Cyberpunk 2077 best starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 best starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty
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The best Cyberpunk 2077 starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty is something of a misnomer. There are no universal best starting stats, as the best ones to choose at the beginning of the game depends on what build you’re aiming for down the line. 

However, if you’re not sure where you want to specialise, then it can feel a little daunting distributing those starting points. First off, don’t worry too much. Starting stats don’t have a huge impact, especially in the prologue and early game. Secondly, Cyberpunk 2077 grants a free Attribute point respec at any point in the game, so if you’re not happy you can switch them up easily.

If you do need a push in the right direction, here are some of the best Cyberpunk 2077 starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty. If you want to dive straight in the new expansion, check out how to start Phantom Liberty.

Cyberpunk 2077 best starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty: Attributes in character menu.
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What are Attributes? 

Attributes are core stats that increase your character’s each house a perk tree, with perks best described as abilities, capabilities, skills, and buffs. Attributes determine access to different perk ties within that attribute’s perk tree. They also unlock specific abilities such as dialogue options or more functional abilities like forcing open doors or unlocking locked doors. Lastly, they also grant a small, passive stat boost whenever you spend a point.

Attribute Points are earned each time you level up – one for each level. You level up by amassing XP from quests, jobs, gigs, combat, and exploration.

At the start of Cyberpunk 2077, your character has 3 points in each attribute with another 7 you can allocate as you see fit into one of the 5 Attribute categories. These are:

  • Body – determines raw physical power and fortitude. Improves proficiency with shotguns light machines guns, and blunt weapons. Enables you to open doors by force, rip off turrets, and use intimidating or solo-trained dialogue choices. +2 max health per Attribute point.
  • Intelligence – determines your netrunning abilities. Improves proficiency with smart weapons, access to local subnets, and show off your knowledge of the Net in dialogue. +1 Max RAM per Attribute Point.
  • Reflexes – determines maneuverability and ability to evade attacks. Improves proficiency with assault rifles, submachine guns, and blades. Unlocks advanced movements and grants quick, observant remarks in dialogue. +0.5% crit chance per Attribute Point.
  • Technical Ability – determines your techie know-how. Improves proficiency with explosives and tech weapons. Unlocks compatibility with high-end cyberware. +2 armor per Attribute Point.
  • Cool – determines assassination skills and stealth abilities. Improves proficiency with precision rifles, sniper rifles, handguns, and throwable weapons. Unlocks advanced stealth abilities and subtle, street-smart dialogue options.
Cyberpunk 2077 best starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty: Cool Perk Tree in character menu.
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Each perk tree is broken down into four tiers or levels. To reach each one, you need to spend a specific number of points on that Attribute, capped at 20 points per Attribute. Consider these as layers in each perk tree, with each tier unlocking the next layer in the perk progression path. Here is that broken down:

  • Rookie – 4 Attribute Points
  • Pro – 9 Attribute Points
  • Phenom – 15 Attribute Points
  • Legend – 20 Attribute Points

There’s also a sixth Attribute category, called Relic, introduced as part of the Phantom Liberty expansion, so no need to worry about this one if you’re just starting the game. This Attribute costs Relic Points rather than Attribute Points, obtained from finding Data Terminals spread across Dogtown. Relic Perks govern special abilities granted by V’s Relic biochip – a host of new skills that aren’t available in the base game. Check out the Relic Perk Tree for more details.

Cyberpunk 2077 best starting attributes for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty: assigning starting Attributes in character creator.
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Best Cyberpunk 2077 starting attributes

Once you’ve chosen a life path and messed around with the character creator, you’ll have 7 Attribute Points to use as you see fit. There is a 3 point cap for each Attribute. Below, we’ll outline a few starting options, including a balanced spread and options for for hacker, melee, and stealth builds.

Balanced starting attributes

This starting build allows you to experiment with different play styles without committing to one in particular. It’s even and balanced, but as a consequence, doesn’t excel at anything. A baseline character for those that want to keep all build options open to them in the early game.

  • Body – 5
  • Intelligence – 4
  • Reflexes – 5
  • Technical Ability – 4
  • Cool – 4

Hacker starting attributes

A starting attribute point distribution for players looking to lean on Quickhacks when in combat. These attributes will boost your RAM count, increase RAM regeneration speed and Quickhack duration, and set you up for the best Quickhack skills in the game.

  • Body – 3
  • Intelligence – 6
  • Reflexes – 3
  • Technical Ability – 4
  • Cool – 6

Melee starting attributes

A starting Attribute option for those that want to prioritise melee attacks – hammers, knives, swords, axes, and Gorilla Arms – with solid movement and access to more advanced Cyberware.

  • Body – 6
  • Intelligence – 3
  • Reflexes – 5
  • Technical Ability – 5
  • Cool – 3

Stealth starting attributes

This one does what it says on the tin – a starting build for those aiming for discreet, stealth kills whether that’s with clean head shots or blades like the katana.

  • Body – 4
  • Intelligence – 3
  • Reflexes – 6
  • Technical Ability – 3
  • Cool – 6

These four options should set you up nicely. Again, don’t fret too much on starting Attribute point distribution. Aim for what sounds fun, then specialise later on once you’ve sampled different weapons, hacks, cyberware, and play styles.

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