Apex Legends ultra-powerful red grade Wingman and L-Star pistol coming next season 

Apex Legends ultra-powerful red grade Wingman and L-Star pistol coming next season 

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The next episode in the Apex Legends saga is set to arrive this Halloween. Electronic Arts and Respawn have already confirmed the new playable hero, but they have now revealed some new ultra-powerful weapons. These weapons include the red grade Wingman and L-Star pistol for Apex Legends season 19, and they are two weapons of destruction you will want to get your hands on to win the Apex games.

Apex Legends season 19 is a very exciting chapter for fans of the first-person shooter. The season 19 start date is October 31st, and it marks the end of the current Halloween event full of rewards and skins. So, before the next chapter arrives, make sure to enjoy all of the Hallows Eve offerings while they remain available.

While the fast-approaching conclusion to the Doppelgangers Halloween event is always sad, the good news is that it will be replaced by a fresh episode packed with a unique hero and extremely powerful guns.

Apex Legends ultra-powerful red grade weapons coming next season

Ultra-powerful red grade weapons are coming to Apex Legends season 19, Ignite. These are items that can only be collected from care packages, and each new season will feature two new red weapons. The items of destruction for the upcoming season 19 are the Wingman and L-Star pistol.

Speaking specifically about the red grade Wingman, this is a heavy pistol that takes sniper ammo. It’s perfect for long-range and highly precise shots, and it deals massive damage relative to its speed and size. As a red grade weapon, you will only be able to find it in some care packages, and it will not be attainable from any regular chests. It very well could be the strongest weapon in the game when it arrives, and it has been compared to the OG season 0 Wingman.

Aside from red grade weapons, the other big addition to Apex Legends season 19 is the new hero Conduit. Fans have already dubbed the new hero a ‘certified baddie,’ and she’s bound to become a fan favorite for everyone. Her origin story involves her gaining powers at the expense of her health to enter the Apex games. She’s a Filipino, and she will be a fine addition to the game’s fantastic roster of incredibly diverse and fun combatants.

In the build-up to the new episode, we have ranked all of the Apex Legends characters in a tier list up to season 18. We have done a tier list for weapons, too.