Apex Legends Conduit – New Legend abilities, story, and when you can play her explained

Apex Legends Conduit – New Legend abilities, story, and when you can play her explained
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Apex Legends Conduit is a term you’ll find trending at the moment, with Respawn Studios’ latest reveal of the long rumoured new Legend finally confirming her arrival for Season 19. With the first Ignite trailer now out, players finally have a chance to meet this upcoming addition to the roster.

Here, we’re going to cover everything we know so far about Apex Legends Conduit, who she is, what her powers are, and more. If you’re not caught up on everything happening in the game at the moment like the Uprising event, and don’t want to miss out now that the Doppelganger collection event and Season 18 are long gone, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends Conduit explained

Here are the things you’re going to need to know about the game’s newest Legend, Conduit.

  • Her abilities and class
  • Her backstory
  • When you can play her in Apex Legends

Let’s cover each of these and go over everything we know so far.

Apex Legends Conduit abilities, story, and release date explained: Conduit fires at a robot in the firing range as her Ultimate fires in the corner.

Conduit’s Abilities and class

Conduit, like all Legends, will have a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. While not definitely confirmed, it looks like Conduit is going to be a Support class Legend, albeit one with some significant tactical and control potential.

Conduit’s Passive: Savior’s Speed

Conduit’s passive ability is called Savior’s Speed. This ability will give her a speed boost over a short range when she’s running towards distant teammates, not dissimilar to Bangalore’s passive. The idea here is to make it easier for her to stay consistently with a group, greatly benefiting team cohesion.

Apex Legends Conduit - New Legend abilities, story, and when you can play her explained: Conduit's passive ability.

Conduit’s Tactical: Radiant Transfer

Conduit’s tactical ability is called Radiant Transfer. When activated, she divest a surge of energy to grant nearby allies within her tactical range temporary shield regeneration. These shields take time to transfer, and the process can be interrupted if the recipient takes damage, but they’re able to restore lost shield capacity for the duration that they last. She also regenerates a smaller amount of temporary shield herself while healing allies or when using this ability on herself. This ability is aimed to boost team survivability and offer temporary recovery during firefights, allowing squads to quickly rebuild a defensive footing or continue to push an attack.

Apex Legends Conduit - New Legend abilities, story, and when you can play her explained: Conduit's tactical ability.

Conduit’s Ultimate: Energy Barricade

Conduit’s ultimate ability is called Energy Barricade. When deployed, Conduit can throw out an array of shield jammers in a line. After charging, they will deploy automatically. These jammers will slow enemies inside of their range, and deal continuous damage over time. The jammers themselves are destructible. This ability has some great potential for ambushes, but is likely to excel at cutting off routes or angles of approach, bottleneck opponents, or cornering enemies, making it a fantastic control tool.

It’s unclear yet how exactly Conduit could shape the meta of Apex Legends Season 19, but her abilities showcase a versatility which suggests she’ll help to maintain the delicate balance between offensive and defensive legends that Respawn Entertainment seem keen to achieve.

Apex Legends Conduit - New Legend abilities, story, and when you can play her explained: Conduit fires at an enemy trapped in her ultimate ability.

Conduit’s backstory explained

Every Legend has lore and a story behind them, and Conduit is no different. We’ve gotten a look at her background through her story trailer, exploring who she is and what brings her to the games.

As a child, Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina’s home town on Nexus became the site of a battlefield. She and her siblings were narrowly saved by a Monarch Titan. For those unaware, yes, Titanfall and Apex Legends take place in the same universe. After the Titan sacrificed itself to save their town, Rowenna went on to grow up and live a relatively normal life.

During her youth, she became a huge fan of the Apex Games, sparking a particular interest in tech. After her family lost the ability to financially support themselves, she’d take up the title of Conduit, and put her engineering skill to the test.

Hiking up to the remnant site of the battlefield, Conduit made away with the radioactive and unstable Monarch Titan battery. Integrated into her suit, she draws on its potential to power her abilities and fight in the Games. This brings in money to support her family, but comes at the ultimate price of shortening her lifespan as the battery gradually poisons her.

Conduit is a selfless but bright Legend, able to crack a joke in spite of the grim fate one day awaiting her. This is reflected just as much through her bright, neon-tech design as it is through her voice lines and finishers, and we saw plenty of it in her introduction trailer as she fought alongside Gibraltar and Mirage.

When can you play Conduit in Apex Legends?

You’ll be able to play the new Legend Conduit as soon as Season 19 of the game begins on October 31. As with the paid track of the Season 19 battle pass, she won’t be free. However you will be able to unlock her either through Legend Tokens earned in gameplay, or for Apex Coins if you don’t feel like grinding.

As usual, expect her to be a pretty popular choice to begin with in the same way Revenant Reborn was. You may need to exercise some patience, get lucky in the Legends pick queue, or play with friends that don’t own her if you want to get the chance to try her out in the opening weeks of the season. The new cross progression system will add together collected funds across accounts though, so maybe try merging your accounts to collate your money into one place.

That’s everything we’ve got for you on Apex Legends Conduit, the latest addition to the roster. She’s debuting among a jam-packed season, with a red Wingman, promotional trials, a reworked Storm Point map and the Post Malone collaboration event all happening. If you want to see where she ranks on our Legends tier list, fancy checking out our picks for the best guns in Apex, or want to see our breakdowns of some other characters like Apex Legend Catalyst, Apex Legend Bloodhound, or Apex Legends Ballistic, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Will Conduit be free to play in Season 19 of Apex Legends?

To our knowledge, Conduit will not be free to play in Season 19 like Revenant was in Season 18.

What class of Legend is Conduit?

Conduit is a support class Legend.

Is Conduit a good solo Legend in Apex Legends?

Conduit is primarily designed around team support and battlefield control. While she is capable as a solo Legend, she’s much better suited for team play.