Apex Legends weapons tier list and the best weapons for Season 19

Apex Legends weapons tier list and the best weapons for Season 19
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Want the best weapons in Apex Legends? Respawn Entertainment Studios’ battle royale has a large arsenal of weaponry available to players. From sniper rifles to SMGs, there’s no shortage of ways to dispatch enemy teammates in this game. But not all weapons are made equal.

With an ever-changing meta, new seasons, Legend reworks like Revenant Reborn and a plethora of special events like the now concluded Death Dynasty event, or the just starting Halloween Doppelganger event, it can be pretty hard to keep track of the best options available. Here then, we’re going to go over the best weapons in Apex Legends at the moment, while also ranking the full arsenal in a tier list.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: Alternator SMG in combat.

Apex Legends weapons tier list

Here’s a full breakdown of the best weapons in Apex Legends, ranked from S tier to D tier. Keep in mind that everything following is still our opinion. If you find that a certain weapon works well for you, don’t be afraid to use it!

TierWeapon NameWeapon ClassProsCons
SR99SMGFast fire rate, simple recoil, good handling speeds, excellent accuracyPoor range
SR-301 CarbineAssault RifleHigh damage, good range, low recoil, fast fire rate, excellent accuracyPoor ironsights
SVoltSMGHigh damage, strong accuracy, low recoil, good ammo efficiencyBest suited for mid-range
SLongbowSniperGreat accuracy, fast fire rate, good handling, good rangeLow damage
SWingmanPistolHigh damage, high accuracy, high rangeSlow fire rate
SNemesisAssault RifleHigh accuracy, good range, good recoil, decent handlingHigh damage only on full or majority burst hit
AKraber 50.calSniperExceptional damage, long range, great accuracyPoor handling, slow fire rate
ACharge RifleSniperHigh damage, high accuracy, high rangeLong windup time, meagre handling
AG7 ScoutMarksman RifleHigh accuracy, good handling, good range, good fire rateLow damage, slow fire rate
APeacekeeperShotgunHigh damage, great stopping powerSlow handling, slow fire rate
AMozambiqueShotgunGreat handling, high fire rate, good target acquisitionPoor stopping power, low damage
AHAVOCAssault RifleGreat stopping power, high rate of fire, good ironsightsSlow windup, limited range
AM600 SpitfireLMGGood range, good rate of fire, good damagePoor iron sights, poor handling
AC.A.RSMGGood damage, excellent rate of fire, good handlingPoor range, significant recoil
BVK-47 FlatlineAssault RifleHigh damage, decent rangePoor fire rate, mediocre stability and handling
BRampageLMGExcellent damage, good rangePoor rate of fire, poor stability, poor handling
BTriple TakeMarksman RifleGood damage, triple firePoor range for class, high recoil, slow reload
BSentinelSniperHigh damage, excellent rangeHigh recoil, slow rate of fire, small magazine
BMastiffShotgunExcellent damage, good spreadExtremely slow rate of fire, poor handling, massive recoil
BRE-45 AutoPistolFantastic rate of fire, great handling, good rangeLow damage, small magazine
CHemlok BurstAssault RifleGood stability, good accuracyFairly low damage, slow fire rate, mediocre handling, mediocre range
CDevotionLMGExceptional rate of fire, devastating spreadHigh recoil, poor handling, extremely slow spin-up
CEVA-8 AutoShotgunGreat rate of fire, great handlingPoor range, mediocre spread, poor damage, significant recoil build-up
C30-30 RepeaterMarksman RifleGood damage, good rate of firePoor iron sights, limited without upgrades, mediocre handling, significant recoil build-up
CAlternatorSMGGood rate of fire, decent damageSlow handling, poor range, high damage falloff, small magazine
DProwler Burst PDWSMGGood accuracy, decent damageSlow rate of fire, poor range, limited without upgrades, slow reload
DBoeck Compound BowMarksman RifleGreat precision, good damageVery slow rate of fire, slow reload, slow target acquisition, limited range
DL-STARLMGGreat fire rate, good sustained damageOverheats easily, poor range, very poor stability, slow cooldown
DP2020PistolGood accuracy, good rangePoor damage, mediocre rate of fire, limited without upgrades, mediocre handling

A couple more things to keep in mind about our tier list here. First of all, the pros and cons for each weapon are relative to other weapons within that weapon class, rather than overall. Yes, a sniper rifle has a terrible rate of fire compared to an SMG, but that’s not relevant in the same way that the Longbow’s rate of fire relative to the Sentinel’s is.

Second, it’s worth reiterating that a gun being low on this list doesn’t mean you should necessarily avoid it. These are our picks for the best weapons in Apex Legends, but that hardly makes them law. While the EVA-8 shotgun might only be C-tier, in the hands of an experienced player, consecutive hits and fast movement can easily overpower someone wielding a Peacekeeper. You may yet find that different guns work for you, so use this as a guide, but do also experiment when you want to.

Next, let’s go over the best guns of every category, and explain what makes them the top of their classes.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: 30-30 Repeater scores a headshot on a distant target.

Best guns in Apex Legends

Here, we’re going to give you a breakdown of the best guns in Apex Legends by weapon class. These are the weapons that, for new or even experienced players, carry the highest potential, best utility, or greatest versatility. Maybe even all three.

Best Apex SMG – R99

The R-99 is our pick for the best SMG, but it’s a pretty close category. SMG’s combine rate of fire with rapid handling, and in a game where speed remains the one universal meta, that means a lot.

The R-99 wins the top spot for a few reasons. First, its rate of fire is exceptional, even among SMGs. Next, its handling is top-tier, allowing players to respond rapidly in a crisis or ambush. What gives it the true edge though is its shocking accuracy and easy-to-manage recoil. Because the weapon is lightweight in nature, it doesn’t normally pack as much punch as, say, the Volt. But its astonishingly easy to hit and maintain head shots with the R-99, allowing it to overwhelm enemy shields and health bars in mere moments. All this gave it a deserving spot among our S tier weapons.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: Wraith enemy ragdolls after being downed with an R99 SMG.

Best Apex Sniper Rifle – Longbow

Now let’s go to the opposite end of the weapon aisle. Snipers are slow, methodical pieces of gear, with exceptional range and little damage falloff. One could argue on a technicality that Vanguard’s ultimate sniper is better, but we’re looking at guns that everyone can have access to for this list – otherwise Rampage’s minigun Sheila would dominate this list.

The Longbow just wins out here. While the reworked Charge Rifle is now a force to be reckoned with, it still can’t quite compete with the rate of fire the Longbow offers. Multiple headshots with this thing can knock opponents easily, and it boasts just enough range and just enough rate of fire to make that happen before most enemies will be able to get to safety. Even if they do, a simple bodyshot does sufficient enough damage to weaken an opponent, setting them up for an easy kill if your team favours aggressive strategies. This makes it one of the deadliest and best weapons in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: Player scores a knockdown with a Longbow shot.

Best Apex shotgun – Peacekeeper

Shotguns are a special breed of weapon in Apex. With opponents moving and acting so fast, a gun with true stopping power can completely upend the flow of combat in the right hands. If you’re the right hands, then the Peacekeeper is the weapon for you.

This shotgun isn’t fast, and that’s certainly a mark against it. But what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in firepower. Direct hits – and especially headshots – can deal devastating damage to an opponent. Even those with powerful shields won’t usually be able to take more than two perfect hits before going down. The Peacekeeper also boasts a reasonably wide spread, so even if you don’t score a direct hit, chances are you’ll still harm your enemy.

Best Assault Rifle – R-301 Carbine

Assault Rifles are the backbone of Apex Legends’ arsenal. They provide superior range and firepower over SMGs, making them well-suited for mid-range encounters. There’s little contest for this category though, as the R-301 dominates the competition.

It boasts high damage, excellent rate of fire, and surprisingly solid range for its weapon class. Like the R-99, it’s set apart by extremely low recoil and great stability, which makes precise shooting significantly easier, and overcomes any and all DPS shortcomings. On top of all that, the R-301 has pretty solid handling. While it does struggle at seriously long ranges, it actually holds up quite well in close range engagements. All this makes the Carbine one of the most versatile weapons in the game. This is a statistic that cannot be overstated in importance as the current meta begins to shift back towards a middle ground between attack and defence.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: Player fights Gibraltar with an R-301 Assault Rifle.

Best Apex Marksman Rifle – G-7 Scout

Marksman Rifles are a midpoint between your regular ARs and your Sniper Rifles. Their improved versatility comes at the cost of damage, but that often means they can excel in static mid-range combat or counter-assault scenarios. The G-7 arguably does this the best.

It’s a decently well-rounded gun, with strong damage, little falloff, and great accuracy. Though it struggles severely in close combat, it shines when utilised at any distance beyond 12 metres or so. It also benefits immensely from upgrades, with a purple attachment G7 able to fire two-pulse rounds as well. Though it requires skill, the G7 is even versatile enough to perform in Sniper Rifle ranges, to a certain capacity.

Best Apex LMG – M600 Spitfire

Generally speaking, LMGs aren’t often the best option in the current meta when looking for the best weapons in Apex Legends. With half the roster consisting of powerful defensive Legends, and the other half of fast, aggressive ones, the sluggish nature of LMGs combined with their ineffective potential to bring opponents down in an instant leaves them better suited to a support role, laying down suppressive fire to slow enemy advances or cover points of access.

To this end at least, the M600 Spitfire is well-suited. It’s got a pretty good range for an LMG, and though its recoil is significant, it remains manageable. Put together with a large magazine capacity, and great damage, and the M600 is a good option. You’ll probably find most kills come in sustained, team-on-team combat, as this is the only theatre of conditions where the real ability of the weapon can shine.

Apex Legends weapons tier list: Player fights an enemy Wraith with an M600 Spitfire.

Best Apex pistol – Wingman

Pistols are a harder category to rank than it might initially seem, boasting some of the greatest variety and versatility of any weapon class in Apex Legends. Despite this, we’d put our money on the Wingman for the top of this category.

The wingman isn’t a fast firing pistol, and it’s not good at close range. On the face of it, that might put it at odds with the design philosophy for these guns and it’d be luck to find itself in b-tier. What makes it the best of the best instead is that the Wingman is effectively a miniaturised Sniper Rifle.

It’s got incredible range and accuracy for its size, and packs an enormous punch, dealing damage that far surpasses any other pistol. While this makes it harder to use at close range, pistols are often at a disadvantage here anyway, since SMGs, ARs and Shotguns are easily encountered in the early game. The Wingman however offers a viable mid-range option, that benefits from far greater handling, speed and rate of fire than similar guns.

As of Apex Legends Season 19 however, the Wingman is now so powerful it’s directly shaping the Season 19 meta. That’s because it’s rotated into the Care Package pool, making it a red-grade weapon. It now comes with a Digital Threat holosight, and two new attachments. The Skull Piercer Elite completely ignores damage reduction bonuses provided by helmets. The Boosted Loader attachment boosts reload speed and overflows the magazine if you reload while the current clip is almost empty. These bonuses will allow the Wingman to dominate even more so than usual.

What’s the best gun in Apex?

If, after all this, you’re looking for one single weapon in Apex Legends that reigns above them all, we’ve got your answer. Or as close to a good answer as you can get. With so many weapons and weapon classes, it needs acknowledging that no one gun is truly superior to all the others. Every class and weapon will find situations and circumstances where it’s utility shines.

If we had to pick one favourite, it’d probably be the R-301 Carbine. ARs boast a great balance between damage and rate of fire. The R-301 has both, but also carries long range, low recoil, and handling bonuses that make it one of the most versatile and deadly weapons in Apex.

That covers everything we’ve got for the best weapons in Apex Legends. Remember though that the gun alone doesn’t determine your success. If you want a breakdown of the best Legends in Apex to determine which characters are right for you, or a closer look at the newest character on the scene, Apex Legend Conduit, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the best gun class in Apex Legends?

Assault rifles are arguably the best gun class in Apex Legends, as they strike an excellent middle ground between damage, range, magazine size, recoil, and handling. This makes them highly versatile.

How many guns are there in Apex Legends?

There are a total of 29 guns in Apex Legends, as of Season 18.

What’s the best sniper rifle in Apex Legends?

The best sniper rifle for beginners is the Longbow, due to its high rate of fire and good handling. For more experienced players with good accuracy, the best sniper rifle is the Kraber 50.cal, due to its immensely high damage and impact.