How to Beat Cassiopeia in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Beat Cassiopeia in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are unique entries in the series, similar to Legends Arceus, there are multiple mission paths you can take, with not all of them relating to the gym leader challenge like the classic games.

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A personal favorite of ours is the Starfall Street pathway, which is this game’s form of the enemy team, just like teams Rocket, Galactic, Magma, Aqua, and so on. The leader of this team? Cassiopa.

Naturally, you can’t battle Cassiopeia right after getting your starter, as there are multiple steps you need to take first.

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Step 1: Defeat all Five Star Team Bosses

The first thing you need to do before you could face the big bad of the Star Team is to take down the five team bosses first. After all, you can’t face the boss without first proving you’re strong enough.

The five bosses you have to face, as well as their recommended levels, are:

Star Team BossRecommended Level
Team Star Dark Crew (Giacomo)21
Team Star Fire Crew (Mela)27
Team Star Poison Crew (Atticus)32
Team Star Fairy Crew (Ortega)50
Team Star Fighting Crew (Eri)55

Although Team Star is, with all intents and purposes, simply a team of highschool delinquents, that doesn’t mean their fights will be easy. Far from it, actually, as Ortega and Eri especially have a huge jump in Pokemon level.

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Therefore, we recommend you do the Victory Road and Path of Legends stories simultaneously so as to get not only more abilities but also a whole lot of valuable EXP that you’ll be needing if you want to stand a chance against these crew bosses.

Step 2: A Challenge From Cassiopeia

After you beat the fifth Star Team boss, it’ll be revealed that the true boss of the team is someone named Cassiopeia, who will challenge you to a battle at the schoolyard. As soon as it’s marked on your map, you can simply fly there to face the boss.

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Go towards the academy, and you’ll be interrupted by Clive, who’ll reveal himself to be Director Clavell (who could’ve seen that coming, am I right?). Additionally, he’ll also reveal himself to be Cassiopeia all this time, after which he’ll challenge you to a battle.

‘Cassiopeia’ Battle Tips

Level 60OranguruNormal/Psychic
Level 60AbomasnowGrass/Ice
Level 60GradosWater/Flying
Level 60PolteageistGhost
Level 60AmoongusGrass/Poison
Level 61Meowscarada / Skeledirge / QuaquavalGrass/Dark / Fire/Ghost / Water/Fighting

Although Cassiopeia has a rather varied team with different types (and different weaknesses), the team itself isn’t all that hard. There are, however, two things you need to be careful of when facing him yourself.

The first is his Abomasnow. Although it has multiple weaknesses, its wood hammer attack is strong enough to one hit KO most lesser health Pokemon. Therefore, we recommend you bring a strong Pokemon with one or more of the following type moves

  • Steel 
  • Fire 
  • Flying 
  • Poison 
  • Fighting 
  • Rock 
  • Bug.

The second thing is that his ace, and highest level Pokemon changes depending on what starter you picked waaaay back at the start of the game. Being the shady mastermind that he is, he picked the type that your starter is weak to. So, for example, if you picked Fuecoco at the start, then he’ll have a Quaquaval on his team.

Step 3: A Challenge From the REAL Cassiopeia

After defeating Director Clavell, it will be revealed to you that he really wasn’t the real Cassiopeia and was just faking it this whole time. Talk about a double surprise. With this, we’ll be back to square one when it comes to Cassiopeia’s real identity.

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Fear not, however, as pretty much instantly you’ll be asked to return to the schoolyard at night to meet the real Cassiopeia. When you do so, a short cutscene will play which will reveal the real mastermind of the team, Penny. 

But, of course, you’ll playing a Pokemon game, so she’ll challenge you to a Pokemon battle right after the cutscene.

How to beat Penny


Although being another battle with a variety of Pokemon types, all of Penny’s Pokemon still have one thing in common, and that’s the fact that they’re all evolutions of Eevee (eeveelutions if you will).

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Having a strong bug Pokemon is highly recommended, as you’ll be able to counter two of her Pokemon with it (Umbreon and Leafeon), with the same being true for a strong ground type Pokemon (Flareon and Jolteon). A good electric or grass type, meanwhile, should take care of the water type Vaporeon.

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What you need to watch out for, however, is Penny’s Sylveon, who she’ll Terastelize. Here, steel and poison type attacks will be the most effective, though you’ll need to be a little careful.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, this fight isn’t too hard and should be done the first time, if not in the first few tries.

Final Thoughts

After beating Penny, the leader of the enemy team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Operation Starfall will finally come to an end. Of course, after another flashback, just like how it was with the other member of Team Star.

Only a few more things are left to be done to completely wrap this storyline up. The first thing to do is to visit Director Clavell at his office, after which you’ll have to leave the academy. At doing so, you’ll receive a call from Penny asking you to meet her at the school stars.

As a thank you gift, she’ll gift you a TM for the incredibly powerful dragon type move Draco Meteor, along with a promise of repaying her debt to you someday.