Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass and rewards – Our full breakdown of what’s on offer

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The Season 19 battle pass is now available to all players in Respawn Entertainment’s flagship battle royale. But what rewards does Ignite’s pass include, and is it worth picking up the paid track?

Here, we’re going over the Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass and everything it contains to help you decide if it’s worth grinding out the games for. While the cosmetics are awesome, don’t miss out on the rest of what Season 19 Ignite has to offer. From the new Legend Conduit to a Storm Point map rework and the Post Malone collaboration event, there’s lots to dive into.

Apex Legends Ignite battle pass

Here’s a breakdown of everything available in the Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass for the free and paid tracks. For the sake of brevity, we’re not going to include more common rewards like Apex Coins, standard Trackers for Legends, and Apex Packs. Instead, here’s a summary of the totals you’ll get from each track.

For the free track you’ll get:

  • 200 Apex Coins
  • 7 Apex Packs
  • Season 19 Kills and Wins Trackers for all Legends

For the paid track you’ll get:

  • 1200 Apex Coins
  • 7 Apex Packs (Including one Epic pack and one Legendary pack)
  • 1200 Crafting Materials
  • 10 XP Boosts

Now lets go over all of the more interesting items up for grabs in the passes.

Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass and rewards: The battle pass menu screen.

Battle pass free track – What are the freebies?

Here’s what you can unlock with the free track of the battle pass.

Pass levelReward NameRarityReward TypeReward For
1The Last GleamingRareTransitionAnyone
4IgniteEpicMusic PackAnyone
6Charming NoteEpicWeapon CharmAnyone
10Squared AwayRareWeapon SkinBocek compound bow
11The Long Road HomeRareTransitionAnyone
13EmblematicRareWeapon SkinDevotion LMG
17TesselatorRareWeapon SkinSentinel sniper
25Wire CutterRareWeapon SkinEVA-8 shotgun
29Gilded WingsRareWeapon SkinKraber sniper
33Lilac DefenderRareWeapon SkinP2020 pistol
37Squared AwayRareWeapon SkinProwler SMG
45Custom Radia PlatingRareTransitionAnyone
47Squared AwayRareWeapon Skin30-30 repeater rifle
50ConduitEpicMusic PackAnyone
53EmblematicRareWeapon SkinVolt SMG
57Celtic TroubleRareLegend SkinMirage
63TesselatorRareWeapon SkinL-Star
69Wire CutterRareWeapon SkinHemlock burst AR
93Calling Triple-Kill ChampRareTransitionAnyone
110Ignite Level Season 19LegendaryBadgeAnyone
Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass and rewards: Wrath of Fenrir Rampage LMG skin.

Battle pass paid track – Worth the money?

If you’re willing to fork out some cash, here’s what the paid track of the battle pass offers.

Pass LevelReward NameRarityReward TypeReward For
1Copper ConductorEpicLegend SkinWattson
1Gold GuardEpicLegend SkinNewcastle
1Prism PowerEpicLegend SkinConduit
1Gilded AgeLegendaryWeapon SkinNemesis burst AR
2The Nexus FlipEpicSkydive EmoteConduit
8EmblematicRareWeapon SkinCharge Rifle sniper
9I Saw Another YouRareKill QuipWraith
10Cozy DozeEpicStickerAnyone
11Artarus MaximusEpicFrameBloodhound
12To Your StrengthEpicEmoteCatalyst
18A Thousand CutsEpicFrameRampart
19Long Live The KingEpicHoloRampart
23You Put Up A FightRareKill QuipRampart
24Cresting CrownEpicCharmAnyone
25Sly SovreignLegendaryLegend SkinRampart
26EmblematicRareWeapon SkinVK-47 Flatline AR
27Get It TogetherEpicEmoteWraith
31Bon VoyageRareKill QuipWattson
32Powdered ParadiseEpicFrameWattson
33Charged UpEpicCharmAnyone
34TesselatorRareWeapon SkinWingman handgun
35Unveil Your PowerEpicHoloWattson
39Token Of ProtectionEpicCharmAnyone
40We All FightRareKill QuipNewcastle
41World’s Best DefenderEpicHoloNewcastle
42Wire CutterRareWeapon SkinCAR SMG
43Divine BridgeEpicFrameNewcastle
50Godly SpeedLegendaryLegend SkinOctane
51Avian WingsEpicCharmAnyone
52Gilded WingsRareWeapon SkinSpitfire LMG
55Divine KicksEpicFrameOctane
56Out Of The Fast LaneRareKill QuipOctane
57Break ThroughEpicHoloOctane
58TesselatorRareWeapon SkinPeacekeeper shotgun
64Can’t Stomach ThisEpicEmoteAsh
65Heroes PastEpicWeapon SkinG-7 Scout rifle
66This Was LovelyRareKill QuipLoba
67Yggdrasil PortalEpicFrameWraith
71Arcade ConduitEpicCharmAnyone
72Lilac DefenderRareWeapon SkinHavoc energy rifle
73One Step Closer To The Champion’s CircleRareKill QuipConduit
74Don’t Hold BackEpicHoloConduit
75Ancient VillageEpicFrameConduit
78Wire CutterRareWeapon SkinR-301 AR
79Tumultuous TempleEpicFrameRevenant
80Super NessEpicStickerAnyone
81Death DealerEpicHoloBangalore
82Strong BrewEpicEmoteBallistic
83A Bomb In The Hands’ Worth TwoRareKill QuipFuse
86Energy Conservation PSARareTransitionAnyone
88Sacred DepthsEpicFrameBangalore
89Gilded WingsRareWeapon SkinTriple Take sniper
90The Cool MomEpicSkydive EmoteHorizon
91You Weren’t Really Living AnywayRareKill QuipVantage
92Jewelled RavenEpicCharmAnyone
94Lilac DefenderRareWeapon SkinMastiff shotgun
96She’ll Be RightEpicHoloFuse
97Fabled BetreyalEpicFrameAsh
98Quick ScanEpicSkydive EmoteConduit
100Grace Of OdinLegendaryWeapon SkinRampage LMG
110Wrath Of FenrirLegendaryWeapon SkinRampage LMG
Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass and rewards: The Prism Powered skin for Conduit on display.

That covers everything there is to know about the Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass, and what it’s got to give. While skins won’t help you make the most of the Season 19 meta, the best weapons and best Legends certainly will, so check out our rankings for some suggestions.

How much does the Apex Legends Season 19 battle pass cost?

The paid track of the Season 19 battle pass costs 950 Apex Coins, or £8.99/$10.91.

Does the Apex Legends paid Season 19 pass have XP boosts?

Yes, the paid pass for Apex Legends Season 19 has several XP boosts that can be unlocked.

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