

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9PawmiElectric (Tera)

Taking out her starter should be easy enough as your own starter should have learned a fire/grass/water type move by now, which would be super effective against Nemona’s own starter.

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Pawmi, however, might give you some trouble due to the fact that Nemona will terastallize it, which will increase the damage of its electric type moves. Terastellizing is an ability that you don’t possess at this point, so your best bet would be to go against her with a ground type Pokemon that’s at the very least on the same level as Pawmi, although we recommend higher.

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Fortunately, you have two solid ground type options at this point in the game to choose from. The first is catching a Diglett, while the second is adding a new addition to the Pokemon franchise, Paldean Wooper to your team.

Defeat Nemona to get 530 Poke Dollars and 3 revives as a reward, along with the promise of her teaching you about Tera Pokemon, as well as how to use the terastallizing ability.

Third Nemona Battle After Your Third Gym Badge

After letting you go through a couple of gyms without showing up, Nemona will show up as soon as you enter the third gym’s building. Naturally, it doesn’t matter what order you do the gyms in, as she’ll challenge you at whatever gym comes third.

Why the third gym? Well, it’s the third time you’re fighting her, she now has three Pokemon, and it’s the third gym. Maybe she just likes the number?

22Crocalor/Floragato/QuaxwellFire (Tera)/Grass (Tera)/Water (Tera)

Remember that ground type Pokemon you used against her in the second battle? Well, hopefully you were training it still, as it’ll really be coming in handy in this battle. This is because Nemona’s first two Pokemon are weak to ground type moves.

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Instead of terastallizing her Pawmi, however, this time she’ll be doing it to her starter (Who’s still the one she chose at the very start). Therefore, we recommend your own starter is on either the same level as hers or higher.

If you’ve abandoned your starter already, then hopefully you have a Pokemon that has moves that will be super effective against her starter, as otherwise, you might find yourself in deep trouble.

Defeat Nemona to get 1,320 Poke Dollars, and 3 full heals for your trouble.

Fourth Nemona Battle After Your Fourth Gym Badge

The fourth Nemona battle happens as soon as you get the fifth gym badge. Again, it doesn’t matter what order you’re completing the gyms, as she’ll challenge you right after the fifth one, regardless of the gym type. This time, however, you’ll have an audience in the form of Geeta, the top champion of the Paldea region.

Keeping up the trend of her adding one Pokemon to her team every time we fight her, she’ll now have four Pokemon because of the addition of the dragon type Goomy.

37Skeledirge/Meowscarada/QuaquavalFire/Ghost (Tera)/Grass/Dark (Tera)/Water/Fighting (Tera)

Just like last time, having a ground type Pokemon will be crucial for winning this battle. Lycancroc and Pawmo, both being weak against ground type moves, should be easy to take out if exploit that weakness. Additionally, if your starter is now a Quaquaval or Meowscarada, then you can use them to take out Lycanroc.

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Goomy, however, is a wildcard. Ice and Dragon type Pokemon should be rather rare at this point in the game, because of this your best bet would be to catch a strong fairy type Pokemon to put on your team. Tinkatink and its evolutions are really solid choices because of them being found in multiple places around Paldea.

Finally, Nemona will once again terallize her starter, so all you have to do is have either your starter or another Pokemon with moves that are super against them reach either level 37 or higher to counter them.

Defeat Nemona to get 4,440 Poke Dollars, as well as the TM for Tera Blast from Geeta.

Fifth Nemona Battle After Your Fifth Gym Badge

Just like the third time you fought her, as soon as you enter the seventh gym’s building you’ll be challenged by your energetic yet clumsy rival for a Pokemon battle. Again, it doesn’t matter in what order you complete the gyms.

While Nemona had increased the number of Pokemon in her party by one every time we fought her, this time it seems she had trouble finding a good Pokemon. Because of this, her team is almost exactly the same as the last time we fought her, with the only exception being that her Goomy will not have evolved into Sliggoo.

43Skeledirge/Meowscarada/QuaquavalFire/Ghost (Tera)/Grass/Dark (Tera)/Water/Fighting (Tera)

Just like every other time we fought her, Nemona’s entire team will be of the same team aside from her ace, who again will be her starter. To beat Nemona, simply repeat the earlier strategy, as the team is essentially the same.

Ground type moves remain crucial against Nemona because of her two starting Pokemon, Lycanroc, and Pawmo, being weak against them. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ground type Pokemon as long as you have a Pokemon with a strong enough level that knows a good ground type move.

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The same fairy type Pokemon you used against Sliggoo when it was a wee little Goomy should also be good here. Although Dragon and Ice type Pokemon will work too, Fairy type Pokemon are completely unaffected by Dragon type moves, making them the better choice in this matter.

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Finally, as usual, Nemona will terastallize her starter Pokemon, who’ll be a level ahead of the rest of her team. As long as you have either your starter or a different Pokemon who has moves that are super against them on a level of 43 or higher, then you should be good.

Defeat Nemona to get 7,740 Poke Dollars, as well as 3 max potions for your troubles.

Final Nemona Battle (Champion) After The Elite Four and Top Champion

Every time you fought Nemona has finally brought you to this moment here. After you have defeated the elite four as well as the top champion (or should we say ex top champion) Geeta at the Pokemon League, Nemona will challenge you to one final battle at Mesagoza to truly decide who’s the strongest Pokemon trainer in Paldea.

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When you’re all prepared to face her (And prepare you should. Her team will be stronger than even Geeta’s), head on over to the Mesagoza Central Plaza.

66Skeledirge/Meowscarada/QuaquavalFire/Ghost (Tera)/Grass/Dark (Tera)/Water/Fighting (Tera)

Remember when we said ground type moves are the most crucial type moves to have? Well, that applies even in Nemona’s final fight. Using a strong ground type move, or a ground type Pokemon, you should be able to not only take out Lycanoc and Pawmot as you did the last time you faced them, but the new addition to her team, Orthworm, will also take extra damage to them.

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The same fairy type Pokemon you used against Goomy, and then Sliggoo should also be used against the final evolution, Goodra. After all, might as well finish the job, am I right? 

For Dudensparce we recommend either a fighting type Pokemon, or a Pokemon with a fighting type move. If you have Quaquaval as your starter Pokemon’s final evolution, then you can use that as well to easily wipe it out.

Nemona’s final Pokemon, as usual, will be her ace and starter, the Pokemon that was decided by the starter you picked. It would only make sense that you used your own starter to take it out and finish the job.

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Nemona will terallize her starter Pokemon as well, and we suggest you do the same to increase your chances of winning. All in all, as long as you stick to your strengths and use the same tactics you used in your previous battles, you should be able to win without too much problem.

Defeat Nemona one last time to be sent back to your academy room, and wrap up the Victory Road storyline.

Final Thoughts

While some rivals have been great (Blue), some have been forgettable (Hugh), and some have been downright annoying (Hop), Nemona is a rival that has quickly become a fan favorite for her energy and determination.

After all, can we blame them? A hard working student council president, as well as a helpful guide for us for a better part of the game, Nemona is definitely one of the best characters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Of course, while you can still find Nemona in certain game events that aren’t part of the Victory Road storyline, such as in the Academy Ace Tournament, the final fight we have with her after becoming champion is definitely in a league of its own.