Cyberpunk 2077 best weapons in Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 best weapons in Phantom Liberty
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The best weapons in Phantom Liberty make a superb expansion even better, giving players brand new fire power to take on the many threats around Dogtown and beyond. Now, assigning the ‘best’ label to a gun or blade is tricky business because some weapons suit certain builds better than others, and of course there’s the important question of personal preference.

Throwing caution to the wind, we’ve pulled together a list of the best weapons in Phantom Liberty we’ve come across so far. We’ve tried to include all weapon types to give you options and we’ll explain how to get each one if you’re tempted.

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  • Type: Tech Revolver
  • Modifiers: +150% heatshot multiplier, +50 armor penetration, 0.75 sec charge time.
  • Special ability: Fire in full auto when fully charged. Each successful hit has a chance to upload a random quick hack to the attacked enemy.
  • Location: Slasher’s hideout in Dogtown.

Getting the GRIS-GRIS is a bit of a hassle, requires a keycard, and is also missable. During the Treating Symptoms gig, you’ll infiltrate a Voodoo Boys base near the Luxor High Wellness Spa terminal in northeast Dogtown. The base is only accessible during and while the quest is still active in your journal so you won’t be able to explore the building afterwards. Make sure you grab the keycard during the job.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Slider's hideout storage room key in Voodoo Boys base.
Phantom Liberty best weapons: Slider's hideout storage room key in Voodoo Boys base on map.

Make your way through the base until you come to a large hall with a glass ceiling. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a stack of servers on top of a bunch of plants at the centre of the room. As you go down the stairs into the hall, you’ll see a glass door on your left. Inside you’ll find Slider’s hideout storage room key. That’s the first piece of the puzzle.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: GRIS-GRIS location in Slider's hideout, skeleton on door.
Phantom Liberty best weapons: GRIS-GRIS location on map in Slider's hideout in Dogtown.

The next step is to head to Slider’s hideout (complete The Damned main job to get access), which is just right and down the road from the Luxor High Wellness Spa. Enter the building until you hit the room with the server pillar at the center. Jump up to the second floor, and open the door with a skeleton wearing a suit on the front. The GRIS-GRIS is in a case on the desk.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Hercules 3AX location in EBM Petrochem Stadium weapons factory.

Hercules 3AX

  • Type: Smart Assault Rifle
  • Modifiers: +50% headshot damage multiplier, +25% armor penetration, +20% poison chance, 1 sec smart reticule lock-on time.
  • Special ability: chance to severely poison enemies. They are then more susceptible to crit damage. Enemies that are killed by the Hercules 3AX explode and leave a pool of acid.
  • Location: weapons factory in the EBM Petrochem Stadium.

The Hercules 3AX is available during the Roads to Redemption gig. Nele tasks you with infiltrating an arms factory in the EBM stadium to disable a Net-nuke by uploading a program to neutralise the virus on the bomb. Make your way through the factory until you come to the room with the tall shelves stacked with shells and weapons. The Hercules 3AX is inside a makeshift cubicle with a workbench on the right as you enter the armoury.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Murphy's Law in inventory.

Murphy’s Law

  • Type: One-Handed Club
  • Modifiers: +50% armor penetration, 1 sec charge time, +15% bleeding chance, +15% stun chance, +15% shock chance.
  • Special ability: Hits against a knocked-down enemy increase attack speed and stronger attacks deal more damage.
  • Location: EBM Petrochem Stadium market during Firestarter main job.

During the Firestarter quest, side with Songbird, then make your way out of the stadium. As you go, look out for an enemy called Murphy. Kill him and loot his body to get Murphy’s Law, one of the best weapons in Phantom Liberty.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Rasetsu in inventory.


  • Type: Tech Sniper Rifle
  • Modifiers: +300% headshot damage multiplier, +50% armor penetration, 1.5 sec charge time.
  • Special ability: Charged rounds penetrate through enemies and bend their trajectory to hit multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Location: Black Sapphire in Dogtown during the You Know My Name main story quest.

Progress through the tunnels then up into the Black Sapphire during the You Know My Name quest. Before long, you’ll link up Reed and man a heavy sniper rifle to keep him safe as he infiltrates Hansen’s stronghold. Once you’ve helped Reed get past all the guards and he meets up with you, you’ll pick up the Rasetsu automatically.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Her Majesty in inventory.

Her Majesty

  • Type: Power Pistol
  • Modifiers: +150% headshot damage multiplier
  • Special ability: While Optical Camo is active, shots gain perfect accuracy, increased damage, and guaranteed headshot crits. Also has a unique silencer.
  • Location: In the basement of The Moth during the Get It Together main job.

Push through the Get It Together quest until you reach Reed and Alex’s old HQ below The Moth bar in Longshore Stacks. Go through the dialogue and mission prep, then pick up Her Majesty from the case when Alex gifts you the gun.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Crimestopper in inventory.


  • Type: Smart Pistol
  • Modifiers: +85% headshot damage multiplier, 0.9 sec lock-on time, +50% crit damage
  • Special ability: Rounds have a chance to disable cyber-limbs, immobilising enemies and increasing crit damage. Crit chance increases momentarily when you equip the Crimestopper.
  • Location: In a pink suitcase near the VIP Room 6 in Heavy Hearts club in Dogtown.

The Crimestopper is only available during the Heaviest of Hearts gig. Make your way through the VIP floor of the club until you come to VIP Room 6.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Crimestopper location in Heavy Hearts club.

Before heading inside, turn around and loot the pink suitcase on the floor by the toilet door.

Phantom Liberty best weapons: Ogou in inventory.


  • Type: Smart Pistol
  • Modifiers: +50% headshot damage multiplier, +25% armor penetration, 1.2 sec lock-on time, +50% crit damage.
  • Special ability: Fires a burst of two explosive rounds. Hits have a higher chance of dismemberment. Each dismemberment increases crit chance and bleeding chance.
  • Location: In the Voodoo Boys hideout in northeast Dogtown during the Treating Symptoms gig.

Progress through the Voodoo Boys hideout as part of the Treating Symptoms gig, taking down the gang members as you go. You’ll come to a tech room full of robots near the end of the base. Defeat and loot the Robot R MKII mini boss to get the Ogou.

We’ll keep an eye out for more weapons that are worth tracking down, but for now that covers the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. We also have guides covering the Slider’s Stash location for the Voodoo Treasure side job and a full walkthrough explaining how to avoid raising the alarm in the club for the Heaviest of Hearts quest.