Apex Legends Season 19 Storm Point map changes and rework explained

Apex Legends Season 19 Storm Point map changes and rework explained
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The Apex Legends Storm Point map has returned with the launch of Season 19 Ignite in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. During its time away, the map has undergone some significant changes and updates. So what’s different?

Here, we’re going to run you through all of the Apex Legends Storm Point map changes, and what to expect when you touch down on this ravaged landscape. If you’re not caught up on all the news from Ignite yet, check out our Season 19 start time guide giving an overview of all the big features, or have a closer look at the specifics. We’ve got guides to help you get familiar with the contents of the Season 19 battle pass, the Post Malone collaboration event, the Uprising event, and a breakdown of Apex Legend Conduit, the newest addition to the Games.

Apex Legends Season 19 Storm Point map changes and rework explained: A firefight between Ballistic and an enemy squad led by Newcastle in a cramped hallway at Zeus Station.
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Season 19 Storm Point map changes explained

Here’s everything you need to know about the rework for Storm Point in Season 19 of Apex Legends. Keep in mind that this list may yet expand as we learn more about how the map has changed in coming days and weeks.

  • Following a storm making landfall, many existing locations will have changed significantly. The Fish Farms Point of Interest is now the Devastated Coasts. The city of Suatamo has lost all power. Expect some striking visual differences at these and other locations.
  • The skybox has been completely reimagined, with pastel colours now painting the clouds to bring a fresh, energetic vibe to the map.
  • Certain parts of the map have seen heavy reworks. The centre for example now has new buildings, better trails and no more Prowlers to make for a smoother rotation and more competitive late-match engagement area.
  • New POIs will be present. This includes Zeus Station, Echo HQ, as Echo attempt to carry out damage control after the storm, and Wattson’s Pylon, an under-construction spire jointly built by the Legend and the Syndicate to restore power to the island.
  • The map overall is smaller. With a reduced coastline, and certain POIs like a reworked and better integrated Lightning Rod, things aren’t as spread out as they used to be. It’ll be quicker and easier to get around now.

In addition to these major features, there are plenty of small, minor changes you’ll run into around the map. We know that new locations are going to be abundant with easter eggs for players to find. Plenty of Nessies will be hidden around the map, and some locations will even have Legend-specific easter eggs, like Wattson’s Spire tying in closely to the character’s backstory.

Apex Legends Season 19 Storm Point map changes and rework explained: A player explores Zeus Station.
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Does Season 19 have any new maps arriving?

No. For Season 19, the rework to Storm Point is the main focus as far as maps are concerned. We’ll have to wait until the Season 20 release date or later for brand new locations in Apex. That being said, Storm Point’s changes are still not minor by any stretch. Estimates suggest that around 40% of the map has undergone some kind of work. Given the map’s significant popularity in competitive and ranked play, this is sure to benefit a large part of the community. Though it might not be a major consideration within the wider Season 19 meta, it’s nonetheless likely to be a popular change.

That’s everything we’ve got for you on the Apex Legends Storm Point map update. Make sure you set down on it armed with the best guns in Apex and one of the best Legends if you’re planning on coming out on top.

Storm Point map FAQ

Why was Storm Point reworked?

Storm Point was a fairly old map with a decent number of fans finding problems with elements of its design. As reworks aren’t quite as resource-demanding as a fully new map, Respawn chose to take it out of circulation and rework it.

What planet is Storm Point based on?

Storm Point is part of the New Antillia Archipelago on the planet Gaea.